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Awale Olad Apr 15, 2014
Hertfordshire MP Peter Lilley, who represents Hitchin and Harpenden, recently blamed the ‘numbers’ of immigrants coming to the UK aggravating ‘greatly, the housing shortage in this country’.
Awale Olad Apr 14, 2014 Comments: 1
Last week’s media coverage was dominated by the Culture Secretary Maria Miller’s difficulties over expenses but under the radar parliamentarians were getting their teeth into other major issues such as citizenship stripping. In an extraordinary turn of events, the House of Lords decided to deprive the Home Secretary Theresa May of more powers to make naturalised British citizens stateless.
Awale Olad Apr 10, 2014 Comments: 3
The Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, delivered a speech to a select group of key stakeholders, ranging from business to NGOs, in front of a 'One Nation Labour' projection. An interesting intervention a month before the European and local elections in the UK.