Parliament has just had a debate on family migration rules - now it’s time to make your voice heard!

Most of the changes to family migration rules will come into force on 9th July 2012, just 3 weeks away. We are urging people who are concerned about these rule changes to join us in opposing them...
Download our Briefing with all you need to know about the new Family Migration rules

Since the government’s announcement about major reforms to the family migration rules last week, there has been plenty of public debate about family life and immigration in the UK.

Parliamentary debate over the last couple of days has been dominated by the government’s controversial proposal to ‘more clearly define’ the application of Article 8 (the right to a family life) to immigration cases. There was little that was clear about Tuesday night’s four-hour, meandering debate in the House of Commons about the motion put forward by the home secretary on this issue. Her aim was to ‘send a strong message’ to the judiciary regarding parliament’s view on Article 8 in immigration cases. But although the motion was passed in the end, the debate reflected both the home secretary’s lack of clarity about what was being proposed, and unhappiness among a number of MPs about the way the motion and debate had been set up.

But what about public views about the wider reforms to family migration which are due to come into force in just a few weeks? We know from the public responses to the family migration consultation - all 5000 of them - that many people opposed these rule changes. And, since the announcement, at MRN we’ve had many emails and phone calls from people who are worried or just angry about these rule changes. Because the changes are coming into force so soon means that many people are concerned about how this will affect family members in the future. MRN has put together a new briefing paper which summarises the key rule changes and why we think many of them are particularly problematic.

We want to, on 9th July, send a message to the government that reforms to the family migration rules which will have unfair impacts are not welcome. In particular although concessions have been made on the level of the income threshold,  we still cannot agree with policies that could shut out nearly half - the poorest half - of the working population of the UK from being reunited with their spouse or partner here. In addition it is just not fair to extend the time before spouses and partners can apply for settlement here, introducing new insecurity and costs for this group.

What you can do!

So, before or building up to the 9th July 2012, here are the things you can do:

if you are concerned about how the changes might affect you or a family member, we suggest you read the statement of changes directly, or seek legal advice on your position.

For more up-to-date information on Family Migration visit this list of current blogs.

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This changes on family immigration rules are very alarming, I'm very much worried that i can not join my wife working in UK as domestic worker due to the implementation of the minimum income threshold of 18,600 pounds. I'm also confuse regarding the 16,000 pounds savings, unfortunately my understanding on this is very much unclear.

Is this changes on family migration routes if implemented affects all those sponsoring family to join them in UK even on the temporary workers? or its only for those British Citizen and those already settled (indefinite leave to remain) in UK.

My wife is working as ODW in the UK for just 2 years, is the changes applicable for her in sponsoring me to come in UK?

On the same topic, a detailed breakdown of the changes:

On the same topic, a detailed breakdown of the changes:

MAK: your wife cannot sponsor you to come to the UK unless she has ILR. As she started working as an ODW before 6 April 2012, she will qualify for ILR if she continues to work as an ODW for 3 more years. You will fall under the new rules.

My understanding of these laws are to deprive the general and low paid British people to have their family as they desire; and let the wealthiest to do whatever they want to do.

I don't think the government's plea, that spouses or the partners are or would be burden on the taxpayers, how can they be as it is clearly mentioned on their visa stickers "NO RECOURSE TO THE PUBLIC FUND"?

This the clear case of discrimination that these regulations will implemented only on Non EEA Spouses or partners.

Anonymous: yes my wife is qualified for ILR as she entered in UK as ODW before 06 April 2012. you said my wife cannot sponsor me unless she has an ILR. but as of the current rules, the persons with temporary working permit in UK (same my wife) can sponsor wife/husband to join them in UK (i don't exactly know what visa category is this) even they dont have an ILR yet.

Please review the new rules millions times because it will affect thousands of peolple.. Please!

All my documents are all complete except for my english requiremmet exam. I am asking the UK government to please postpone the new rules.. They have to think of it a thousands of times.. It will affect millions of people.. We should treat fairly.. We are all humans..

One aspect which your briefing on the new Family Migration rules does not mention is the fact that the rules apply to British citizens and third country citizens sponsoring a family member, but not EU-citizens from any other country. A French citizen for example can require residence in the UK for a spouse from, say, Russia, China or America, by-passing these rules, by virtue of EU rules for freedom of movement. Similarly British citizens can take advantage of EU rules by moving to some other EU state. This may be easier said than done, but it can also be used as an argument against the Family Migration rules. Why should British citizens be worse off than citizens from other EU states living in Britain.
This phenomenon is called 'reverse discrimation' and the UK are not alone in practising it. Treating your own citizens better than those of other EU counties is discrimination and not allowed under EU legislation. Reverse discrimination is allowed. Sooner or later it will cause a lot of resentment. I have yet to hear a politician justify it.


That is correct. This doesn't apply to other EU nationals and there might be a lot of couples who will actually consider moving to other EU countries as a consequence.

This was covered in our previous briefing


Is this new rule will really take effect on july 9 or its just a proposal.. Is this a 100% sure? Please answer

More info here

On 11th June 2012, the government announced significant changes to the family migration rules in the UK. The key changes, which will largely come into force from 9th July 2012, include a new income requirement of £18,600 for people wishing to sponsor a partner to come to the UK, an extended period (from two to five years) before spouses and partners can apply for settlement in the UK, and a review of the application of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights to immigration cases

This goverment needs outing . I am genuine in marrying my bajan husband and talking to lawyer that we need to help us cause this crap its another form of racism not by colour but by nationality .Europeans can come and take what they want from here come as they want . How dare this goverment take away your human rights of marrying who you want and try to do it by money thresholds it cant be allowed

I think it is wrong for the uk government to treat it's own like this, how can they allow EU nationals to come here and do as they like but not British nationals it's not fare caus most of us don't earn 18,600. And woman with children who want to sponsor foreign husband can't work long hours or two jobs they have to spend quality family time at home it's really unfair and unrealistic I hope they change there minds

i think this is dugusting many off us are working long houres on min wage im married to turkish citezen we are genuine love eachother and want to spend our married life together but this is going to be impossible with working on min wage please overturn this desicision

I work full time too and own my own home but I don't earn the uk limit but live well enough to sponsor my Albanian husband . I have a 15 year old daughter who is under going treatment for severe anxiety so this makes it hard for her to leave the house never mind move to another country I feel like our hands are tied. Surely they cannot be allowed to interfere with people's life's like this what gives them the right . Yes I agree with doing something about sham marriages but not at the expense of genuine loving families . What do do next I feel like I can never be with my husband all hope has been took away . We are going to submit the application anyway and hope to appeal we cannot just sit back and do nothing . I will read every immigration law book in the land and take my case as far as it will go but for the sake of my family I cannot and will not give in to these discriminative and racist rules !

the new rule which the government has enforced is absolutely ridiculous. i work full time and i dont earn 18600 per annum and i want to sponsor for my husband to come here in the uk to live with me but it seems like it is impossible for me and my husband to live together unless i earn that much money. at first, i believe people had to show 3 months' payslip which later was changed to 6 months and now they have crossed the limits of our patience. this law has to be stopped. please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These rules are not racist, as they apply equally to everyone outside the EU no matter what race they are. You might argue they are classist, if that's a word, as they discriminate against poorer sponsors of spouse visas. The problem is, after five years the foreign spouse gets settlement and complete access to the welfare state and public services. If the British spouse is poor or unemployed, then the British tax payers have to pay.

Its also not the case that the government are either stopping people marrying or violating their right to respect for family life, as firstly the British spouse could emigrate to the foreign spouse's country and secondly the British government can override this right if its likely to cost the nation money.

Would people here who object to the £18,600 minimum income level, be happy to give up their option of settlement and just live in the UK as long as they are married and live with their partner instead. If they divorce etc they have to return to the country they came from. If its really about love would that be a better option?

I think these rules are just stupid my son is not working at the moment and even if he could get a job would be unlikely to earn the new requirement. He worked full time for a bank and only earned 14,500 up until February.

He has an american wife and a child who is a dual citizen yet he can not be with either of them because his daughter cannot come here on her own as she is only one.

meanwhile we have not seen our grand daughter at all, and my son has only seen her once.

This is appalling and surely has to contradict the human rights act.

Love pads

IJMO - you say
'You might argue they are classist, if that's a word, as they discriminate against poorer sponsors of spouse visas.'

According to Oxford University's Migration Observatory (migrationobservatory dot ox dot ac dot uk), in their article 'Women, young people and non-Londoners are most affected by changes to family migration policy; , 'poorer sponsors' means 47% of British residents - 58% between the ages of 20 and 30 - 61% of women - even 29% of Londoners (one of the wealthiest areas of the country). In other words, the new rules deprive ordinary, middle income people of the right to family life if their partner is a non-EU resident.

'Its also not the case that the government are either stopping people marrying or violating their right to respect for family life, as firstly the British spouse could emigrate to the foreign spouse's country...'

