The new family migration rules - what you can do if you are affected

Since the new family migration rules came into force on 9th July, MRN has been contacted by scores of people who are already encountering difficulties arising from the new rules. If you are affected, please let us know so that we can campaign together for a change in the rules...

The new family migration rules, as we anticipated, are already causing difficulties for many people in the UK. In particular, we have been hearing from people who have found that, since the 9th July, they are unable to bring their non-EEA spouses or partners into the UK because of the introduction of a new £18,600 income threshold for the UK-based sponsor. Most of those who have contacted us are British citizens and are based outside London and the South East where earnings are higher than the national average - showing how discriminatory this policy is turning out to be.

Family Migration demonstration outside of the Home Office building organised by the Migrants Rights Network (MRN)

We have also heard from people who are concerned about the prolonged period for spouses and partners before applying for indefinite leave to remain in the UK, and who have been affected by the new restrictions on bringing elderly dependants to the UK. Download our briefing paper on the new family migration rules here.

So if you are affected, what can you do? 

In the short-term - get the right information!

Make sure you get the right information about the new rules. Make sure you have as much information as possible about the family migration rules and how they might affect you and your family. In particular:

  • Read through the June 2012 Home Office statement of intent on the family migration rules - This includes detailed information on the rules, including the various transitional arrangements that have been put in place regarding their application.

  • Consider seeking legal advice from a specialist immigration solicitor or OISC-registered advisor. You can find out how to find an advisor near you by clicking here.

In the longer-term - start campaigning for a change!

Unfortunately, we should be prepared for a wait of months or even years until there is some opportunity for the rules to be changed. This will be a vital time for campaigning - and it is critical that people who are directly affected by the rules get involved!

You can start contribute today towards raising awareness about the need for these rules to be revisited by doing one or more of the following:

  • Write to your MP and let them know your situation. Many politicians do not  understand these rules or how they impact the lives of people in their constituency, but it is critical that they start to hear from people who are affected. You can find out who your MP is and write to them directly by clicking here.

  • Get in touch with other people who are affected by the changes - there are useful online forums such as the Family Immigration Alliance where you can find support and/or advice from others who are going through the same thing. 

  • Contact your local newspaper or TV station - local media are often interested in covering human interest stories and may help by covering your story - this will help to put pressure on local politicians and could encourage other people who are experiencing the same thing in your area to speak out about their difficulties.

  • Help MRN to build evidence about the effects of the rules on families across the UKOver the coming months we will be campaigning against the family migration rules, including launching a parliamentary inquiry into the new rules alongside other charities. We know the most powerful evidence will come from people who have themselves been affected by the rule changes.

If you would like to be involved in future campaigning on this issue, please take 5 minutes to click here and give us some basic details about your situation. We will contact you again for more information in the autumn.

In the meantime, we wish all affected the very best of luck in resolving your situation - and hope that you will join us in fighting for a longer-term change to these unfair and discriminatory rules.

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I sent an e-mail to Labours Shadow Immigration Minister - Chris Bryant.

This is what I wrote:

Never in my life do I feel less British than I do now. The pain that the new immigration rules will inflict will be unbearable to most, our crime...we fell in love.
The new rules did have some sense to them, but to tear lovers/spouses apart like this is unacceptable, what makes this even worse is the fact that the Conservatives have once again favoured the middle and upper class British citizens by imposing a minimum salary of £18,600. They seem to be unaware that in different constituencies, living expenses are cheaper and annual salaries are less than the living expenses and salaries in London. I would change the rules by basing it only on savings, assets and money left over after all living expenses have been paid. This avoids situations like Billy who earns £22,000 p.a, has 3 children, rents a 4 bedroom property, has no savings or assets and is £5,000 in debt, yet he wishes to sponsor his spouse. Then there is Chris who earns £17,500 p.a (£1,100 short of the new rules), has no children, own a 2 bedroom property, has £2,000 in savings and has £7,000 (assets) tied up in assets, he has no debt and has never been in debt, yet he !
is unable to sponsor his fiancee as he is classed as a low earner. This example shows that the new immigration rules are unfair. What are Labours views on this matter, as a Labour voter, I do not ask you to soften your approach towards immigration, all I ask is that you understand the damage that this will do to the lives of the affected and take a different approch towards reducing immigration, it should not be based on salary alone. Remember my comparison between Billy and Chris.

Yours Sincerely,

Christopher Ward

North East England

His reply was short but straight to the point:


Many thanks for your email. I do fully understand the distress these rule changes will bring, which is why this is certainly not the policy we would have introduced. I should point out though that in your example neither billy nor Chris would be able to sponsor a spouse under the new rules.


I would urge everyone affected to contact Chris Bryant by e-mail: [email protected]

I can understand that this is a sensitive issue for all of us, but we have to stay strong and put up a fight, we can campaign against these rule changes, just keep putting the pressure high. Theresa May is already being branded a racist, whether this is true or not, I don't know, but something about her looks very "BNP"

I would also urge for you to put pressure on Theresa May to resign, it has been outlined all over the internet that she is incompetent and she has to go, added pressure from yourselves will only fuel our cause.

Use Facebook pages for Labour, Lib Dems and Conservatives to get your point across and strengthen our numbers.

Family life is a right, not a privilege.

Feel free to contact me on [email protected].

Do you mind if i contact you in private about it ......... I have been blogging on jcwi but i dont like there admin really dont they have been touting to use there lawyers ....... i am doing things to try to make a change ...... i have just drop a message on there telling everyone about new thread on here W

Oh and by the way Billy would be able to sponsor a spouse if that was the case because of the income so mr Bryant isnt that upto date on immigration hhhhhmmmmmm

Hello Ruth.I have been reading the story and other blogs on the Internet, I feel so angry that I have to live in China so that my wife and I are able to have some sort of married life together.
18.600 pounds is a lot and most people don't earn that in the UK. and how much does a family of three get in benefits to live on each year ? a lot less than 18.000 I know.. I am almost 62. so who would employ me .
Cameron knows full well that most jobs don't pay that sort of money in the UK. you must also take into account that the salaries vary a lot from one part of the country to another. I't very obvious even to a complete fool that the coalition are aiming solely at all those from outside of the European Union and that is barbaric to say the least. Cameron just as well tell people not to marry anyone from any none EU country.

I married my wife in 2009 and had to return to the UK for one year.. we take each day as it comes. never knowing if we might have to part again. I am being denied the right to live in the country of my birth as a free man with my wife because she is Asian. this Immigration issue is not going to go away and I hope people everywhere will fight until there is justice for all affected and that these evil rulings are resigned to the scrap heap forever.

Hi Wendi,

the campaign against the new family migration rules we are working on is done in close colaboration with JCWI. I'm not sure why you would feel that their blog is badly moderated.

While MRN is an advocacy and policy organisation JCWI offers independent legal advice and we usually refer individuals to them as we are not an advice organisation ourselves. Y

ou will see from Ruth's blog that we suggest people consider seeking proper legal advice if they are affected by these rules (especially the more complicated cases), so I would imagine this is something they have suggested as well.

If you wish to contact us off the blog, you can send an email to our [email protected]

All the best,

--MRN Team

hi Wendy thanks for directing me here i would like to know if anyone is submitting application whether on not they meet the income limit. I was going to until a solicitor told me not to because if my husband is not already in the country will have nothing to fight against it's all so confusing .

Once again, I would urge you all to send an e-mail to Chris Bryant - Labours Shadow Immigration Minister. He will appreciate our views on these new rules and will help oppose them.
I know alot of Labour MP's are opposing these rules as well as the Liberal Democrats, you should all remember what the Conservatives did to us in the next General Election. I have received several replies from MP's around the country regarding this matter. But my favourite of all is from Frank Hindle - Liberal Democrat Councillor for Gateshead:

Dear Mr Ward,

Thank you for emailing me about the issue of immigration rules, and for your support of the Liberal Democrats, but I should let you know that I am not your Member of Parliament - the MP for the Gateshead constituency is Ian Mearns.

I was aware that the Government has introduced an income threshold for UK residents who want to bring a partner into this country. Personally, I do not think it appropriate that someone should need a higher than average salary in order to marry and live with the person they love. In my view, the husbands and wives of UK citizens should be free to live in this country with their spouses.

It does seem to me that the Home Secretary has thrown the baby out with the bathwater in this case – in seeking to stop ‘sham’ marriages being used by people who want to get into the UK, and to ensure that foreign spouses who come to the UK do not have to be supported by the state, the balance has been tipped in the other direction against UK citizens who have foreign spouses and want to build a family life together in this country. The Home Secretary has said that British citizens should be able to marry whomever they choose, but these new rules will make it much harder for people marrying non-EU citizens to do so.

