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Don Flynn Oct 20, 2014 Comments: 1
David Cameron’s vow last week to have ‘one last go’ at changing EU migration rules have dominated discussion in recent days. Commission president Manuel Jose Barroso’s comments are welcome, but the positive case for free movement needs to be made by principled politicians as well as EU officials.
Ruth Grove-White Oct 20, 2014
The third instalment of our upcoming Migrant Manifesto touches on an issue making headlines this week. We are calling for the next government to resist the temptation to misrepresent EU migration, and instead to champion policy solutions that give these migrants a fair deal in the UK.
Don Flynn Oct 13, 2014
The right wing challenge to the established political parties appeared to gain momentum last week from the results in both the Clacton and Heywood and Middleton by-elections. But the picture beyond the poll results shows that discontent is being driven by factors other than immigration. Shifting to a harder line on controlling the borders is not the response that is needed at this moment in time.