A disingenuous argument. What if the foreign country has similar regressive laws? Indeed, in the case of civil partnerships, what if it persecutes people on the basis of their sexuality?
What right does Britain have to do this? This is a very glib argument.

'... and secondly the British government can override this right if its likely to cost the nation money.'

Remember that those being deprived of the right to live with their partners are THEMSELVES British taxpayers and have every bit as much right as anyone else to be with their families. In other words, the government is depriving one group of taxpayers of the right to be with their families to placate another group for a very small and indeed very arguable economic benefit (arguable because many many surveys point to the net economic good migrants bring. Want a comfortable retirement? Those immigrants help pay for your pension
(according to a recent study by Renaissance Capital and available online at the Telegraph website, 'UK sits pretty amid Europe's demographic timebomb').

'These rules are not racist, as they apply equally to everyone outside the EU no matter what race they are...'

Disingenuous again, as the reality is that the new rules are there for cultural reasons, not economic ones.
The nice lawyers at freemovement dot org dot uk address this in their articles 'Can reducing immigration be a legitimate aim in human rights law'. Google it but this snippet says it all -
'The economic well being of the country might be argued, but in reality Government policy on immigration is not an economic policy, it is a social and cultural one. '

This is BEFORE we get into cases such as : British expats who live abroad and wish to return with their families; older retired people who have little income but also few outgoings who may wish to get married; British people with children with an overseas partner; cases where the non-EEA partner is the primary earner.

Furthermore, the rules discriminate against BRITISH people because non-UK EEA citizens do not have to fulfill them to bring their partners into the UK!

This is bad legislation and bad politics.

I for one hope this is ripped to shreds in the courts.

Steve couldn't have summed the issue up any better. These policies just dont fix the real issues, whether or not they are well intended. I'm all for the government tackling illegal immigration yes. People without documents, ACTUAL criminals that are somehow managing to stay in the UK despite a public desire to have them removed etc. It is not illegitimate that people in the UK are concerned about rising population and immigration trends in my opinion. People have every reason to be concerned because frankly, this is a small island nation with not a lot of room and jobs to spare etc. We know the issues.

However families are THE one group I dont feel should be getting affected at all. Of course I feel that way, I'm a foreign spouse, luckily who managed to get his visa before any new rules were implemented. I work, I pay taxes in the UK, but I am only half welcome. The idea that separating thousands of families for some small economic benefit that is questionable anyway is simply unacceptable. Even the US doesn't practice such rigid policy. Some people are like me, and met their british born spouses in their adolescent and early adult years. Like me, they have been together for 10 years. No British citizen married to another Brit would ever accept such forced separation.

This to me is literally saying to British citizens that if they dont marry British, if they dont adopt a xenophobic attitude and lifestyle themselves, then they are also relegated to the role of outsider. What a horrible feeling for a person born and raised here to have.

Students are being attacked. Hard working taxpayers are being attacked. Legit families are being ripped apart and told to move to Syria or Ethiopia instead of here. Come on. We all know how Ridik that idea is! Not to insult those countries, but I think its obvious that the UK is the better option for raising families and making a life, and Britons arent just going to say "oh ok, I guess Burma looks just as nice." Not happening.

Maybe if the racist section of British taxpayers are so tired of forking out for wastrels, they should learn how to raise their own knife wielding kids properly instead, because I guarantee that if the immigrants leave, there is just going to in turn be a shortage of prospective employees instead of jobs: the locals wont suddenly come to a revelation and get off the doll. That is all.

These new rules are just racism and not fair on people who are middle class or you can say that they are not rich enough to call their husband or wife here I am talking about the savings thing 16000 pounds it's just too much im not working and even if I get work I can't call my husband here because I don't have the savings in my account and I have a baby 22,400 pounds is just too much who will give me such a high income Job tell me. I am British born I have the full right to get married to some one abroad as I am a Muslim my husband is in Pakistan but I can't meet him because of these stupid laws very upsetting and out of order the government can't be so cruel to us please I don't have that much money help me answer back plz

I would like to enquire as to whether you know if the new Immigration rules apply to visa applications submitted before July 9th, but have been refused. And subsequently an appeal is to be lodged but will not be received before the July 9th. Do the new rules apply based on the date of original visa application date or from the date the appeal is received?

It is so sad that my lovely beautyful wife who i ment 2 years ago in south Africa canot come here, when i told her that She was heartBroken, The goverment have to tell us that who we can marry, and were iam i going to get 18,000-23,000 to bring my wife over here.
it is not fare, I have to tell my wife evry day i dont kown what iam going to do I work 30 hours a week, and get 11,000 a year, we are both upset about it and hope that this can be revoketd please change the law for everones sake

Only one way the rules can be changed...... Turn up at the rally on 9th July outside the home office at 4.30 Otherwise stop crying all of you..,,, now is your chance, to show your concerns.. I'm also on minnimum wage, so in the same boat as u guys.,,,,,,, please turn up please!!!!!!!!!!

New rules and new ways of bending them
People can make false payslips and this will lead more case of fraudulent documentation...
Guessng UKBA are forcing people low paid jobs to break the law to be close to love ones

New rules and new ways of bending them
People can make false payslips and this will lead more case of fraudulent documentation...
Guessng UKBA are forcing people low paid jobs to break the law to be close to love ones

Sorry guys but as much sad and unjust this is as much funny it is,
they changing the rules for cultural reasons me my self sure of that but they seems not to consider that the children of these partners who will be a british becouse of one of the parents, when their parents decide they have to leave the country will be raised different than in UK, what if one of the parents was from afganistan, iraq. pakistan, saudi arabia.........etc, and the family have no choice but relocating there, how they think the kids will be raised there?

This is morally wrong.. The thought of having to live apart from my partner is killing me.. If we stick together n make our concerns and voices heard we can change these discusting rules.... Please speak up.., make sure to be present at the rally on Monday 9 th July 4.30 outside the home office, followed by a meeting inside parliament at 6.. Make sure to register for this meeting there is a link in this blog..... We can let this happen this is injustice..... This is a dagger being thrown at us middle class low earning citizens.... So are we going to keep quiet and bear this injustice or stand up for our rights and make our voices heard.... I am sick and tired of keeping having to say this again and again.... Please speak up... Personally the thought of being away from my partner is killing me.. I am debating my options, so far I'm torn between leaving the uk and committing suicide... Suicide being the easier option.... U spend all your life working on a minimum wage, u pay your taxes, finally buy your house, and your government decides to stamp all over you... May god punish them for destroying our lives, breaking our families...,

I am about to make an application for a fiance visa for my partner. This must now be made under the new rules.

I have read the Consultation Document and was very angry to find it littered with "Case Studies" that were exclusively stories, and they may be just that, of people who have abused the system. This is a clearly biased document and should be ruled as void. All these stories showed was that the current system worked in preventing such abuse.

Consultation Studies should be about facts. There were figures about numbers coming to marry here, but no mention of the number of UK citiizens that leave the UK to settle abroad.

Does anyone know if there was an Impact Assesment done for the new rules? I can't see it on the Border Agency or Home Office website.

Although there are many issues here, I must mention my own personal one. Part of my business is the renting of a second property I own. I am otherwise self-employed and my income can be good, or some years very bad. If I have a bad year I must live on savings because the other property counts as an asset over £16,000 that prevents me from claiming benefits.

The new rules require £18,600 of earnings and if I can't meet that I need cash assets. Anyone who BY LAW cannot claim benefits by holding non-cash assets should be exempt from the earnings rule.

I feel awkward about raising this point because I am lucky in many respects, but I am wholeheartedly against these rule changes because there are so many people who do not have any assets and cannot meet the new earnings rule even in a full-time job.

When Human Rights become 'qualified' they cease to be rights.

Ok, just found the Impact Statement from the MRN Family Migration Briefing download.

hi all. i married the love of my life this year in may, and was going to apply for her visa in August. But these new rules have just put a stop to it. I am so worried and so is she that how will i get another job that earns me 18600? i married in may and 2 months later new rules kick in. it can take another 4 years for me to save 16000 and that is only if i earn enough to save towards it. why is this government breaking families?? why make us suffer?. they dont hear the cries when the loved ones are forced to live away from each other. my love for my wife is true and i would do anything to be with her, anything. I agree with DAVID that the UKBA are forcing people who are on low paid jobs to break the law to be close to loved ones..

how do i qulify for my husband to come here i ask i cannot work as am dissabled i dident chose to fall in love to fall in love it happend the new requierments mean i am being disscrminated against as i cannot work i have employment works benifit and i get DLA on an life time award my husband has passed his english test and has interview for work if he ever gets here i cannot go live in morroco as my medication would cost lots of money my husbands wages would pay for that but we would not be able to provide for everyday needs i know there are meny other people in my situation that need help and advise what is it you can only fall in love and marry if you are rich hasent this priminister got a heart did he chose to marry his wife because she is rich i have known my husband 5 years and we have been married for two of those years i love him so much and he want to come look after me not just with care but to work and surport his family meaning me and now it looks like mr camarone is going to stop this for me and others who chose to marry some one from another country thank for allowing me to comment sara

Please ask the parlaiment , we want the new rule to change, it is not and never should be execptable. may does not have any rights to apart family, loved one just because she is living with her family, and getting good wages that she is excited of , I get opprox £8700 a year work 20 hours a week, i have four children from my first marriage, this is my love i my huband to come her so we both can give emotional suport to each other, May thinks people wants to come in the uk for only benefit, she should know people like me have feelings want to live wiht there love ones. PLAESE CHANGE THIS LAW PLZ PLZ PLZ IF THERE IS SOMEONE CAN DO SOMTHING PLZ CHANGE THE MINIMUM WAGE OF THE KNE RULES , PERSONLY I DONT CARE ABOUT THE YEASRS WERE EXTENDED FROM 2 TO 5 YEAR , PLZ THE MIMNIMUM SHOULD BE THE SAME AS BEFORE, FOR ONLY SOME PEOPLE WHY SHOULD WE SUFFER.

