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Don Flynn May 26, 2015
There’s a new type of criminal out and about in Britain today, and Mr Cameron gave us fair warning that his government is out to scotch their nefarious activities in his speech on immigration.
Chai Patel May 18, 2015 Comments: 2
Local authorities must not use cuts as an excuse to abdicate their duties toward children who may be in need of assistance and shouldn't use immigration status checks as a gatekeeping measure.
Don Flynn May 11, 2015 Comments: 1
The way the election turned out has been a big surprise to just about everyone. But it would be a mistake to explain it in terms of a xenophobic anti-immigrant backlash. The years ahead will see many contradictory currents churning up policy in this area, and it still makes sense to campaign hard for a progressive approach to migration and the rights of migrants.