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Ruth Grove-White Jan 30, 2015
This week, MRN and the University of Manchester Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity released a joint report on the potential impacts of migrant voters in the May 2015 general election. The report is today making waves across the media, and will no doubt make disconcerting reading for some politicians. But there is much here which should inspire many first generation migrants to feel that their voices – and votes - can matter in the coming election.
Awale Olad Jan 26, 2015 Comments: 1
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg enjoyed a short-term bounce in opinion polls after his initial performance at the 2010 leadership debates. "Cleggmania", a definition attributed to his jump in popularity, quickly fizzled out when he was found out to be a "progressive on immigration". The Green Party is now under the spotlight on their migration policy after enjoying a recent surge in support.
Jan Brulc Jan 19, 2015
TEDxEastEnd is all about building a community of like-minded people who believe that ideas can change the world. This year more than 450 participants will come to Oval Space in East London to hear 23 speakers talk about their vision for a global society.