I am very sorry as I am just taking this conversation and debate and probably that it is already late. I travelled from North to South, from East to West and I met with many people in a desperate situation: coming in this country as an asylum seeker since 10 years and now getting the ILR under the new legacy case. The family left behind, one wife and four daughters. The older is now 20... What will be the solution for this gentleman?...
Is it possible to us to have a informal group, to meet, to have a talk with the authorities; to have a word with who ever could just listen to those cases and to check what could be the most human way of solving it... it is a real disastrous situation, unless if they want everyone to father or to have an unwanted children in this country... And, are we really thinking about the sexual and affective live of those in this situation and condition?... is that really human to keep people, for so many years, without their families?. Please, this is not to challenge the law or them; but probably they don't know how it affects many of those living here.
Let's talk...

i am asylum seeker i have got permited to remain and to work for 5 years.i am working full time based on minimum wage.i hade marriage on 4th may 2011 in ethiopia.i want my wife to rejoine to me.
the matter i am warried is is the £18600 will afect to me? please help me with this matter
thank you

wtf do ya fink ur playing forcing families apart. i think u seriously need to changes theese dam rules bang out of order.

I hope this stupid £18600 threshold is abolished , as it affects alot of people including myself.
My wife doesn't earn £18600 so she has already moved to China to join me here as she wouldnt of be able to sponser me to come to UK.
Shame on British Government for treating its citizens they are not supposed to.

Has anyone been successful in 'overcoming' the ILR rules discriminating against non-EU partners of UK citizen’s relocation back to the UK?

In May 2002 my South African wife-to-be moved to the UK to live with me and was granted a 5-year work permit. She founded and ran a successful business here and I had my own company, also based in the UK. We married in the UK in 2004. My work took us to live in Brussels from 2005 where we lived for 5 years. We had 2 children there, both given UK passports. 3 years ago we moved to France and are now moving back to the UK. She is here on a visitors EEA family permit that expires mid-September whilst we look for a house and schools for the children.

I am fortunate in earning enough money to overcome the £18,600 threshold but she may have to leave the UK for an extended period to apply from outside the UK. This is difficult due to the children and my work commitments. If I was a non-UK EU citizen, this would not be the case, she could just move here with me under the existing treaty.

It is very difficult to determine what application forms would be appropriate. I have consulted with an immigration lawyer who is also unsure of the most appropriate method.

I have also spoken with my MP and a letter has been sent to the UKBA asking for clarification of the process we will need to go through.

As the clock is ticking, I would like to know if anyone else has solved a similar problem so that I can start to book travel and accommodation if it will be required or even decide to return to France and give my taxes to M. Hollande!

i'm a british citizen and i have shares outside the uk in which a certain amount of money is put into my acount monthly which exceeds the financial requirement can this be used

The new financial rule is ridiculous. This is a form of discrmination, how can the goverment take away public right. Under the human rights act, it is as public right to and we have the right to make a decision on who we can marry. I really think this rule should be scrapped. There are many people out there, including myself who are worried about this. The govenement should have really thought this throughly and should have took in to account of every indviduals needs. there are some people out there who are on minimum wage and some who are not highly experienced or knowledgeable. This rules needs to be scapped. the govenement has taken away our right and it is not realistic. I would request the house of commons to scrap this rule. this is just making so many people angry and frustrated. The governement should be helping the public, not causing more difficulties and issues. please scrap rule.

i have been living in peru for nearly 2 years with my husband and we have decided to relocate to the uk but after reading the change in the earning laws this might not be possible now.i am heartbroken as me and my husband have suffered greatley being apart here in peru for reasons that i will not go into into becaue the earning potential is so low i would never be able to earn that amount of money by myself and keep a flat or house plus the added stress of finding a job before i leave and my husband chpse the uk because its my home and is a good country or so i thought it lets killers and terrorists live in the uk but will tear loved ones apart from each my husband is peruvian its hard to him to get a visa in any country so we have limited options now.i beg the goverment please do not take out your wickedness on honest british citizens who only want to add to the british economy and make it better.we deserve to be treated better i hope they can sleep at nights oh of course they will i bet they have all there loved ones all under one roof and in the same country.lets change this now!

I was unaware of this change, and am wanting to marry my partner of 6 years he is a Pakistani national and i am a British citizen we are both students. He is part time student and unable to work in the UK on that visa, and i am a full time student studying an intense course therefore finding it hard to hold a job. What can i do ? Any information will be much appropriated.

I agree this new rule is a joke myself and my Husband just missed the deadline as we wasnt aware that dispite him having a Degree in English he still had to take the English Test not many people cant earn that amount of money or if they can then you will always be at work , its discrimination for those who just want to be able to live together in the same Country I hpoe that this will change and I cant believe that the UKBA were allowed to do this.

the new rule has been Abolished ;-)

The new immigration changes are rubbish. What about equality for all. Has theresa may even thought about this logical. Has the government or theresa even thought about putting them selves in our shoes for a moment. No I dont think they have, the governement is always thinking of thier advantages. Have they even thought how much anger and frustration the new changes would occur. The government should have thought if the new changes would remain. I have just heard that the new rule of £18,600 has come in to force sicne 9th july 2012 but yet is to be increased to £22,000 and also those being sponspered will need to pass an intermediate english level. This is so confusing, can any give me more info on this. Theresa may hasnt even though about this for a second and she does not have the power to make people's life difficult. Those for are british citizens have been living in the uk for years and they are not yet able to fully speak the english language, so how can someone entering the UK speak the english language at an intermediate level. These new rule ae all wrong and have caused alot of anger, frustration, emotional upset and distrubances. There is no way that these changes can carry on. what about human rights act, what about public views. This is a special message to thereasa may, you obviosly have not thought this logically, you need to put your self in our shoes and think for a moment. Please please scrap these new changes and hope that there is equality for every one and there is no discrmination or racism. You may not see it as this, but I do. So please I am hoping that you will scrap these rules and will give us an easy option for sponsering husband/wives over to the UK.

I have been together with my husband for 8 years married 5 years... I am a British citizen and he is of non eu nationality. We have one daughter, and when I was pregnant I found out I had a rare blood type which made living in Asia in a remite villiage problematic! Falling in love was not a choice it happened and made me the happiest I have ever been... Currently I have 2 jobs and my husband has one job we manage with no recourse to public funds however now with new rules we still will not meet the income threshold! I really feel there is no hope... If this rule change stays in place the government will need to invest in educating British citizens as Nazi Hitler did to prevent future marriages (which is ridiculous but so is this rule change!) because what they are implementing means that if we marry outside of our own Nationality we will be subject to discrimination!! I really cannot understand the reasoning behind this rule change!! So many previous posts really have hit the nail on the head and so I won't continue on and repeat everything that has been said...My heart breaks and the sad realisation is that whilst they pretend to "deal with immigration" they are actually just causing problems for legitimate families that work hard, pay taxes and just want to enjoy life together as a family!!! Only God can help me and my family now!