On the broader party political issues that you refer to, I am sure that a Liberal Democrat-only government would not be introducing the restrictions that have been introduced by the Coalition Government. Liberal Democrats inside and outside of Government will, however, continue to press hard for a more liberal migration policy. I understand that the Home Office originally wanted even higher thresholds, but that Liberal Democrat ministers (and, to be fair, the Conservative Baroness Warsi) argued against this.

As you have said, the new rules will prevent the majority of working people in the North East from bringing foreign spouses and children to live with them, even if they earn enough to support themselves and their families. To that end I have contacted the Liberal Democrat MPs in the North East, Sir Alan Beith (Berwick-upon-Tweed) and Ian Swales (Redcar), to ask them to make representations on this issue. I have also made further enquiries within the party and can assure you that Liberal Democrat opinion is against these changes.

Thank you again for getting in touch with me about this issue – I hope this reply has been useful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Hindle

Hi Natalie good to see you here ............. Hi jan i have a lawyer and barrister .

I am writing to express my deepest frustration towards the highly unfair and inhuman immigration policy that has been introduced in July 2012 for dependent adults (including parents) from outside EEA of UK citizens and the “second grade treatment” this policy has towards UK citizens as compared to EEA and Swiss nationals.

According to the new rules, it is no longer possible for British citizens to be able to sponsor their dependent parents from outside EEA and Swiss, to be able to come to UK and live with them, except under exceptional circumstances, which are virtually impossible to meet. These rules give no importance to the fact that the UK citizen may be the only child to the parents in many cases.

These rules have replaced previous rules, when it was feasible to do so, and are in sharp contrast to the current rules applicable to EEA and Swiss citizens, who can easily bring their non-EEA dependent parents to UK, without preconditions, free of charge and without any undertaking.

The rules have been applied in retrospect, which means that all current British citizens, who are likely to be originally from outside EEA are affected. In many cases, people have been waiting to be able to bring their parents, after meeting the eligibility criteria, who would no longer be able to do so. In this case, the goal-post has not only been changed retrospectively but it has been destroyed altogether.

The only option left with British citizens, to be able to live with their dependent parents is to emigrate. The government seems to have assumed that the British citizens have an automatic right to go and work in their native countries, which is certainly not the case. While some countries offer dual citizenship, some others offer limited working rights while others offer no rights whatsoever.

Even for those British citizens, who enjoy dual citizenship of other countries, forced emigration means selling off well settled homes and leaving businesses and jobs. It is likely that the majority of people who wish to bring their elderly parents in, are themselves in middle ages and reasonably well settled and successful people. As an example, people like the current richest person in UK (Steel magnate Mr LN Mittal), would be unable to bring in their parents from India as dependents, if they wanted to, nor would be many successful athletes of African origin. A significant proportion of senior NHS consultants are also originally from outside EEA and they are in same situation.

Moreover, the children of many citizens are in schools and if forced to emigrate, the children’s schooling is very likely to be adversely affected. In the majority of cases, such children have known no other home than UK, and have been nationals of no other country but UK.

The new rule is also unfair because it is wholly one-sided and offers no alternatives. For instance, there is no financial target to meet, which can enable a UK citizen to be able to sponsor his dependent parents, nor there is any opportunity to be able to pay a heft lump sum, to pay for any future needs and allowed to join.

The UK citizens (originally from outside EEA) have already shown their commitment to UK and have taken British citizenship, and given up native citizenship and rights. The new rules for parents, therefore, forces them to live separately from their parents forever, till their last breath in many cases. This is the worst form of human rights violation, seen in any western country in modern times and can be considered as inhuman as best and slavery at worst.

While destroying family rights of British citizens, the government continue to provide exceptionally easy rules for EEA and Swiss citizens. They can freely bring in their dependent parents from outside EEA to UK. For instance, if there are 2 brothers, one a British citizen and other a Polish citizen, who wish to bring their parents to UK from India, the UK citizen cannot do it, while the Polish citizen can easily do it. There are other significant differences in the UK and EEA approaches which clearly show that UK government treats its own citizens as second class.

These rules have caused severe distress to British citizens who have been waiting to sponsor their parents, whenever they meet the previous criteria and are now in despair. It is necessary, that these grossly inhuman rules are immediately withdrawn. If a political solution is not possible, appropriate legal course should be taken.

The regulations introduced by May since 2010 have been challenged in the Court/s and found UNLAWFULL!
We all describe them as unfair, outrageous, obnoxious obscene pernicious etc etc.
Free Movement point out on their website its not until the Judiciary rule these regulations unlawful that we the victims have UK Law behind us!
In that we have already had:-
Mr Justice Foskett, Lord Justice Sullivan, Mr Justice Burton and Lord Justice Sedley who have already rule against Ms May. Plus the five Judges at the Supreme Court reported on 18 July!
Ms May / the Home Office reaction to that has been to recruit more barristers for tribunal work.

In Sept 2010 Matrix Rabinder Singh QC and Aileen McColgan did a 12 page advice report to Liberty UK that the Pre Entry English Tests breached ECHR Articles 8 & 14 plus the UK 1976 Race Relations Act. But May ignored that and introduced her tests in Dec 2010.
Lord Justice Sullivan and Mr Justice Burton ruled May had also tried to side-step Parliamentary scrutinty set up under the provisions of the 1971 Immigration Act!
What is amazing is that even though May has breached UK Laws no one in Parliament challenges her, and she continues with her UNLAWFULL policies against the freedoms of British citizens - US!

I have emailed chris Bryant today awaiting reply I also emailed Mr Sharmav the Mp who spoke out against these rules and thanked him for his support. I am glad someone has the sense to see how ridiculous they are .

So have MPs Fiona McTaggart, David Winnock, Jeremy Corbyn and importantly Keith Vaz Chair of the Home Affairs Committee who has blasted May Green and the UKBA time and time again.
John Vine the UKBA Independent Chief Insp has written numerous reports criticising the UKBA.
The UKBA is controlled by Green and May - as well as the Home Office & ECOs.
The only established body to really affect Mays policies has been the Judiciary who are against Mays efforts to destroy British citizens freedoms and our Rights to have a Family Life!
Even then May has tried to water down their Judgements in the UK and at the ECHR in Strabourg! But it would seem she has only really alienated the Judiciary even more!


Don't stop their, why not forward an e-mail to Theresa May, as well as Baroness Warsi who challenged Theresa May and said that these rules will be seen as racism.

[email protected] - Theresa May

[email protected] - Baroness Warsi

Keep us all updated!!!

If anyone wants to contact me personally, you can, my e-mail is [email protected]. I will forward the e-mails I have received so far from Chris Bryant, Baroness Warsi, Frank Hindle.
If your local MP is Labour, don't waste your time, they may just discard your e-mail, but try anyway, once you have a solid letter or e-mail, just keep sending it to whoever you please, however many times you please. Chris Bryant should be the main focus, his voice will be heard.

Until Theresa May justifies her actions for being anti-family immigration. I will accuse her of being a cold hearted racist with the only intention being to discriminate non-EU citizens and british citizens on low salaries.

How dare this Government tell us that we have no right to a family life unless we earn £18,600 per year. This figure has been stretched too far if you ask me. I can support on a salary much less than this because living expenses are different in each part of the country, as are average salaries. The Tories are nothing but pro-rich and anti-poor.

Dear Christopher
It is wrong to say that Theresa May is pro rich and anti poor. Her policy towards parents of British citizens from outside EEA is more disgusting and less talked about. It affects well settled people in their middle ages, who want to bring in their elderly. These UK citizens in middle ages are fairly well paid and well settled, but still targetted, worse than young people, as they do not even have a financial target to meet to be able to bring their dependent parents.
She basically wants us to seen our parents dying alone at far off places.

The Tories are pro-rich though, it is a known fact, which is why most of their supporters are in the south of England, where the money is. In the north or England we have Labour and the Liberal Democrats, who protect the interests of the average working man. Which is why Labour and the Liberal Democrats both oppose these rules, why should the rich be favoured?

