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Alan Anstead Jan 18, 2017
PM Theresa May has now set out her vision for a UK outside the EU. UKREN Coordinator Alan Anstead takes a look at what this could mean to real families where one partner is from an EU country and the other a Brit. Along the way he shares his personal story as someone in just this situation.
Gracie Bradley Jan 16, 2017
The campaign to oppose government efforts to collect nationality and place of birth information about school kids is gathering pace. Last weekend it held its first national conference. Gracie Bradley looks at the recent progress of the Against Borders for Children campaign, which she works on when she isn’t at MRN managing the Route To Your Rights project
Fizza Qureshi Jan 9, 2017
Integration is a two-way process. Simply blaming migrants for failing to integrate or learn English isn't a viable way forward. So it's vital that migrant communities are involved in any discussion and development of a UK-wide integration strategy argues MRN Director, Fizza Qureshi

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