Dear friend
I was waiting my husband 8yrs and my husband to,plus children
We are not 100%British,
My advise to you
The rules applays in UK to British to EU and none EU THE SAME
I am pretty much positive, no metter how disappointed you or your
wife the UK Parlament won't changUstashi rools just for you
By the way work in your country make good savings and come ower
as turist, bring your wife more money, show UK government you are
high profile person and the visa will be issued to you
But I have things to believe you and your wife suffering economical
grounds from both side
For her must be very hard to leave behind everything

Just wondering how on earth men send the wife abroad, so now she settled and here I am husband who needs a sponsor. Government not a stupid in this days. Labours to blame on the first place to open UK to criminals
I just feel sorry for innocent family's only

Myself and my husband have been living in turkey together for four years.I am a brittish citezen. We have been married for three years. We did not move back to the uk straight after we got married as we wanted to save enough money so when we applied to come home we would have enough money to put down a deposit on a house. We stayed here in turkey to save so we were not relying on either of our familes or goverment funds. We have worked extremely hard in a place that we both do not want to be but we thought we were doing the right thing. We are now in a very bad situation as we have spoken to a variety of lawyers and legal adviders and they have told us we cannot apply from outside the uk due to the rule changes. We have managed to save 16.000 pounds at which we were very proud of ourselves. I have been away from my family now for five years and really want to come home but are now unable to. We have always done things the right way(or so we thought) and have never thought about doing things any other way. I am extremely angry of how we are being treated. I feel as though I am being punished for falling in love with someone who is not a british citezen. I can honestly say that these new rules are just going to encourage people to do things ilegally. The only option for us now is for me to go home and be in employment earning over 18.600 pounds. This means we are going to be seperated for the first time in our married life. What makes me so angry is there are so many people in the uk that shouldnt be there and are draining the public funds. Why are the goverment not spending funds and time looking into the lives of those people instead of two hard working people who are deeply in love. There are terrorists in the uk with more human rights to be in my own country!!!! I think its an absolute disgrace and i am ashamed of the country and the decisions being made. I fully understand that the goverment have made many mistakes over the years and things have to change but i dont understand why they are targetting people with money who want to come to work and pay taxes.

Hello everyone ! I am African and am married to a French man I love him so much we life both in London but I was illegal still because we send our certificate of married and all document on the 09 of July 2012 but I still waiting am so worried do u think £18600 is affecting me or do u think I will get my visa please answer thx

Hello everyone can someone just confirm to me how many months of statements are required to call spouse to UK. Is it 3 months or 6 months? Also how can we fight against these new rules £18,600 etc, any ideas anyone?

To make a difference and put a end to this new spouse earning law sign this petition
Sign this petition to stop this law

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am an 18 year old British woman who has married a Bangladeshi student. His Visa will expire in 1 year and I don't know what to do about it. I have been unable to work as I do not have experience or good GCSEs he works to his 20 hour limit on minimum wage. I have a daughter who will be 3 in February who is a step daughter to him but knows him as daddy and adores him. I am on housing benefits and nowhere near the 18,600 mark. I don't want to go to Bangladesh or take my child there but I know I'll never see him again if I don't go too. My parents are in the UK and are also British how is this fair I have to choose my husband or my mum and dad

Whilst I can empathize with everyone on this forum, I still believe that if you love your spouses as much as you all say you do, then you will live anywhere so long as you are together. Surely being together is the main thing, wherever that may be? The earning threshold of £18600 is not an unrealistic one as the national average for a man currently is £30788 and a woman £24249, thus the threshold of £18600 is much lower than either national average wage. The UK has a recession at present and jobs are scare, thus people who are entering the country will exacerbate the situation unless they are highly skilled graduates, who really are able to contribute to society in many ways, not least by paying high taxes. The English Intermediate standard is not unrealistic; you are wanting to reside in a country which speaks English as the primary language, thus it is a necessary life skill to do so. The change from 2 years to 5 years before ILR is a sensible decision, surely it does not matter if you are genuine and together. The government is not stopping you from marrying whom you chose; marrying a UK citizen does not, and should not, give automatic entitlement to a visa. Marry whom you chose and live in the country of your foreign spouse rather than the UK, after all most of you claim you will do ANYTHING to be back together . . . or is it anything to reside in the UK??

This is a bloody joke!! I can't believe people are complaining about the British government doing what is right by OUR country.
We need to cap immigration. This is a simple fact. There is absolutely no way people should be allowed in just because their family is here. My family is in Australia but I don' think that would get me in there.
If you don't like our governments decisions go back to wherever you came from. You're not welcome!!!

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why should we go to our partners countries i know if i went to Bangladesh it would be soo hard to live and have enough money to do so. I have a daughter she is a British citizen if I took her there it would cost an arm and a leg to have her educated properly. I do love my husband but I love my parents so either way I'm losing someone. So it's not fair that they will force us out of our own country because it's hard to get a job.

i think the new rule 18,600 pounds is not fair because no one can earn that much in a year job are very hard to get you see i had all my 3 mounts of wage slips and the rest of my paper work but then the law changed so the paper work was no good to me and now i cant bring my wife over from pakistan i have got a job but im only getting 100 pound a week and thats no good i am not happy please can you change the rule back to 3 mounts wage slips and that it can u also give me a call on 07864653721 thank you or you can email me at [email protected] and that any 1

What if someone is living in different part of the country where salary is less than in London, for example is Scotland, 18 000 £ per annum is quite alot for so many people, same job in London would be around 26 000£. So really it does not make sense to make this rule apply to everyone, maybe they should just prove that there is enough money left to be able to support the husband/wife.

And if they want to apply threshold then I think they should have different thresholds according to the area you leave, how much you earn, how much is rent, etc and do the maths to see how much is left, rather than same rule to everyone, hence, discrimination.

I support for a change against this rule.

Kind regards

I'm Brazilian and almost 4 ago i came to UK to visit my father, an EAA member and UK resident. Three months after i arrived i decided to live here with him as i met my actual girlfriend then i applied for my residence. He could sponsor me then i got my 5 years residence 6 months later. My father is back to Brazil because of heath problem. My problem is that i'm in a relationship with a British citizen lady since i came here, i live with her for more than 2 years and we have a 15 months old daughter. few months ago i lost my passport and applied for my visa back. I was wrong when i thought i would get another copy of it. i was denied! i have sent my appeal but seems that it will be refused again. i have got the same job since always and also doing a course as i'm the person who love these two girls more than anything and take care of them. Can UK Immigration Border take me away from them? i have had right to stay over here until and i have built a life and now everything would be destroyed for a lost passport and change laws ? Hope there's humans right because tears fall while i write this and think of me away from them.

I am a U.S. citizen engaged to a British Citizen. We have a 19 month old boy who has dual citizenship. My fiance has a great job, has his own apartment, but doesn't make 18,600 pounds before taxes. We are 2,100 pounds off. My son doesn't get to have both parents because of 2,100 pounds. I myself have been refused entry and a visa to the u.k. yet we are going to apply again this month to see if i can bring my son to the uk for christmas. you'd think of all the money we are spending on visas and money my fiance sends to support me and my child adds up more than 2,100 pounds. so clearly we can live in the uk without public funding. Oh and also that trip to France we took just so we could see eachother. That was expensive too. So yes this rule is absolutley rediculous and for the wealthy only. Our human right is to be together and a family. My son needs a father physically and not just on a computer screen. My heart bleeds for this right.

I (non eu citizen)have been legally married to and live with my husband who is british citizen for nearly two years.Lately he has been verbally abusive with racial remarks and aggressive towards me and my own 2 kids (i had before i met him)and threatening to throw us out of his house ( council rented).Its getting worse by the day and i am worried about becoming homeles with my kids.what rights do i have and where can i go for advice.please enlighten me.

To those of you who do not understand basic statistics: MEAN (AVERAGE) is not MEDIAN. If you have one person making £1,000,000 and 10 people making £10,000, your AVERAGE salary will be £100,000. So by this logic, you would say that it should not be a problem for british citizens to bring over their spouse. If you do understand statistics, you know the critical number is the median. Which is only £10,000, suggesting most BC would not be able to sponsor a spouse.

To those of you saying to move to the other country: What if that country has the same laws? i.e. the US. Are you saying that poor people do not deserve to find love in another country?

I am from the US. My partner is in uni in the UK. I hold a masters degree as will my partner when he is done. Unfortunately, despite my high paying US salary, I am not able to use any funds as proof of support and my partner is not going to quit uni to move to the states with me. We are two educated individuals who this law adversely affects. It's a shame that both of our countries have decided that we aren't good enough to be married to each other and completely ignore my qualifications. I AM NOT A LEECH.

My application was refused because my partner in the uk is 2690 pounds short off the required amount of 18600. my beef is that we have always lived in her dad's own house until i came to my country to apply for settlement visa. i have my own work and also some asset that i get income from to support our 2 girls who are british citizen but live with me in my country so my partner in the uk will not be on any support or what so ever benefit our 2 girls are entitle to.

my asset in my country is jointly own with my mother which the ECO refused to add them claiming is a support from a thired party.
HELP NNEEDED on appeal..

Why should British taxpayers pay for other people's lifestyle choices?

It was your choice to marry a person from another country. No-one forced you, it was a choice. Why should you then be able to bring them over to this country and force others to contribute to their upkeep when they have contributed nothing in the way of the taxes themselves? Housing benefit, income support, NHS services, education....where do you think this money comes from, a bottomless pit? No, it comes from other people, tax payers.

And if you are so much in love, why don't you go an live in your spouse's country? Of course, in 90% of cases, we know the reason why, and that is because the standard of living is much higher in the UK than the other country. None of you are complaining about the immigration rules in India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh. Why is that?