AK we understand what you blog. But it is a fact that certain Russian bankers are getting visas to live in the UK and are buying up property worth £millions in London. So much so London is now dubbed 'Moscow on Thames'.
One such Russian banker was shot 6 times in east London. He stated he came to the UK because he thought he would be safe here. He has stated in the press it was his Russian colleagues who put the 'hit' on him! British police are investigating the shooting.
Green is on record as saying he only wants the 'brightest and the best' to get into the UK.
Green was the MP who was arrested in the Commons taken to the Police station and according to Bob Quick when told he was entitiled to one phone call wanted to phone Andy Coulson!
Green also stated on BBC Daily Politics to Andrew Neil that applicants only needed a 'smattering of English' to get a visa to enter the UK.
Not exactly an example himself of the 'brightest and best' as an MP/ Minister don't you think?

Are you aware of any legal challenge being planned against the new immigration law?

The comments about conservative support in south of england is interesting. Since south england also has high proportion of immigrant populations, who should now be hell bent against conservatives, it will be interesting to see how they do in future. A good campaign is required.

Christopher I regret to have to differ from your comment about the Lib Dems. My MP is a Lib Dem he misled me from Feb 2011 until June 2011 and even encouraged me to emigrate!
That would have bolstered Mays net immigration numbers she is seeking to reduce as per the Tory Party pre 2010 election pledge and what her policies are all about!
Nick Gelgg opposed the minimum income regulation only after Baroness Warsi called it 'racist'. The Lib Dems have toed the Tory party right wing line!
However Vince Cable has spoken out against the Tory immigration policy as damaging the UKs economy. So hopefully Glegg will go to Europe as a Commissioner and Cable will form a Coalition with Labour then May and Green will be in opposition again!

Ak the Tory party is reported to have lost 30% of its rank and file supporters / party members over the last 12 months. So have the Lib Dems.
We have to remember in 2010 the Tory Party were not elected as a Government.
The Coalition Govt was a deal done between Cameron and Glegg. Thats staring to unravell now.
The Lib Dems under Cable could form a Coalition with Labour and a new Home Sec appointed!
That puts May and Green on the back bench opposition. Even Cameron could get replaced!

Interesting to note is Boris Johnson jockeying for the Conservative Party leadership / PMs job.
Boris has in the past advocated an 'amnesty' on immigration. London is of course the largest multi national city in the UK and has a lot of Labour constituencies!
The problem we have is political eminating from the Tory 2010 Pre election pledge to reduce immigration. That pledge has not been met which explains why May is now adopting even more difficult measures against immigrants!
But she has alienated the UKBA the Home Office and the Police so she hasn't been a success! Neither has her 'poodle'' Green!

She is out of her depth if you ask me, she is failing to deliver. As for the coalition, what good is it doing? It is making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer.

Geronimo, I agree with you on what you have said.


every blog has a set of house rules used by moderators monitoring the conversations on their website. You will find ours here

We, as much as any other organisation, have removed numnerous comments from our blog in the past. We don't use this to silence people, but to keep the conversations civil.

In that spirit I would ask everyone on the blog to have a look at the guidelines to keep these conversations on track.

--MRN Team

I have emailed Chris Bryant and sent copy of email my labour MP as chosen not to answer how dare he ,voted for by the people i demand an answer on all . Im angry and when i in this place i will not stop till i get justice simple . Our immiration policies define Racism to perfection against us bbritsh citizens my God given right will not be taken from me i have fought to hard to survive life and now they think they taking my chance to live . They can go to hell demonic government simple as W


I admire your commitment to this cause, I too will not give up until justice is served, I am relentless like that. I too feel these new rules are at the very lease discriminating agains Non-Eu and British citizens, yet EU citizens are allowed to bring in whom they like without the need to follow these rules. As British citizens, I feel we have the right to select the life we want to live and should not be pushed aside, we have human rights (If Theresa May had her way she would rewrite those rights as she believes family life is not a right, but a privelege). If need be I will introduce the media, regarding this, but I want to first strengthen our case. The current Government is failing in many ways at helping those who are unemployed, disabled, low salaries. I think Labour will look to act on this and that's why I believe Labour are the best onces to contact regarding this matter.
But like I said above, I'm in the fighting spirit and I wish to criticise this Government in any way I can.

I am somehow getting it in the press this as made me ill and under the doctor . I havent sent a sweet email to Bryant . My application is in the preparation stage nearly all together just waiting for things from hmrc i need and it will be put in not meeting new rules but rules are made to be broken . Ive been to hell and back infact still there to be with my husband and in making my choice of whom i wanted to marry my history as to be taken into account . id never marry a man who i didnt ffeel it was forever and would end up in divorce court ..... I married for a life time what God as given no one is taking from me ....... a relationship should be tested by immigration that its real nothing else my choice my life ...... rot in hell conservatives cause i will help put you and your demonic rules there cause justice will be done and i know W

ps i will email you i see you put your email up dont want to put mine on here

Jan Brulc
I think every blogger knows about House Rules and many of us have been blogging on JCWI and MRN for ages. I have been posting about UK Immigration policy on numerous sites since Feb 2011.
Admin Guy Taylor at JCWI was 'preaching' his 'interpretation' to some of the bloggers who have just transferred. It wasn't me and I won't name who!
Nothing had been posted that was offensive however Admin JWCI felt had to interfere!
It doesn't always work on MRN because some time back on a Don Flynn report about George Galloway winning his seat up North I was attacked by TROLLS. I suspect they were EDL and accused me of being a Muslim! Which as a born and bred Anglo Saxon is quite ridiculous.
In the end Don Flynn posted me on another MRN website and asked me to stop posting - so they would stop posting. Although he said he agreed with me and wanted my participation to continue and support the MRN campaign on Family Migration Rules protest. Which I am!

Theresa May has a Home Office stuffed with Lawyers picking up large annual bonuses whose job it is to find ways of keeping down Net Immigration.
That was the Tory pre election pledge for the May 2010 general elections.
May is charged by Cameron on keeping that pledge hence the policy of reducing immigration and encouraging emigration to keep down net immigration.
I have a Lib Dem MP. I went to see him about my / our case in Feb 2011 after my wife who was on a Spouse Visa was refused and extension and had to return to her homeland after 27 Months in the UK.
My Lib Dem MP told me to emigrate. I didn't understand then but I do now!
These Home Office Lawyers have been charged with finding ways of refusing visa applicants.
Hence the myriad regulations introduced which have become a lawyers delight as it gives them more work and more fees - if we can afford them!
After the recent Judgement of the Supreme Court against May her reaction has been to change the regulations and recruit more barristers for tribunal work. ( info from Free Movement 27/07/2012 ).
I have been told the T May regulations were already on the books in the Home Office but Labour would not introduce them.
Cameron and May decided when the Coalition was formed to introduce them. That was a political decision aimed at votes for the 2015 election.
Hence May has had a series of cases taken to Court where she has lost. Yet that hasn't deterred her introducing more difficult regulations such as the new minimum income levels!
Even Baroness Warsi has told May at a Govt Cabinet meeting her new regulations are RACIST!
Its as well to know just what the opposition is and whether you/ WE have the funds as well as the stamina to fight May - because she is using public money to fight US!

My labour MP wrote a letter to Damien Green on my behalf awaiting reply no doubt it will be full of preaching and sarcasm . I think he did agree with the rules because he said " I can see why they have done it ". So if the labour MPs are in favour what hope have we got .

Natalie I know a friend whoes own Tory MP has written to DG and others and just got back a standard self justification meaninless response. They have to 'justify' their actions.
Unless its your own MP they do not have to reply ay all.
Months ago I tried Keith Vaz, Yvette Cooper etc etc. The response was zero. But of course one year ago when I wrote there were far less people affected than there are today.
When I asked my own MP what about 'my Human Rights to a Family Life as a British citizen' all he could say was ' I don't know I'm not a lawyer'. Not much of an MP either!
The problem we have is that the 'popular press' have demonised immigration and all our partners / spouses are now classed as' immigrants'! The public are not aware of any difference. All immigrants have been 'demonised' by the popular press.
I get a lot of support from all my neighbours friends and people I know incl in the shops and fellow passengers on the buses who know and like my wife.
That includes a retired Judge who knows us and always asks about her. They even ask in our bank where we have a joint account.
When I spoke the Judge about the UKBA he said - '' they are an open door to corruption''.
Read some of the UKBA's Independent Chief Insp John Vine's reports on the UKBA they aren't complmentary. Who runs the UKBA Green and May - poor leadership/ incompetence by both!
No harm in writing as long as you don't get dispirited with getting no answer or a meaningless one! May ignores the Judiciary. The only thing politicians will respond to is popular opinion!

