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Don Flynn Mar 20, 2015 Comments: 1
The blizzard of commentary that accompanies the annual budget statement also included a memo from the OBR saying “Mr Chancellor, immigration is good for us.” So will he, and other politicians, act on this message?
Don Flynn Mar 16, 2015
A little more news trickles out each week on how immigration policy is going to be dealt with by the parties as we get closer to voting day on 7th May. The latest item of any significance is Labour’s inclusion of a statement to the effect that ‘immigration will be controlled’ as the fourth of its five key commitments on its general election pledge card. .
Ruth Grove-White Mar 9, 2015
Last week’s launch of the cross party inquiry into the use of detention in the UK drew some much-needed attention to this critical and indefensible issue. The question is: what happens next?