Migrant Rights exists solely to promote economic migrancy into the UK. That is its unspoken remit. It's to promote economic migrants coming into the UK so that they might make money and send that money back overseas. It is does not have the interests of what is best for the UK in its remit. It couldn't care less about UK economic policy, finances, or social cohesiveness; it is all about helping the countries of people on the Board. It tries to dress up its true motivations with talk of 'supporting family life' but make no mistake -it merely uses this approach because it knows the human rights angle is a convenient leverage to conceal its true aims. Don't be fooled, it's not about human rights, or family life, or helping people flee persecution, all Migration Rights cares about is helping people from specific countries come to UK to make themselves wealthier. And if means they have that UK nationals have to pay more taxes to enable this, then Migration Rights is absolutely fine with this.

Migrant Rights -if you don't think I speak the truth, then don't censor me. Censorship implies guilt. If I am incorrect, then you should have the courage to post this message on your site and let other people expose the fallacy of my views for themselves.

In this country people who were born here payed taxes all their lives never been on benefits, and worked hard, they see people coming here from other countries and getting everything without properly contributing into the country getting nhs care benefits yet their own parents and family cannot get them, they get houses cars everything which we have worked for all our lives they get them for almost nothing,,, how do you think we feel ? .... when we see parents rejected for medications and given to people who have payed nothing .... all the goverment cuts are affecting people who were born here so it is right it should affect everyone ... otherwise this is discrimnation to british born people ... it is sad that anyone has to suffer... but we have worked hard and payed into the country our country all our lives... not just for a few years... we are only an island and cannot cope with over populations ... those who were allowed to come here should have only been people in war torn countries, but everyone is jumping on the band wagon now as they see our beneifts and Fress NHS care system.. my father was in ww2 and fought for this countries freedom he is 95 years worked all his life never asked anything from anyone and now he is in care home and they are taking all his savings his house off him to pay for care if you want to feel sorry for someone feel sorry for him... he saw is friends blown to bits in war and torchard, please dont talk about justice ...

please explain to me how someone, who may have come here to do a degree, then gets a job can then get their parents over here because one of them may be getting old to use the resources of the NHS? surely this canot be right, its just covert NHS tourism! my grandparents, parents and myself in the last 20 years have paid NI for this which is already stretched and can barely support those who have paid into it. I have paid in to take care of myself if i need it, later on in life especially and my children whilst they grow before they can work and contribue into it themselves! my view is ' go back to look after them at home ' why bring them here, hmm.... let me think.

its bad enough that i have to pay private dentist bills to get a dentist where, theoretically, im paying twice for the peace of mind of getting emergency dental treatment. with more health tourism like this, i can actually see myself paying for private health insurance for myself and family as well as paying NI only for other non-nationals and their familys to benefit from.

in my view there should be a scale where newer uk nationals should have to pay an 'excess' where the longer they have worked here the less they have to pay for the NHS and non nationals should have private insurance to cover them. i also think the EU health card should be aboished due to the obscene abuse of the system by newer EU states and the same ' excess' system should apply to them. I dont need a EU health card because why do i bother with health insurance when i go on holiday? theoretically, all treatment abroad is covered under that, so why a EU health card? i mean, what to you do when you go to the states where a EU health card is useless!

the rules have changed since since the 40's, 50's and 60's where i think that some migrants form former empires had a perfect right to be 'uk ' citizens by default due to british occupation. those people have contributed and integrated, paid their way and therefore deserve the benefits. you cannot seriously tell me that someone flying their family over here after geting a degree and earning the right to a work viza to benefit from our social system, after no hstorical financial input into it is right, proper or honest! if you think that, maybe you should consider yourself no better than the other benefit cheats sitting around, drinking white diamond and smoking roleys...

yup, i acknowledge proffessional doleys are a big problem an im not a fan either but it is what it is and the uk is far form perfect but, the two points that remain are their grandparents, parents or siblings have paid into the system at some point and also, the country has enough of problem supporting these without compounding the issue by artificially inflating the population with more people.

to patrick (oct 29) you do not know anythink before you post anythink you need to get your facts right. iam a ukc married to a usc for over 15 years living in the us.we want to come back to england i have family in england my mom is 82 years old.the rules for my wife to come to england is it has been for some years now and it is stamped in the passport that she can not get public funds. it is the people from the eu like the polish ect that can walk in to the uk with there wife and children do not have to pay for visas and get public funding help but a ukc has to pay 1000s of pounds in visa fees and told they have to make 18600 pounds a year to have is wife of over 15 years for him to have a life back in my home country. we have always worked for what we would you like to be told stay away from your family you do not make another money.there is a lot of ukc that work and pay taxes in the ukand are married to noeu partners people meet in all walks of life.

I am a French woman who has lived in the UK for 9 years, I have always worked very hard and have not claimed benefits, ever.
My boyfriend is Japanese and his visa expires in 4 months, we love eachother and would like to be a family, unfortunately, because of this hideous new law, we cannot.
We will have to either move to France, where there is no work, or split up, as he does not wish to settle back in Japan.
This is very unfair as England is full of people from the EU abusing benefits when we both work and genuinely love eachother...
Very sad times.
I am sending my love and support to everyone in the same situation as me.

Hmmn a lot of you people just come across as racist frankly!
Well I'm a UK citizen married to an American who has studied and worked and paid taxes in Scotland for 14yrs - we're both white so you probably feel more sorry for us. We have had to move to Italy temporarily in order to stay together. My husband lost out on a good job because of the UKBA changes. I was unemployed for part of the year - which i'm not ashamed of since lots of people are these days - have you not been keeping up! Job seekers is there to support somebody while they look or work and I was not not long term unemployed. I was genuinely looking for work. Had i had a job we still would not have qualified because my husband had just finished his PhD and had come to the end of his funded period about a year ago making us come in well below the 12 month financial threshold for renewing his visa. So the rules affect all kinds of folk out there not just your narrowed down idea of immigrants. We are a multicultural nation just accept that and be happy that different people have brought interesting cultures to the UK. I'm half italian bet you like eating pizzas!
Reading these comments makes me sick that you are proudly standing behind the governments decision to ruin the lives of others. You seem to think you pay for loads of folk that get all this tremendous benefit from you working hard! BS
Frankly we have decided a tory Britain isn't the place for us. While we are able to ove away with not many ties some people affected by this have homes to keep and families to keep. Hope you sleep well at night knowing that this will be break lots of loving families up.

Ever heard of sharing!!!


I have the greatest sympathy for your position. It is a great pity that the law has caught up people like you and your spouse, since it was never intended to be primarily directed at US citizens. Unfortuanately, that is by-product of people from Indian and Middle Eastern countries abusing the system. For years and years, they would bring over their extended families into the UK, and claim benefits for them. It had to stop. But the law was not able to specify specific countries, so ended up catching the US, Australia and Canada as well.

It is the same for Lizzie with a Japanese boyfriend. This position has been reached because of Indian immigrants abusing the system.

Laura, it is not rascist.

It is simple economics. The country cannot to pay welfare bills of people who have paid nothing into the system.

The change in the law came about because immigrants from mainly Indian countries have abused the system. One person would be granted a visa and they would then bring over their extended family. It went on and on for years. The only way of stopping it was to change the law.

Unfortunately, the law is not able to discriminate between immigrants of different countries, so that people such as yourself with a US spouse have been caught up in it.

If you want to blame anyone, blame groups like Migrant Rights, who for years did everything they could to help immigrants bring over as many of their family as they possibly could, completely against the spirit of the law. In the good times, this was just about economically sustainable, but in the bad times, it is completely untenable.


Are we to assume that these are simple enough economics that even you Patrick can wrap your head around?

Or let me put it differently You say, that they haven't paid anything into the system. Well by that logic, every young person born in the UK who hasn't yet worked has made a zero contribution to the system. To be honest they have been a huge drain on resources. Healthcare and schooling alone will have costed the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds.

You speak about abuse of the system and spirit of the law. The spirit of the law is on the side of the people who wish to bring over their spouse, whatever they earn and whoever they chose to live with. Period. The spirit of the law in an open and free society however you spin it is to protect individuals' freedoms to live a life they chose. Rules, especially ones as arbitrary as these which base the decision on a person's income shouldn't curtail their freedom to enjoy family life.

And finally. YES IT IS RACIST!!! Discriminating among groups based on their nationality or race which is what you are saying the rules should do is the very dictionary definition of racism.

do you know that 98% of immigrants coming in to the uk today are from the eu polish,romania ect and only 2% is from ukc bringing in there family. this gov is pulling the wool over people like you eyes the only way they can bring down immigrants coming into the uk is to pull out of the eu market which ever way you want to put it the new rules are blocking ukc rights .you better watch this gov may take away some of your rights and you will not like that.


The difference between children and immigrants is that the ancestors of those children have paid into the system. When those children grow up they will pay into the system and fund the next generation. Thats how education is funded. Immigrants have not paid into the system and neither have their parents or grandparents. A new immigrant claiming benefits is making a claim on public funds against no balancing contribution.

