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Don Flynn Feb 5, 2016
Josh Harbord wasn’t sure was respond he’d get to his petition protesting against the regulation requiring migrants to be earning £35,000 before they could settle in the UK. His initiative is set to get above and beyond the 100,000 signatures need to force a debate in Parliament. He tells Don Flynn more in this interview about why he started and where he hopes to go with this campaign.
Don Flynn Feb 1, 2016
The LSE Student Union United Nations Society invited me to give a talk on the refugee crisis in Europe today. Here’s a condensed version of what I had to say.
Don Flynn Jan 25, 2016
Much of the news commentary on Europe seems to assume that the Schengen open borders arrangement will vanish in the next few months. That would be a disaster. Saving it will require a reversal of the current refusal of solidarity with countries at the frontline of the refugee flows.

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