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Awale Olad Nov 21, 2014
Lots happened this week in the dizzying world of immigration and British and American politics. Here’s my brief round-up of the on-goings this week.
Momtaz Rahman Nov 17, 2014
Two Immigration Act Workshops organised by MRN and ILPA with a large number of migrant community groups raised widespread concerns about local service providers in our communities being at the heart of immigration enforcement. MRN has teamed up with RAMFEL to hold a public meeting to discuss how we can come together to address the discrimination and community tensions which loom ahead.
Ruth Grove-White Nov 17, 2014
This Thursday’s by-election in Rochester and Strood seems set to deliver a second UKIP MP into Westminster. In the build-up we have once again seen political scaremongering about immigration in the name of ‘addressing public concerns’. Surely there is another way forward...