You are also incorrect about the spirit of the law being an open and free society. If that was true then there would be no immigration controls anywhere in the world. The spirit and intention of immigration law throughout the world is indeed to curtail migration freedoms. You may consider that a bad thing, but clearly large groups of other people dont, or there wouldnt be immigration controls in the first place. Ei Ither way, it is not true that laws are made with the intention of creating open societies. In many instances there are economic and social arguments for creating more closed societies.

Finally, it isnt rascist to identify that the problem is more pertinent to certain countries of origin than others. You may find that proposition uncomfortable, but it is the reason why this law was brought in and why people from US are sadly caught up in it.


In terms of inflows, in 2010 (latest data available) non-EU citizens (Commonwealth and “other” categories) accounted for 54% of all inflows, EU citizens (not including British) accounted for 30% of inflows and British citizens for 16% of inflows.

The fact that ancestors have paid into the system makes no difference. They will be using that as they go along, so the balancing contribution is zero.

And please let's not get our facts mixed. Non-EU migrants, so spouses included are bared from accessing public funds. How many times does that need to be reiterated!

iv read most of your comments, why do you want your loved ones to come here, why dont you go back home to see them, is it because you get given everything here, why should they come here and get nhs and dole money, i paid for all that with my tax, are you going to pay me for that, you expect too much, this country is going to be the same as yours soon, when we cant afford to give you everything, and you sending the money home aswell, how do you benefit this country, you should work here for 5 years before you get anything, why dont you make your own countries like england, instead of making england like yours, what will you do when that happenes, think about it,

What about people who are genuinely in love. Only the people who can afford it are allowed to get married? I have to fly back to Australia and save up the cash saving requirement. I don't want the countries NHS or dole money. I just want to live here with the man I have been in love with for years. I wish we had met sooner, before this stupid, unfair and cruel new regulation came in. This country is keeping out the wrong people.


I am 62+ and my wife 59+ I am a British National my wife is a Pakistani National. She can not come to England because of the new rule. I am unable to get a job to fulfill the income threshold. My wife was issued settlement visa in 1979 and lived in UK for over 5 years, she wants to come back to UK now. since I am back in UK and my two daughters are in UK. I have three daughters who are all British by birth. I am at a loss as to how to resolve this issue since my wife is alone in Pakistan. Can anybody help me find a solution.

'The change in the law came about because immigrants from mainly Indian countries have abused the system.'

Patrick, what does this mean? As far as I'm aware there is only one country called India. These little oversights don't do much for the credibility of your arguments.

Life has gone harder after this law came into action. I have a 6 months old baby and he has a back problem, i need my husband's support. My husband has not even seen the baby coz im wondering how i could call him over. I can not even find any jobs, applied so many but no reply. Don't no what to do.

Hi my name is farid I come from Algeria social worker took my pragnant girlfriend when they find out I was illegal in this country even my partner got a desability (asparagus ) we are 4 people in the house her stepfather her brother and me her partner her due date 06-11-2012 I live in this country for moor than 9 years I was onset with the social worker for my baby I told her I'm illegal on the07-11-2012 next day I took my partner to see her midwife they cam and took her from there.they don't wanna me to be with her whene she give birth it's my first baby,any advice?thank you

They took her from us sins I'm in touch with her via Facebook she is stressed and afraid,if they really care about her they could've live it till after birth once she's ok baby is ok then they do administrative think ,I feel guilty because the social worker thought I'm French but when I told her she took my girl and my baby from us even her Famely they don't let them see her.i'm alone in the room with the baby cot,when she ask them to comeback home where she is comfortable with her Famely she's heavenly pregnant,they told her we gonna take you to court she is vulnerable she got asparagus they suppose to protect her not abuse her and fruiting her,all this because of me I am ILLEGAL in this country.i need help and advice we steel human,thank you FARID

I am British and I met my husband 16 months ago here in d UK, he is a student who recently finished his masters degree. we got married in September 2012 and I am 7 months pregnant now for him , he is planning on renewing his visa , Please I would like to know if he would be affected by the new financial requirement, he has been living in the UK for 3 years now and has been working part time because of the restriction on student visa but he now works full time but doesn't earn up to 18,600 pounds. i do not earn up to that because i work part time too because of my little 4 year old girl from a previous relationship, does this mean my husband will have to leave the country and not see his baby when she is born and who knows when he will ever see her,. I think the government should look at this laws thoroughly, how many people earn up to that amount. ,I do not want to loose my husband because I have never had love like this in my life

I am a British born and bred citizen married to a non EU partner. I have excellent qualifications and due to the fact that so many Polish in Britain are taking jobs, bringing their families over (free of charge) I have not been able to get employment. I have been forced to come and live with my husband in his country which I hate, I cannot speak the language so therefore cannot get employment here, plus they have no use here to employ British citizens. This is just not right, when all I want to do is come back to England with my husband and live a normal happy life.

If I had been claiming every benefit going and had married a English man that was also claiming benefits (as thousands do) I would have been ok. What I would like to know is why is it ok for people from the EU allowed to bring their families over to live with them free of charge and still be able to claim every benefit going?

Where are our human rights as British citizens we should be the ones that are first in line for employment etc?

Why is it that they have just let that Palastinian terror suspect have the right to remain in the UK instead of sending him to Jordan to face trial as they they claim he will not receive a fair trail? yet are happy that I get forced to live in Jordan, without my family, friends, knowledge of the language or any way of getting employment. It appears that anyone from Britain has no rights because these immigrants are draining the system.

I wish I really could find a solution to this problem as I want to go home and take my husband with me, he has a highly skilled job, speaks fluent English and would have no problem getting employment in Britain. Yet half of the illegal and legal immigrants in Britain can't speak a word of English.

There shouldn't be one rule for them and another for us, If they can bring their whole families over for free then we should be allowed to bring our partners over for free, yet our Government is robbing their own to give to the immigrants. It is totally Disgusting and now I read on the news that over 30.000 illegal immigrants in England are about to be given Indefinate Leave To Remain. Something needs to be done!

had to laugh at one of the comments above "why dont you make your own countries like england" ha ha how did england get where it is today? by invading nearly every country on the planet ,robbing the wealth and natural resourses . England has stuck its nose in where its not wanted for years. England has become rich off the backs of slaves and cheap foreign labour. England is a first world country,whether you like to hear it or not,life is easy,you earn well,your fridge is full and you get to dine out and go tothe pub every once in awhile. Try living in a third world country. Wake up and smell the coffee! You form your opinions after reading the sun newspaper, you most likely havent seen the rest of the world you little englander,wake up and try to be a little more compassionate!
Im english, I now life in Brazil with my Brazilian wife,its very difficult for me to bring her to england. Do I want my goverments money? no do I love my country? not sure, I used to be very patriotic, I did 5 years in the royal Engineers (army) What id like is to work in my own country close to family and friends, id like my wife to meet my parents and get to know my two brothers and my recently born nephew ( who I have never seen)
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,fair enough but dont tar us all with the same brush,we are not leeches,we are people like you who want a family and who want a better standard of living,why cany we have it?

when will the new law change so i can call my wife to uk

to ruth akins
It doesnt matter if your spouse earns £0 or £5M a year you have to earn £18600 for your husband to get uk spousal visa £22700 if you have a child and £25700 if you have 2 children. tereasa may says its very easy to earn this amount of money and as she probably never earnt less than £100000pa she obviously knows everything about jobs in the £18000-£26000 and the ease to get these jobs qualifications etc (i don't know who she thinks she is). A solution could be to move to Europe your newly graduated husband may find work in English speaking company depending on his degree and after about 3 years gain citizenship of that country then can move to uk under eu free movement laws. yes not ideal but this might be a realistic throughout the year there will be cheap flights week-ends etc so you could see your family. I understand this is horrible but it is an option it is possible to consider. I am in this situation but I am the recently graduated and i might have to do this if i want a child or 2 children I will be ok if just my wife but if i have a child my wife will be kicked out of the country. What about moving to london? a job there could earn you what you need if you are close to the threshold? for example an £18k job in scotland is equivilent to 26-28k job in london

to anonymous november 12
you say 'Where are our human rights as British citizens...?'
In this situation you don't earn enough so you don't qualify for human rights. In this situation you do not have the right to have human rights as you don't earn enough. yes this is not right but we voted for a tory government. earn more then you can have human rights this is the way of the torys and their government.

hi my wife is applying for ilr as a spouse. but her work involves live in care would this affect it as she stays away for lengths of 5 weeks at a time

Hi can any one tell me that how many months banks statements and pay slips required for uk spouse visa. and how much saving you need to show?
As on ukba site it's clearly mentioned that you need to show 3 months mantinance.
What is mantinance? Either saving or it's mean bank statements?
But when I make call to ukba direct thay say that you need to show 6 months bank statement and pay slips, but on ukba site there is no as such thing stated there that you need to show6 months bank statement or saving. It's only mentioned there that you need to show 3 months mantinance. What is that mean for. Please replay and help.