Natalie you ask what hope have we got. Well not all politicians are anti immigration.
For instance Vince Cable has said Mays immigration policy is damaging British business.
May's Immigration policy has been identified as the biggest problem foreign investers see about doing business in the UK.
The UK Universites will lose business / fees as students go elsewhere - its estimated that £25BN could be lost by 2015.
Also for every 10 foreign students it has been calculated there are 6 British jobs generated from lecturers to cleaners! So the Cameron / May economic damage to UK is colossal!
Cameron could go - May & Green would go. Glegg could go.
Lib Dems Like Cable and mates could join Labour and they just may have to return to their previous immigration policy to address foreign investment and the loss of university places for foreign students! Live in hope.

Natalie have you noticed with the Olympics how many UK gold medal winners have immigrant backgrounds? Like the wonderful Nicolla Adams who just won the Boxing Gold?
My wife watches that and shes as pleased as punch about that Gold as she is the Taikwondo!
My family name goes back to East Anglia in 1250 so I'm of immigrant descent and proud of it!
We Brits are all immigrants the only natural Brits left are the Celts I understand. The present situation is due to small minded racist selfish politicians who are doing it for their own benefits and not for the benefit of Britain!


I will most definetly be seeking the media option, I aim to reach out to people in similar situations and gain awareness regarding this issue. My health too has took a turn for the worse, I am currently taking Peroxotine (anti-depressant) which I hope helps me to deal with this situation, I just don't see the point in anything anymore, my quality of life and my rights have been shattered and abused.
Send me an e-mail, it would be nice to know how we will sell this to the media.

Christopher and Natalie be careful what you say to the press. I was interviewed by my local press one year ago. They printed a front page story including photos.
But instead of highlghting the pernicious regulations that Mays introduced they turned it into a story that would sell news papers! I complained to the PCC and got no where they whitewashed the paper. We now know with Leveson Inquiry the PCC is useless!
I was also interviewed by a Guardian reporter about the English language tests.That came out better but nothing startling to make the public aware of Mays policy.
Newspapers want to sell copy!
The best report was by John Snow on Channel4 news about the Fujian soldier who had served in the British army and had won medals who the UKBA refused a visa and he had to leave the UK on the 3 Aug 2012. He had to wait for a decision from the UKBA with no income or work.
He has a British wife and two children he's had to leave in the UK.
He was supported by Veteran's Aid charity who has provide pro bono advocacy for soldiers and who said they have had hundreds of such cases which can take up to 18 months to clear!
The best place to get public attention was on Dimbleby BBC Question Time where audiances in Middlesbrough and Derby reacted strongly when it was raised about whats going on and the woman in the audiance thought Mays policy was outrageous. Good people in Middlebrough I worked in the docks there.

Well I will not be doing anything for a couple of weeks I am on the way to see my husband probably the last time I can get over there until April wish I could bring him back with me . The awful part about seeing him is leaving him at the airport when I come home but hey ho I will worry about that in a fortnight so see you when I get back folks and good luck everyone keep blogging .

ReDear Wendy,

It is Parliamentary practice that frontbenchers do not sign Early Day Motions that are laid by backbench members, as such, I did not add my name to EDM 297 laid before the House by John McDonnell MP before the summer recess.

Our approach to these changes are guided by four principles:

· Everyone coming to this country should expect to live by our rules, speak our language and want to make a contribution to our society

· The right to love and marry the person of your choice is intrinsic to our shared humanity but only genuine relationships, rather than pretend ones fabricated for immigration reasons, should qualify for bringing a spouse or partner into this country

· Nobody coming to this country should expect to rely on public funds

· Any changes have to be fair, equitable and effective

You will be aware the changes announced by the Government include a wide range of proposals, some of which we support. For instance on tackling sham marriages where we believe further action is needed.

On the measures aimed at restricting spouses joining UK citizens or people settled in the UK, we believe that when people travel and trade across borders more than they ever did before, there needs to be a fair framework for those who fall in love and build family relationships across borders, too.

We agree that stronger safeguards are needed for the taxpayer. If people want to make this country their home, they should contribute and not be a burden on public funds, but it is not clear that the best way to protect the taxpayer is to focus solely on the sponsor’s salary. For example, in the current economic climate, someone on £40,000 today could lose their job next month, and then, of course, there is no way to protect the taxpayer.

The system does not take account of the foreign partner’s income, which might have a differential impact on women. And savings are not considered by the Government to be anywhere near of equal value to earnings.

I am not convinced the Government has explored all of the options to better protect the taxpayer and make it fairer too. That includes exploring varieties of flexible bond schemes for example. Simply consulting on one option – a salary threshold – and not seeking views on other options suggests this policy is not driven by fairness to the taxpayer or to UK families.

Labour has pressed the Government in Parliament to explain why it has refused to consider other options, and to fully explore potential unfairness on different groups of people. We are also pressing the Government to debate these changes more fully in Parliament.

Once again, thank you for contacting me.


Chris Bryant MP
Member of Parliament for the Rhondda
Tonypandy: 01443 687697 or 687621
Westminster: 020 7219 8315 or 020 7219 1894
sponse from Bryant eventually after 2 emails to him .

that's a standard response, even I got the same reply.

response after 2 emails to him and obvious he asnt read my last email properly

Now Baroness Warsi is getting it

Yup AK its like a sales pitch and hethink i going to buy into the crap i dont think so . We the people can make and break a government they are there by the grace of a vote from us . The courts have more power and challenge is the only way simple as

Ok cable is next on me list . Im going to ask him when they going to stop being the tails that wag when the dog barks and the country is being ripped apart while punch and judy throw their dolls out the pram who actually cares about the Lords bill not me they all need to get a back bone and grow a pair W

I suggest what you guys try is hitting these MPs with some comment like - the rules are one thing but its the way they are applied is another. The UKBA is notorius for its own interpretation!
Take the first rules to come out in Dec 2010 the Pre Entry English tests. No one denies speaking english is a asset. But do you know any Brtis who have taken the sample tests?
Well I can tell you that people I know born and bred British citizens have taken the tests and failed!
I found this out thro my doctors practise manager a born and bred mature English lady. Her brother has a Thai wife. He took the test and passed by one point!
The Lady doctors practise manager took the test and failed!! Not because she can't speak english isn't educated doesn't hold down a responsible job but because the test is a con!
It isn't designed to test and pass applicants its designed to fail then to deny them a visa!
Damien Green appeared on BBC Daily Politics he told Andrew Neil that applicants 'only needed a smattering of English to get into the UK! A complete lie.
Some of us wrote / emailed Andrew Neil pointed out this lie by Green and asked AN to get DG back and challenge but they never have!
Damien Green got himself arrested in Parliament as a back bench MP. He 'persuaded' a Govt employee to pass him restricted information. Promised the guy he would look after him but didn't.
Bob Quick of the Met Polices said when the took DG to the Police Station they offered him the one phone call he was entitled to!
Bob Quick said Damien Green chose to phone Andy Coulson - who has now been charged with the phone hacking scandal with Cameron's frien Rebakah.
The rule are one thing but their application another!!
Take the Points Based System. this appeared on the Free Movement website quote-
''Regretably the complexity of the PBS is a LABYRINTH and a boob for us immigration lawyers!
The relity is the PBS is so insanely complex and unknowablethat it does not remotely achieve the purported objectives of transparency and objectivity!
This is why the Home Office / UKBA are now recruiting more barristers to cover the expected increased in tribunal work. These new barristers will be expected to have a 60% success rate!

Sorry folks it should be BOON not boob - a freudian slip as they say. My apologies,

Christopher I hope you don't mind but I have forwarded my reply from chris Bryant to your email I didn't know how to post it on here .

Ha ha wendy my reply is the same as yours too bet he carnet even be arsed to read any of our emails .

Looks like it's cable for me as well then .

Your learning folks its all standard stuff to keep the plebs happy!

As i am taught by spirit Time determines nothing our actions determine everything . I am not prepared to listen to crap voicing opinions and nothing done . Its time for action W

Christopher Ward
I wrote / emailed Yvette Cooper over a year ago quoting the times May has been overuled by the Judiciary thinking YC as Shadow Home Sec would challenge May in the Commons.
She hasn't done yet and isn't likely to - yet.
Same as Vince Cable he can do nothing but toe the Tory Lib Dem party line now.
But if he was to break away from the Coalition and join Labour then something could happen.
But you have to consider the general public are anti immigration - they don't know haven't been informed - don't care - they just see all immigrants as something they don't want in the UK.
Its called poularism and its been pedalled by the popular press unchallenged by the Govt to get 'popular' votes. Until there is a change in public opinion Labour Yvette Cooper will do zero!

