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Ruth Grove-White Oct 27, 2014
This week, the fourth instalment of our upcoming Migrant Manifesto focuses on the need to make urgent reforms within the immigration system, to make the system fairer for all who seek to use it.
Don Flynn Oct 26, 2014
Emergency brakes and benefit caps were put on offer by party leaders this week. Both are intended to get across the message that immigration can be got back under control. But aren't there bigger truths that we should be trying to get across, like how the movement of people is all a part of the 'new normal' of everyday life in the twenty-first century?
Don Flynn Oct 20, 2014 Comments: 1
David Cameron’s vow last week to have ‘one last go’ at changing EU migration rules have dominated discussion in recent days. Commission president Manuel Jose Barroso’s comments are welcome, but the positive case for free movement needs to be made by principled politicians as well as EU officials.