Hi all, I have read most of the comments on this site. Some people are taking it personal and being insulting to others... The UK government has made this decision, which for most part is sad, unfortunately, which ever decision any government takes, some people will have to suffer.

Shameful as the government's decision is, we should try and look at the human aspects as well and especially how it affects families. Lets look at the number of people on this site who are and most of the time will be seperated from their families because of these laws. Instead see if we can come up with ideas which can help them reunite with thier families. A baby growing up without thier parents or being refused the right to grow up with both parents and be educated in their own country, because the government says "a parent is not qualified to live in his country and bring up his child due to low income."

Think of this for a minuite, what do you say to that kid when he grows up? Is this not trying to creat a new generation of terroist amongst the UK Citizens themselves?

I think general rules does not always work, especially in cases like the one we are taking about here. It is a sensitive issue and hopefully thoes who can do something about it should, so the UK Government would see how to intergrated these families as this is simply calling for long term disaster.

Unfortunately, some people have got themselves into marraige of convience pushing loving families to be dragged in the mud. The question is, should these families and especially children pay for the mistakes and greed of others? Sad as it is, weather we are affected or not, for the sake of these children, we should keep our ego on the side and do what ever and all we can, be coming up with ideas and ways to help these families.

I am affected by these new rules myself, the fact that it will not separate my family means nothing to me. I have been with with my husband British Citizen for14 years, married for 11 years working and living in the United Arab Emirates. We knew about the rules almost a year before it came into place and I though worst case senario, my citizenship would be delayed for 10 years and it turns out to be 5years. I could have applied and thought, I am not ready to drop everything, creat a lie of returning to the Uk.We both have good jobs.

I am from Cameroon (French speaking.) My husband and I have worked hard and invested alot in the UK more than we have in my home country. It would be insulting for someone to say these immigrants come here and live on our back.. Not being first language, I read, write and communicate in English to acceptable standards. I can sustaine my self individually and so can my husband to meet your required immigration financial demands in the UK.

My point is "not all immigrants comming to the UK come to still your NHS or what ever benefits you have to offer. Instead of pointing fingers to Indians and Pakistanis and other countries, whom offcourse are not all comming to rob your wealth, let us think of means to give useful advise to these families, if we have any.

Please look up Southhampton University, some my husbands classmates and friends are Indians and Pakistanies well intergrated gentlemen in the British society, lets not pull them down because others are taking advantage of the system.

Before your criticise, look at your little girl, boy, nephew, nice... and think he/she was taking away from you. Love knows no boundary unless the British Government is asking his citizens to do so. There are no perfect countries for love, again, put yourself in the shoes of these individual and you are asked to take your kid to live in the middle of no where as a parent because you fell in love with someone from another country.

How many British citizens are living overseas,enjoying the benefits of expats and taking advantage of the system in those other countries which is not the UK and sending money home to their families, retiring with big bonuses and massive pots of money to take back in cash and inject in the UK and help turn the economy? Who complains about that? Not me and not many people. Or, should I go to Cameroon, rub and kill all the British families living there because they are enjoying the benefits and all other countries in the world do the same?

I strongly suggest, British people read about the history of the UK and the migration of immigrants to the UK. I bet, they will learn how the big UK came about and how many non British Citizens gave their lives for the UK Citizens today to be free and have some respect for these so call immigrantes.

Most of us want the world to be a safe and better place to live in. I promise, that will not happen, if we start throwing our own children away and refusing them to having them their basic right to live in their own countries and as parents giving them basic things they need like love, a home and education.

My love and prayers goes to all these families who are affected

Together, let us make the world a save place for children.

Thank you for reading.

This law is absolutely ridiculous, i dont know how the can say that 18600 is the minimum amount to support yourself and a spouse. I earn 13000 a year and that was enough for me and my ex partner to survive on. My ex partner was a british citizen who was a bum and didnt want to work and lived in my flat for a year until we ended. I covered the rent, the bills and had enough money to save away on that, i didnt even claim any benefits or tax credits.

Now that i want to marry a non british citizen, my 13000 a year is not enough?

The immigration law is just not achievable. I dont know anyone who earns the average £26000 at all, even my family in london say they dont earn that much.

The immigration law for £18600 should reflect the fact that both spouses are willing to work and have to earn at least £18600 a year together, and if you are looking to apply for a spouse who doesnt want to work, the amount be reduced.

I could still support him comfortably on £13,000.Who are the immigration to say that i cant support my partner on £13,000. I could support him fine, and have money left over for saving for a rainy day. i dont claim any tax credits or benefits. I cant have a family with him until hes got indefinate leave because ill admit what i earn would be just enough for me and him to live comfortably and a child would cause us some problems, but thats where if you gave him a chance to work, we would be more than fine.

The system is seriously flawed, the moron that sat in his office and said hey £18600 is a reasonable achievable figure for all the classes of the uk to achieve before they could even consider applying for a non eu partner needs to be slapped silly.

I have been working since i left college, no one in my family have ever been on benefits, and ive never ever stopped working, ive been paying my taxes for what?? I dont go to the doctors, nor do i ever bother the police. ive not stolen, nor am i a criminal.

People claim that ethnic minorities come to this country and have ruined it for everyone, by exploiting the system, which is absolute rubbish, white british nationals do it as well, how many times have you read in the tabloids, chavs claim off the dole and all they do is get pissed and have babies. You hear it all the time, teenage mothers, having unprotected sex and dont care about the consequences because they think, heyy its okay ill claim benefits, they need more money, so they have more babies. What is the government doing to help that?

But no, the government would rather pick on people that have happened to fall in love with someone who is not a british national, and who are good honest people willing to earn their money if given the chance.

And the people that say, hey why dont you move to their country, you love them that much right?? They clearly havent a clue what the hell they are on about. Until you are in my situation, you will never know. Yes i do love my partner, should i move to his own country just because i love him?

No. Its my right as a british national, as someone who has paid her taxes all her working life and not claimed anything off the government or exploited it in any way, that i be able to have my partner live in the uk with me, providing that i can show that i can support him. Not with ridiculous amounts like £18600, but with more realistic figures like a minimum of £11000. Obviously it be dependent on the area you live or the job that you have or how much you earn an hour, but if it was just about showing the fact that you love someone that much, that your willing to work a full time job, and be able to cover the bills for you and your spouse to live comfortably, then it doesnt really matter how much you earn. As long as your not mooching off the government or getting the money illegally.

if the government thinks the average person earns 26,000 on a full time job, then start paying me 26,000 on a full time job by increasing the minimum wage!

I was born and bred here. Im a british citizen, begin treating me like one!

To earn 26000 a year as the average person does ( so says the goverment), you will have to be earning at least £2000 or £2167 a mont AFTER TAX.

For the immigration requirments its £1440 - £1550 AFTER TAX.

The amount of eu nationals that live in the uk, and exploit the system i just as much as the apparent ethnic minorities that have apparently spoiled it for the rest of us.

When i worked for a supermarket, we had a few polish students, who would work their ass off, save all the money they earned, live like beggers, and then after they were to go back, spend all their money in poland on booze and getting themselves pissed.

But there are alot of people, that want a better chance for there themselves, for their families, are willing to put the money they earn and back into britain, who cant do that!

when is the law going to change to less £1800

Hi i jus want to say me and my partner have been married since 2000 we split up for 8 years just got back togther the immgration are not gving him a visa i am very ill and disstersed

how much should my wages be to call my wife to u.k. and how many months wage slips be i have to call her i miss my wife very much

These rules are disgusting. The financial requirement even more so. My boyfriend is Indian and its not enough we have been apart for so many years, I now have to wait until the government says I'm earning enough to marry him and finally be with him over here. money has been put above feelings and genuine love here and that's when you know something is wrong with the world. Anyone in a long distance knows what I am talking about. They really need to reconsider these rules. How unfair is it that people who are actually in love, actually want to marry and be with each having been apart for so long from each other, cannot simply because you don't have enough money. Therefore, you don't have the right to be with the person you love. Its just utterly disgusting.

There are loads of people on here complaining but nothing is going to happen like this. We need 100000 signatures so sign and get anyone else to sign. Then maybe the people who can make a difference will start listening. however, 100000 is no easy job and if you are serious about making a difference then get anyone and everyone to sign. Lets make a stand!!!!