Have you heard of the Chapti case went to Court about a year ago. That was classic of how some press use these cases to sell their opinions and papers. Look it up its interesting!
Mrs Chapti unsurprisingly lost her case - but it was the way it was reported that is interesting!

wendy doing something is OK if its going to be effective. So having information that tells you your enemies policy / strategy / tactics weaknesses and strengths helps.
Otherwise its like shooting in the dark. May has all the strength and power plus public money at her disposal to implement her policies.
She has shown her determination to ignore the Law and freedoms of the British people and so far she has got away with it!
How long that will last remains to be seen. But she has her eyes on the 2015 general election and can the Tory Party then say 'we' successfully tacked the UKs immigration problem!
Its finding / waiting for her weakness to show and 'racist' Britain is helping not hindering her!

She wont reached 2015 get these olympics out way and let the fun begin the coalition is cracking
with weaknesses that cannot be filled . When i do go to where i am thinking i will be armed to make a whole not a scatch on the situation G

Please click on this fb link it so funny about the english language and why hard to learn anyone who got to get through english test this say it all

My hopes are that they Liberals will pull away to save themselves anymore heartache, they are dropping in the polls and public support is at a record low, the Conservatives are using them because they need them to stay in power. EU immigration is reaching record levels in fear of the immigration rules affecting them in the near future, what the Government has done is not reduce immigration, but cause an enormous panic for the Europeans.
Vince Cable is against these immigration rules as he believes it will affect our economy, it will in fact do just that, it is putting foreign investers off our country.

wendy I sincerely hope you are right because May has been getting away with it since 2010 and the same is happening today / the same responses, as was happening one year ago.
There are more people affected this year than last year and there will be even more next year.
More evidence of May and Greens incompetence is accumulating but to date Cameron has not made any move to replace May / Green or change the policy he is backing.
Bit like Assad in Syria I guess - just keep digging a deeper hole! Good job the Brits dont have the same temperiment as those guys have got in the middle east isn't it?

That's the trouble with us Brits we just lay down and take it we ought to be more like the French and stick up for our rights.

Yeah exactly Natalie, we have to oppose these harsh discriminating policies that the Government are throwing at us. Otherwise, what future do we have. I can't just turn my back on the one I love, I have to fight this disease that we call "Government"

I lay down and take nothing because if i did wouldnt have learnt nothing from life upto now . I will do what i have to say what i want to who ever i want no matter what status they give themself without a care in the world they mean nothing to me . My family me my husband and boy is everything W

I am very angry about this new rule.this rule is totally wrong.its against the right of human....please change this rule

Khurran how does it effect you please tell

Folks have you heard about the latest May Green move on speaking English to get a visa?
UK Ministers, May and Green, have given powers to immigration officers to interview selected students to check their level of english before they can get a visa to travel to the UK.
All students will have already passed the approved english test but immigration officers will still decide if they are suitably able!
I remember meeting an ECO at the Brit Embassy who had a broard Scots accent! Then how about a Welsh Liverpool Tyneside accent? How suitable are they to judge an english accent?
This will start with students and then May and Green will want to widen it to other visa applicants as May widens her web!

I am affected - I am the Israeli fiance of a British/Danish citizen. We have been together over five years, living together in Israel over the last three years since studied in the UK were too expensive for me (I was given a place at UCL and Oxford for my BA but could not afford the fees) and since there was no visa I could get in the UK.
After such a long relationship we have decided to marry and move to the UK but that is not possible. My fiance has been an MA student in Israel and not earning enough under the new laws, and now they hve also changed the law that would have allowed us to apply for an EEA family permit if he were to be considered a Danish national (because of the McCarthy ruling).
We are not sure what to do, to move to another EEA state for six months and find some job there would be a huge waste of time for my fiance who is already 31 and wants to develop a career.
We both find it hard to believe these new laws are possible.
Is there any way they will be challeneged and changed?
Does the fact the Parliament is in recess until September that nothing will be done at least until then?

I came to UK 8 years ago with my EU citizen husband, it did not work for us and almost two years ago we split and divorced, making me a single mum of 6 years old daughter. I have a permanent residence in UK and applied now for naturalisation.

Life was kind to me and I started a relation with a person who I thought I lost long time ago. We were so happy that we’ve got a second chance and can start all over again. We plan our wedding this October but there is one big BUT... £18600..... For me it is a very high threshold, I earn just below 12000, for him impossible... he is from Belarus, the country where they earn millions but in reality this millions cost no more than just a paper....but does it mean we are not allowed to be happy??? Theresa May probably would ask me why, if I am so happy with him, why I do not want to go to live in Belarus?!!!?

The answer is simple... I am a mother....I cannot go to build my future in another country leaving my daughter behind. I cannot take her with me, because my ex husband will never let me do so...but even if I can win this battle in court and take her with me.....all my heart is tearing apart from the thought that I will have to separate her with her father, she loves him...
Doesn’t’ she have any single right in this country, is HER future count?

I love UK.....but now I feel like in prison here, not able to bring the person I love, not able to go away.....

Asya and Olga the bad news is this has been the situation since the Coalition Govt came into office in May 2010 and T May became Home Secretary and D Green Immigration Minister.
PM Cameron made a pre election pledge the Tory Govt would reduce immigration into the UK.
May has been carrying out that pledge and has been reducing immigration into the UK and encouraging emigration out of the UK to reduce net UK immigration.
Since 2010 Cameron May and Green have introduced numerous 'reguklations/ rules' to restrict immigrants by back door methods. Some have been challenged in Court and found by the Judiciary to be UNLAWFULL but that hasn't stopped May introducing more like the new minimum income level.
If you have the money you can challenge thro the Courts but most people do not have the money. Legal aid has also been cut / reduced at least for us but not Abu Qatada it seems!
This is Britain today under a Tory nasy party xenophoboc discriminatory right wing racist Govt!
I am a born and bred Brit, a pensioner, who has been affected since Jan 2011. We need to know and understand what the situation is who is responsible and why and keep blogging spreading the word. The Govt is helped by certain popular press that incites anti immigration,
Each day week month year the numbers grow. Most are surprised they do not understand.
So we keep spreading the word that under Cameron May Green and the Tory nasty party aided by the Lib Dems and with no challenge by the Labour Party except a few Labour MPs!
Britain is no longer a democracy but a HYPOCRACY where British citizens rights to a Family Life under ECHR Article 8 & UK LAW are being TRASHED by heartless sceeming politcians for their own ambition in the 2015 elections! Let the world know what Cameron really does!

We just have to hope for the best, the Government is falling to pieces, it is losing public support. Mainly due to the cuts they intend to make which will most affect lower class citizens, the elderly and disabled. A Tory Government (if it weren't for the Lib Dems) would probably intend to make further cuts, forcing poverty upon us and creating a Third World Britain.
Back to the subject though, as long as we fight for what we believe in and we strengthen in numbers which I'm sure we shall thanks to this Network and other campaigns, then we will be able to send a clear message to the Conservatives, that all British citizens have a rights to choose who they wish to marry. All we have to do is change the Government, either by petition or by force.
I would like to remind people that this would not happen under a Labour, Liberal Democrat or a Lab-Lib coalition because those 2 parties are supported mostly by lower class, elderly and disabled citizens (who the Conservatives are damaging the most).

Christohper I am not as confident as you about the Lib Dems / Lab policy.
My MP is a Lib Dem. I went to him in Jan/ Feb 2011 and he misled me until June 2011 whan I realised what was happening.
My Lib Dem MP even suggested I emigrate and when I asked him about my Rights to a Family Life under ECHR Article 8 he said he wasn't a lawyer.
Yet he sits alongside Sir Menzies Campbell in the Commons who is a barrister!
Only certain Lib Dems like Vince Cable have spoken out against the Tory Immigration policy.
In a debate about the work of the UKBA there was only one Lib Dem MP in the Commons!
I wrote / emailed Yvette Cooper in July 2011 pointing out the Judicial findings against May hoping as Shadow Home Sec she would challenge May in the Commons on her policy
but she never has!
The Labour MPs who have spoke out against Mays / Camerons immigration policy are Fioana McTaggart, Sir Geral Kaufman, David Winnock, Jeremy Corbyn and Chair of the Home Affairs Committee Keith Vaz.
It seems Labour are as sensitive about the popular press/ public anti immigration feelings as the Tory / Lib Dem Coalition. It remains to be seen if Labour / Lib Dem pact will in fact reverse the Tory policy or just water it down to meet the objections of Vince Cable and friends.

go on labour website click on milibands speech on immigration he says it all im emailing him to .He speaks the truth on immigration numbers W

wendy I read Labour are now are concerned that Louise Mensch resigning at Corby, which she won from labour, there could be a similiar back lash against Labour at Corby to what happened when George Galloway won his seat against Labour.
I read Tom Watson who is Labour campaign manager is said to be concerned Labour could get deafeated again this time in Corby!
Yvette Cooper doesn't challenge May at all. Not even after the Supreme Court Ruling against May? Yet these are major defeats to May and the Tory Party's immigration policy.
Usually politicians swoop on defeats of the opposition party but Cooper hasn't done so why?
Its already been said here that Bryants response to emails has been pretty standard stuff' .
Is it because they are as concerned about public opinion as much as the Torys?
We all know that certain northern towns have had immigration problem / riots in their history.
Remember G Brown calling a certain lady in a northern town a 'bigot' which rebounded on him big time!

wendy I am hoping the same as you. But politicians are politicians - they kiss babies and steal their loolipops - so the we public can't trust them - only to do whats best for themselves!

