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Awale Olad Jul 27, 2015 Comments: 2
Jeremy Corbyn attacked the Government’s family migration rules during a debate in the House of Commons earlier this year. Tim Farron could be the most pro-immigration leader out of the main political parties. Theresa May says she will hit the net migration target this time.
Don Flynn Jul 20, 2015
According to the Home Office, too many skilled migrants are coming to the UK to support the efforts of British companies to grow the size of the manufacturing sector. But is it really in anyone’s interest to see the sectors which will be providing good quality jobs cut back in order to meet a spurious immigration target?
Don Flynn Jul 13, 2015
Three years since the rules on family migration were changed campaigners are being proven correct in their predictions on the perverse outcomes the measures have led to. Here are some ideas on what needs to be done to continue pressure for change.