The new goverment rule's are disgusting! It state's for a person of the UK who want's to be with another Not of the EU will have to have over £18000 and if are on benifit's will be stripped and will have to support themselve's. It also state's that those of the EU but not of the UK can come and reaside in the UK and claim benifit's aslong as they are not a BURDEN on goverment funding! NOW.. What about those such as myself who are born, raised and still reaside in the UK who are disabled and can not work due to medical reason's and have to rely on benifit's to get by daily in life, Why do those who are disabled due to reason's that are not their fault being penalised and their freedom and human right's taken away from them because such as myself I can not work let alone come up with over £18000 because I want to marry and be with the person I love! Yet those not of the UK have more right's than I do. So how is those who are disabled supposed to get this kind of money when they can not physically work? So those who are disabled and have to rely on goverment fundin will have to be homeless and starve just because they want to be with someone not of the EU? I don't agree with sham marriage's because their one of the reason's why those who are genuwin are being penalised today, But seriously this is rascit because it is rascit not only against those who are disabled and penaliseing them cause they are not able to work due to medical reason's that are not their fault and that they want to be with someone outside the EU, But it is also rascit against UK bristish citizenz who's right's are being stripped yet those of the EU who are NOT UK citizenz's can carry on reasideing and claiming benfifit's aslong as they are not a burden on the goverment funding! Now where is the justice and fairness in that? Absolutely vile, Why should UK citizen's have to move out the UK if they choose to be with who they love, This govermeny need to get a reality check and correct their priorite's because they are blatently ytaking away the human right's of those who are disabled over medical reason's that prevent's them to work and would do if they could and I say this from myself because I am in this vile position. I and other's should be entitled to have their benifit's for the RIGHT reason's because we are entitled to them and STILL be able to be with who we love and want to be, Our life's are not toy's and they should not be played around with like they are, We have no right to say who a person can and can not be with and neither does this bloody goverment!! If something is not done their will be a war coming because their playing with people's life's, family's and emotion's!!! Vile is a understatement.

That's what you get for voting conservative!

I got married in April this year and it's killing me not being with my husband :'(
I want to have children, I want to be happy, I want to live a normal married life like everyone else, but nooooo i'm not allowed cos apparently my life is run by other people who can't run a effin country!

It's okay for these chavs to open their legs and get pregnant at 15-16 and then stand outside job centre to claim benefits and what-not...yes they get royalty treatment!...but people like us who work (even though we don't get paid much) get treated like sh*t!

There's no humanity left...they've all turned into devil worshipping pricks!
We all have the right to live the way WE should be making decisions for us!
I can't stop crying...I need my husband here with me :'(
Why are they ruining our lives!!

i work like a donkey so i can get my wife here let the govement try working like a donkey then they will find out when they miss there loved ones

I can meet the new reforms to the family migration rules, just had to sell my house, but now have the £62,500 in the bank. but still had to give up my job and live in exile with my wife in China till the uk government will alow me to come home with my wife.

Welcome to Rip Of Britain and its 73% tax system. I been married 5 years and paid cost totally more than £30,000 on immigration in UK and still not together , facing another £980 visa fee in December + £500 in cost for attending biometrics and hotels for this and a 15 hour train journey to and again back and wife 3 days off work for it!

will some body please tell be when will the law change so can call my wife over

The law won't change without action against it which is why you MUST SIGN THE PETITION. Look above in comments for the link.

I am a British Citizen, the sponsor and husband of a Tunisian women, we married on June 2011. We applied for a settlement visa on 14/09/2011, They refused our request and we had the right to appeal, the date of refusal was on 16/12/2011. On 23.07.2012 at the Hatton Cross First-tier Tribunal, the judge, ruled that "the appeal under the immigration Rules is Allowed". I received a letter contain the judge's decision stamped on 02/08/2012,appeal number 0A/02055/2012. Since then, it's been more than 12 weeks now after the appeal decision. I am wondering why my wife is still wasting away in Tunisia waiting for the contact from the visa section and get the visa to the UK. Today, She contacted the British Embassy in Tunisia, they say that they did not receive any letter from the court in the U K, and I contact the court, they informed me that they had sent a letter the judge's decision more than two months ago, so what can we do?? If they will ever give her a visa, why not do it now than punishing her or me or making us go through this psychological and mental torture. Please let me know your decision.

has the law not taken it to the europepine courts yet for humans right yet?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

where is the link so i can sign it

When u read on the uk border agency it says u can't claim public funds me and my husband live in 2 different countries we have a child on the way my husband as some property abroad but i don't earn 18 600 although I do work so before some people jump on the band wagon saying they just want to come for freebies I suggest u read the uk border site about applying for a visa !!!!!!

I have been led to believe that there is no longer an appeal process for visitors visas to the UK.This of course has nothing to do with doubling their money, but as they say is to speed up the process.How much longer does it take to look at a previous application which is stored online as apposed to checking another full application.A prime example being my wifes vis she had not heard for seven weeks whether her application was successful.Neither her two sponsors had been contacted.Exactly the same day this was put on the site her visa was granted somewhat of a coincidence.It should not cost anymore to have the job done in the correct manner and as you can see an appeal is often quicker.

Anonymouse and husband from two different countries.
Should your child be born in the UK he/she may remain as a British citizen by birth,however you and your husband will have to leave,for a variety of reasons.

how clever they are, cannot sign the ptetion have been trying to sign it but still on 1651 signature so basically no matter how many petetion form u fill its not accept.

wats happened about the human rights???????????????????????????

hi, just to meet the requirement iam working 7 days a week to earn as much as i could. life sucks, iam tired and love my husband very much.

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The British system is a complete breakdown, most people dont earn £15,000 annually. When the government makes these rules they forget to remember the children and how their lives are going to be affected. I earn £6.34 ph 33hours per week so tell me now how am I possible to work £18,600 yearly after tax its am impossible target . I love my husband and would love for him to join me here. what am i to do they need to scrap this new law as its a complete crap.

i agree with you we need more support like you so cime on everybody help us

I was wondering how the government get to break the statements without redress as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of course Article 8 of the ERHC. The first and second declarations in the former is that:

Article 1.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Article 2.
Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

Does this effectively mean that the declaration is toilet paper?

Our demographic is that I am a British citizen, my husband is a non-EU citizen and our baby is a British citizen. We run a business together. He does not speak English. This does not in any way effect our relationship as he is bilingual and I am trilingual - it is positively enriching I believe for our little girl.

Our choices are - that our daughter is educated in Britain where schools are generally good but raised in a single-parent situation (that would be fine if I WAS a single parent, but I am not), or our daughter is educated in his country where public schools are dire and parents have to prove they were married BEFORE the birth of the child (which we were not) - thus she actually wouldn't be able to go to school. OR... move to a completely different country - which is very exciting, I believe that mainland Europe adheres to the Article 8 ruling unlike Britain.

My husband's country has only one centre that provides the IELTS English classes - over 250km away. It would be an impossible situation if we were hellbent on settling in the UK, but we am not and contrary to majority thought about 'foreigners' neither is my husband. Laws like this cascade into the collective ideology and I do not want my daughter growing up in a country which is crawling with insidious racism. Yes, it is racism.

I and indeed all of us have the right to marry anyone from wherever in the world they are, and we should have the right to live together. It is horrifying that there is any counter-argument. Obviously my daughter has the right to go to school in the UK, that I am forced to make a decision as to whether this overrides a consistent and strong relationship with her father is shocking, and frankly not a difficult decision to make. So instead my daughter and I are essentially forced into exile from our own country where I worked as a teacher in the state system for 10 years and my parents paid their taxes for the duration of their long working lives. It is simply shocking.

Many people commit benefit fraud and many people know how to swindle the system - it is a much broader issue than 'immigration'.
Politicians should also have 'no recourse to public funds' stamped in their passports.

very good need people like you well done

no comments from anyone ???????????????????

The concern i have is i'm from St.Lucia i'm married to and Englishman and i would like to know since i do not wish to live in the UK and just want to come on a holiday how do i get entry without encountering problem since my husband cannot file for me unless i reside in the UK for 3years.

is thare any "BRAKING NEWS" ????

hi im engaged to a south african i only earn 13000 a year can the saving be both of us to make short fall how much saving do we need.

This new rule is driving me crazy n it's like a huge burden. I work full time but I don't earn 18,600 so I had done savings of 16000 but now I came to knew even this saving is not enough. So what shall I do stay like this for ever bring departed from my husband it's shameless for this government . Who comes in power to work for the people and the country but the government itself if killing the citizens . I just beg this government please stop this new rule. No matter poor or rich we have the equality to live as long as we work and pay tax to the government .

The law has never be simple and straight forward. I was married and allow my husband to get his residency and work happily for 4 years, we were very happy.
One day he asked for divorce and I was shocked, obvious after a year I gave up, asked me to leave,because I didnt want to destroy my live . My concern is if he want to get married again and bring a wife from his country with the residency he got from marrying me.

On what status he has the right to bring another person on a residency he received from a previous marriage.

Obvious if he marry someone who has a status to live here is ok.

I dont care if he marry or not but using the status recieved from me to bring someone here should not be legal. How many people are behaving like that and people who want to stay here with their genuine reason can't.

What should I do if I happen to know my ex husband is giving a visa to enter UK from the residency he recieved from me. Is this legal?

Pls give advice me.
with thank

if you are an over stayer from pakistan and have children from my wife who has british passport can he take a driving test in england could u please let me know thanks????????????

Am frim scotland have four young kids been married seven years and my husband from south africa and been apart now for two months

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