Well all I can say is that we'll just have to wait and see, but sometimes talking about something over and over again between ourselves will get us no where, we as the public, have to voice our opinions and make ourselves heard, there has to be fairness in society. Just because people are racist, shouldn't mean that we should have to suffer. I do not aim to sponge off the welfare system, they can keep it and reward the rich bankers, I don't care, all I want is my rights. Whether Labour opposes these rules or not, it would be nice to get the Tories out of Number 10, at least to see what might happen, all I know is that overall, Labour are a party of the many, not a party of the bankers.

Christopher what you want is what we all want especially me! But we need to be prudent and recognise and learn from the facts of Life! Experience is the biggest teacher!
Remember when Labour came into office and we all believed Tony Blair's promises?
We didn't know then about the Blair Brown pact / and fight how it would affect British politics did we - how they both put their own interests first before the people and the UK!.
We didn't expect Blair to do a deal with Bush - which this Govt will not release the details of!
So Blair through his lot in with Bush mislead the Commons and the people about non existent WMDs! How many British sons fathers etc lost their lives unnecessarily in Iraq and Afganistan?
But Blair has made his £Millions and Brown has landed himself a cushy international job now!
Meanwhile we the people have inherited all the Blair / Brown 'off spring' politicians and can we believe them, should we believe them, would we be foolish to believe any of them to put us the people or the UK before their own ambitions? You might I don't once bitten twice shy for me!
Learn from experience and better that of others - when the dog bites don't let it bite again!
Galloway won up north because the people no longer trusted Labour - can we trust any politician?

No we can't trust them, they are all scum, but we should give them a hard time, let them feel our pressures and see how they deal with it. I aim to resend all my e-mails on a monthly basis, I want this issue fresh in their minds, will it make a difference, I doubt it, will it make me feel better, absolutely. I would urge everyone else to give there MP's and those higher up a hard time, otherwise, we might as well just give up.
I understand what you are saying and that you are being realistic about these issues and I admit that all what I have said up til now is wishful thinking, but that's just how I deal with things, hoping, praying, that things will get better. If I'm honest, all this has pushed me over the edge, I no longer wish to laugh, I am carrying this heavy burden and all I want is for a miracle, I'll do anything for just one wish to come true. I know I sound desperate, it's because I am.
Are you willing to fight Geronimo? We need fighters

Christopher burrying our heads in the sand and sticking our butts in the air only invites another kicking! Ignoring history might be your idea but we should learn from history and a lot of people don't know their history because they have only just NOW arrived in this mess crreated by May!
So we should discuss all as you point out yourself people being racist shouldn't affect others.
But the facts are that today it is - and we with our spouses are the victims!
I worked in the middle east / Saudi. I had more freedoms there to have a family life than I do in 2010 Britain! People in the UK don't take notice until something lands on their living room floor!
Thats because every one is fixated on the TV, football, the Olympics etc etc.
The Romans keep their Plebs in check with 'bread and circuses' - 2012 Britain is no different the general public are just not politically minded - they don't follow history - they don't see British freedoms being erroded - see why Cameron and Co want a UK Bill of Rights to water down the ECHR - not for the people but to benefit the Govts £Millionaire stuffed Cabinet - while they take benefits from pensioners the disabled and tax us more and more but gave every £Millionaire a £40,000 per year tax break!
We should talk about it, we should shout it from the rafters WAKE UP BRITISH PEOPLE WE ARE BEING CONNED!!!

I agree with what you are saying, we have to make ourselves heard, we have to make people aware that we aren't happy. We are broken Britain.

Christopher I have been fighting since Jan 2011 I haven't just arrived on the sprat boat.
Pity you haven't noticed but then you are too emotionally wound up and on your tablets!
I haven't let myself become emotionally impotent. I have extensively researched kept 4 arch lever files of reports and data, looked for the reasons methods and policies.
That may be because of my training background and experience of working under extreme pressure in the UK and overseas!
You have to know your enemy, their strengths weaknesses tactics strategies and policies.
How many websites do you, have you blogged on? I blog on about a dozen.
How much research have you done and what data have you collected and have on file?
I suggest you need to wind your emotions down and start being objective, read learn analyse and digest.
What you call 'fighting' being emotional isn't going to get you and your partner anywhere!
You need cool calculated objectivity look for Mays weaknesses like her failure at the Home Office -, the Police, the UKBA and her Immigration Minister Green! Then spread the word!
In 12 months time if you don't crack up from taking too many tablets you just may see that emotional reactions aren't going to help you.
How many international web sites do you blog on? Where were you six months ago?
Its called the oxygen of publicity - the publicity of telling the world whats going on in the UK and Camerons hypocracy! Join in OK!
How Cameron preaches democracy but in fact is treating Britain as his autocracy!
Only total objectivity and cool logistics like a Sniper!
I have been fighting since Jan 2010 not June / July / Aug 2012.!
Like Don Flynn says this is a long haul fight you cant burn yourself out in the first few months!

Christopher just for your understanding my wife and I have turned our situation from a disadvantage into an advantage! I won't go into details how. But we have Ok
Even if I could bring my wife back to the UK tomorrow we would not do that just now!
But as a free born British national and a democrat I want the right. every Britisg citizens right, to lead a family life as is guarranteed us British citizens under ECHR Article 8!
My freedom, your freedom, all our freedoms to live a family life under ECHR Article 8 has been unlawfully taken away by Cameron May Green and the Tory right wing without that 'fight' you talk about from either the Lib Dems or Labour Part politicians!
So since June 2011 when I realised this I have been fighting by giving Cameron May and Green with the only weapon I have which is the national and international 'oxygen of publicity'!

Christopher we have all heard of the British Commonwealth and HRH QE2 being the Head yes!
Well the Brirish Commonwealth Commissioners have said ' why do we have a Commonwealth if our citizens cannot get free entry / visas in to the UK?
Thats Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India ete etc - all the countries who fought for Britain in WW1 and WW2 - whoes soldiers died to keep Britain free form Nazi oppression are now saying WHY?
Can you imagine the impact of that on HRH The Queen and Britiains constitution if Commonwealth Countries all said ' we are leaving the British Commonwealth because of the way the UK Tory Govt is treating our citizens'!
I can it would be a hit that Cameron and the Tory nasty party wouldn't want to be responsible for - the break up of the British Commonweath as well as their rejection of the ECHR!
So you can blog on the Sydney Morning Herald and others - quote from the UK press reports that you archive and fight a world wide battle against Cameron May and Greens policies to destroy British freedoms! We all can!

Thanks Geronimo, I will take your advice on board.
I agree with you that my emotions are getting the better of me and that the tablets aren't helping.
So what you suggest is that I blog on websites such as the Sydney Morning Herald and others similar.

Christopher you are my friend and colleage in adversity same as wendy natalie Olga and Aysa all the other good people who blog here because we have all been hurt by this Tory led Govt and its unlawfill policies - thats without considering their inhumanity and intolerance.
So we are all friends together and we just need to understand our problem and help each other as much as we can.
When the situation first hits us we say we must do all we can to fight this outrage against us.
This is not wrong it is a perfectly natural reaction. But then we must consider how best we can fight and with what weapons. Because we live in a democracy we have to use democratic means.
I am with you 100% I understand I have been down this road I am not without personal feelings and understanding OK.
I chose the tag Geronimo because he fought for his people and beliefs against US military oppression against his way of life and beliefs.
Don Flynn posted me some time back 'this is a long fight' - he has the experience so we should learn from him and do the best we can to wear down the walls that Cameron and his Tory Govt have built against us and our family life. So I share your concerns OK.
You are my good fiend Christopher I want your, and other friends, their good health to continue our fight as Don Flynn says 'it will be a long fight'- so steady up OK!
PS isn't it wonderful how Mo Farah and Nicola Adams have won their gold medals for Brtitain!

we all need to send our stories to the queen and let theresa may and the torys answer to the queen why she is getting all this mail on the new laws. i am a 52 year old ukc married to a usc living in the us we have been together 17 years married 15 years(just a few months less then the carmerons) my story is a long one but we was looking to come to the uk to live now we can not because of the new laws.i am not very good at doing letters so i am thinking of doing a clip of my story and putting it on youtube.we all need to find new ways of getting these new laws over turned

i forgot to say i was born and breed in england so was my family way back as my four fathers.

graham sorry to hear your story yet another to add to the outrage of Cameron May and Greens policies.
Just a correction these are not 'laws' they are rules / regulations that May has implemented.
In fact when they have been challenged in a Court of Law they have been found UNLAWFULL no less than five times by ten Judges right up to five Judges at the Supreme Court in London.
So lets not gives Mays regulations the status of being English Law and therefore Legal. They are not!

I would think the Queen has a pretty good idea whats going on especially if the Commonwealth Commissioners have asked the question why are we in the British Commonwealth if our citizens cannot get visas to enter the UK?
But the Queen cannot constitutionally interfere with the role of Govt in the UK. She will however be very peeved if the Commonwealth folded because of these unlawful policies and I feel sure the Commonwealth Commissioners will have made their point thro the proper channels.
Its a good idea to spread the word in the US that under Cameron Democratic Britain isn't!
How can Cameron preach democracy to the rest of the world and be PM of a country where his Govt Ministers have implemented UNLAWFUL regulations? That HYPOCRACY isn't it!

graham lets not forget as well that these rules are acting against the 'freedoms' of British citizens who have lived worked paid taxes been respectable and self sufficient all their lives!
Freedom that is written in Law under ECHR Article 8 and the UK Human Rights Act which Cameron wants to replace with a UK Bill of Rights to Water down ECHR and UK Law!

I watched Mo Farah win for UK his second gold medal it bought tears to my eyes with pride . He came here 8yrs old couldnt hardly speak english coming from Somalia . Long are those days gone hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm

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wendy you are right but calm down please we all want you to be well OK so dont get worked up too much. Yes write to the Commonwealth Commissioners and let us know what they say.
But they already know whats going on thats why they made the comment they did and are probably already having this website monitored for information. Don't forget this site goes out world wide so its available to all. Its just getting the right attention and not from the trolls who are also out there OK. G

PS wendy don't forget Nicola Adams and Jade Jones what a triumph. My wife was thrilled with those results for Britain they were both supberb. G

Christopher ward..... I appreciate your determination to change the new immigration rules.. I do not think you are getting too worked up at all, In fact if more of us citizens affected by the new immigration rules, keep a similar attitude to yours to these rules.. We should be able to make our voices heard... These new rules are ridiculous and have to be changed... After all our families are being broken apart.. We are being separated from our loved ones.. How are we not supposed to scream and rant... I refuse to keep quiet I will shout and scream and stamp my feet until the new rules are changed, it will probably do little good, but I won't give up...... I really don't see how they can be so cruel to us... Will we succeed in changing the rules????? Relashionships are already being threatened due to separation and no hope of being together... Help???????????????

If May will not take notice of the Courts and Supreme Court then she isn't going to take notice of a few hundred even a few thousand of us the 'victims' of her UNLAWFULL policies!
Read the popular press and see how anti immigration they are.
Don Flynn said in an MRN report some time back that certain newspapers are very anti immigration oriented.
Try going on the Daily Mail website and blog something pro immigration and see how many red arrows you get. Even mention the Human Rights Act and it gets red arrowed.
When they printed the Chapti case they even went as far as chasing down Mrs Chapti's husband in India and printing a report that said he 'would not learn english'.
We / I can be as determined to change the immigration rules as we like.But the reality is 'we' cannot!
Only T May can, or another Home Sec, can. T May just isn't going to change the rules even with all our hopeful wishing. Our wishful thinking will not affect May one bit.
You / we can be as determined as you / we want but the reality is you / we do not have the authority.
Only T May has that and she is a bent on not changing them as we are on having them changed.
We have to live with that reality or go on fooling ourselves we can change something we cant! Its a matter of personal adjustment to reality you can either accept it or go on fooling yourself.
We can use any words to describe the regulations but it will not affect the regulations.
Its the legal fact of being either 'lawful or unlawful' that matters and that has to be decided in a Court of Law by a Judge / Judges!
May even ignores the Judiciary and has tried affecting their decisions!
Mass public opinion will change her mind but mass public opinion isn't for immigration its against immigration. Politicians know that which is why Yvette Cooper wont speak out and challenge May on her having lost all her Court cases up to the Supreme Court!


I believe we can change the rules, but we have to commit ourselves to this, we have to make ourselves heard, one way or the other. We need alot more support as well.

I would recommend you to fill this in (if you haven't already):

Send an E-mail to Chris Bryant (let him know your situation and how you are affected, also add into your e-mail how this is favouring the rich against the poor): [email protected]

Next on your list should be your local MP because we want this issue to be heard on all levels of parliament.

If you really want to stir things up with the Coalition, send Vince Cable an e-mail (let him know that you would like to see him lead the Liberal Democrats because people are not happy that they are in a Coalition with the Conservatives, which is reflected in the by-election results, if the public wanted a Coalition they would choose Liberal Democrats and Labour)

Read this:

We need to act on Government weaknesses, when we see cracks we must hit that area.

When I say lost all her Court cases I was of course excluding the Chapti case which May won about one year ago. That case was well reported you might like to research it and read it up for yourselves. It makes interesting reading but the outcame was Mrs Chapti lost and her husband stayed in India.

Anon I have spent the last 18 months researching and recording Mays moves since she introduced the Pre Entry English tests in Nov / Dec 2010.
Since Jan 2011 May has only made her regulations tougher no where has she eased them off.
The latest being the Minumum income levels and her tougher rules on Life in the UK tests etc.
In the last 18 months I have seen / recorded press reports of Mays methods getting more drastic hard hitting and draconion. She has one objective to cut net immigration numbers!
We are all numbers to May if our spouse is denied a visa and we emigrate May has two less on her net immigration total. Question is how to defeat May - legally.
If you have the funds you can go to Court if not tough.
But do you know she has now given the UKBA staff authority to determine the ability of students to speak english before they are given a UK entry visa.
Thats irrespective of whether they have taken and passed an IELTS test!
How long will it be before she extends that to the family immigration is any ones guess!
All to keep down net immigration numbers!

Cristopher ward.. I am with u, I will fight till my last breath.. All I know is these new rules are unfair and HAVE to be changed by hook or crook.. I will not give up.. I am married to a non eu national, and on low wage and have been separated from my husband because of the new rules... Surely we make them change the rules after all we are the public.. If we can vote and make parliament we can break parliament.. Don't get me wrong I believe in doing everything to the rules.. I am a middle class citizen who works full time pays tax.. Is on the verge of breakdown due to being separated from her husband.. I just want them to see sense and how they are destroying our lives... I can't cope without my partner, non of us can..... If we create awareness, and do something to catch their attention, create some kind of positive fuss about this then we may have a chance

Anon were is your husband as he ever been here at all . IT IS SO HARD

SOOOO HARD....These new rules HAVE to be changed!!!!

A couple of reports in todays papers are of interest.
First the Daily Mail is running a story headlined - 'Spelling it out: After 1,000 years of foreign meddling, no wonder the English language is so confusing!
So if the English language is so confusing how does that leave the UKBAs English Language tests as being an honest viable test for intended immigrants to pass we can ask?

Second the Independent reports that Lib Dem activists are urging Glegg to get tough on the Tories!
Constituency parties are pe-reparing crucial motions to put before the Lib Dem conference.
At least three local parties are expected to call for a complete split from the Tories!
Which mean the Tories would no longer have a viable Coalition Govt to continue in office.
This has apparently been brought about by the Tories pulling the plug on the Lords reform.

But from our point of view if the Tory Lib Dem Coalition goes belly up and the Tory nasty party haven't the majority to continue in office and we see Cameron May and Green GO then GREAT!
So how about we all calm down, watch what happens because the tide of fate could be turning!

Do you think we could act on this, stir things up a bit between the backbenchers of each party, it's just a case of forwarding a few e-mail across constituencies.
It wouldn't harm ourselves to show concern for ALL UK citizens, not just the BANKERS. We could just address how angry we are that the poor will suffer the most under the Conservatives and question what the Liberal Democrats aim to do to protect the rights of the poor, elderly and disabled citizens.
I see this as a weakness that we could act on, it would be a win if Nick Clegg is replaced with Cable and it would also be a win if the backbenchers keep this rebellion going, the longer these tensions last, the more popular labour will become.
Hopefully before 2015, we'll have Miliband, Cooper and Bryant!!!

I told you there will be no coalition as the period of discontent bites and bites hard to the core . The winter will bring political chaos and my email to Mr Cable lays it on the line he probably will think im very rude but who gives a Shhhhhhhiiiiittttttt not me

Christopher and wendy we stir things up as much as we can to widen the gap between Tory and Lib Dem using any reason we have from our own problem to the economy and Lords reform.
Our objective should be to get rid of Cameron May and Green at all costs !
So emailing / writing our own MPs and encouraging the Lib Dems to break with the Tories has to be good for us.
Don't forget the newspapers and other web sites where we can blog against Cameron and the Tory party and for that matter against Glegg and the Lib Dems!
The Lib Dems / Glegg are now very unpopular word is Glegg may go to Europe as a Commissioner! Good riddance I told my MP they should have had Vince Cable as leader but they wanted a glamour boy like Cameron and now look where we / they are!
No sympathy from me for the Tory nasty party right wingers they have reportedly lost 30% of their rank and file party activist members due to their policies. Get all of them Out!
But do it in a subtle way we still have the public xenophobia against immigration in general stirred up by the popular press.
Read the Mail Online watch the reports where it mentions immigrants see the comments and red arrows. The Telegraph can be the same but we can blog on there against Tory Lib Dem Coalition policies and add to general public opinion they are all a load of SxxT!
Now the Olympics distraction is over its back to reality - the economy jobs austerity - politicians self interests and how they haved serve themselves and not the people!

Read the Mail Online - 'why the Tories and Lib Dems should split' - already 170 hits at 0400 hrs.
Thw Guardian headline - 'Coalition will not survive until 2015 election, voters predict'!
The Independent the most sobering - 'The MPC didn't have a clue and still doesn't'!
Out of the 34 OECD countries Britain ranks 31 lower Ireland at 29 and Spain at 30!
So just what is Cameron Osborne and Co doing to for the UK economy - it seems Zero!
But the good news - at least for Billionaire George Soros at 82 he's just got engaged to Tamiko Bolton who is is 40! Bet he won't have a problen getting a UK visa he obviously got influence!
Back to the Tory Lib Dem fiasco we are entering 'our winter of discontent' - for Dave & Nick!

Family immigration rules campaign meeting, Manchester

When:  15 Aug 2012 - 18:30
Where:  Friends Meeting House, Mount St, Manchester (just off Albert Square)
This meeting will plan further activity in the Manchester campaign against the rules on family immigration which were introduced on 9th July.

Half of the working families in Manchester earn less than the £18,600 required to sponsor a partner, and this doesn't take into account the rising increments when children are involved.

The Manchester campaign is planning to lobby MPs in the area to bring the devasting impact this will have on many people to their attention.

For more information on the campaign and the meeting, visit

This is part of email to vince cable im so angry i havent included it all some very personal stuff Dear Sir

I am british born and breed and until now being married to bajan was ignorant to the truth of immigration to the UK esp the new spouse visa rules . I am disgusted

at your party not one of you have had the guts to stand up and voice opinion on any of these appallling changes been allowed to be implied . I see punch and judy ( clegg and cameron ) doing a good game of tit for tat i dont give a dam about Lords . I see 2 very desperate men one of which is your so called leader who led you all to sell your souls
for power that was not given to him by the british people . When are you going to show some real back bone about real issues ?????????

I laughed when Cameron went to commonwealth leading upto the olympics and asked them to invest in UK why didnt he go to EU as they are allowed to walk in here as they want take our benefits not speak english . Oh silly me he cant go to EU to invest because they all nearly bankrupt . My husband is from common wealth why should they invest when
this government treats their people with racist immigration policies even though they add very litte to immigration numbers that this so called demonic government want to make the UK believe they are cracking down on .

When are you going to face the UK public with the truth out of nearly 600,000 last year only 3% were none EU that is 20,000 the rest was EU . Now thats the ones who claim benefit and cant speak engliish over HALF MILLION . So all the government are dealing with is the minority but way its put across it misleads the public.

My husband as no english test but i am quickly learning of a lot of plights regarding this and how difficult it is to speak and to communicate fluently to me is the most important .
I was in a sports shop for my son and was approached by a man who said to me much , i wasnt aware what he was on about he then show me the price tag and said much . At this point i realised he wanted me to try and tell him price he couldnt even read a price tag my blood boiled i told him p.... off .

I agree sham marriages had to be stopped and some level of english was needed but the new rules beg belief .

Why am i now treated as second class to a EU person in my own country they have more right to have a spouse with them than i do . No one as the right if you are in a genuine relationship to determine wether you live together or not with your spouse This government is acting like upper class arrogant demons with a bit of power they let go to there
head and will lie manipulate do anything to hold onto it . They are scum with no family values at all . Show some spirit and stand up for what is right ooohhh whoops a daisey i forgot again you sold the spirit and soul for what you stand for so Mr clegg could be called deputy pm . Its a joke .

One rule for all equal rights is our human right and under article 8 i have proved family life as have many others whos lives are ripped apart . Below i speak a little of my relationship and why i love and want to be with my husband now . Please dont insult me and send a bog standard reply that maybe many others have had . Show the Libs can regain morals that you have made a mistake redeem the situation now you can .

I know its really hard.. But it hurts soooo much, I didn't know I could cry so much, my tears just won't stop today, good lord, now even people have started asking if I have some kind of weird eye infection, because my eyes are so red and swollen from continuous crying..., I feel like an angry toddler insistent on getting my way, with no chance... Right now I'm just heart broken... I feel completely lost... Why won't they change the bloody rules??? Please people... What can we do?????

Today headline in Mail Online” Politicians are human and need holidays': Cameron and Clegg set to begin family getaway...” and Mr Cameron saying “If you don’t think politicians ought to have holidays I think you ought to have a serious think.” So they are humans!!! ? But who are we? Maybe it is not us but they need a serious think before taking from us our human right to have a family life.... nothing luxurious like holiday.....just to have a family....

Geronimo help please i have called common wealth office spoke to appropriate person over where my husband lives , As well as including the email to vince cable and my story they have asked me to build on what i feel they could or should be doing about the immigration rules any suggestions please W

Wendy well done you may have come up with a winner!
I can only suggest you tell them your full story / problem about yourself, your children, your husband and their need for him, to bring up your children and help support you and for your family to have a settled life together that you deservre and are entitled to as a British citizen, a legal right for your children under European Convention on Human Rights Article 8 and under UK Human Rights Act for all of you to have a family life.
As a British citizen, a working mother, struggling to raise your family in todays austerity Britain you and your children badly need your husband to help and support you - otherwise you fear for yourself and your children, will not be able to manage alone, you are wooried sick and your children are being badly affected. You are concerned if you are sick and the children are taken away and put in a home. Your family being broken up because you need the support of your husband.
You are a decent honest respectable woman but you need your husband to help you your children need a father in their home Ok.
Don't hold back, don't be shy, its a plea for help for your family to the Commissioners OK!
You are being punished by unfair unjust and UNLAWFULL rules by an uncaring UK PM Home Sec and Immigration Minister who preach a family life but are denying it to you and other families.
You have done good on this website so just say you have tried all other ways and are now pleading for the Commonwealth Commissioners for help you and your children OK.
Mention other ladies like your self in the same position mention MRN and JCWI websites.
Do you know anyone, a friend who could sit with you and type out a letter / long email about your case. Don't be frightened to tell your full story as you have done here on this site OK.
You have done good and I am sure everyone supports you SO YOU CAN QUOTE US ALL as your friends who want to help you and all of us. Quote me and the information in my files that they can have access to if they wish. OK any help information we can give we will they only have to ask. good luck wish I could help you more but I live in East Anglia to far away. G

I only have one child and he is under psychological therapy i have to include the email above i wrote to cable and in that there is my story i am going to see if these will give me your email address so you can over see what i have sent altogther to him and then what i add to them specialy is that ok G

wendy what you / we want them to do is pressurise this Tory led Coalition Govt to relax its draconian racist discriminatory rules on NON EU immigration and compley with the Law i.e. the ECHR Article 8. I would be willing to show them my files incl. the 12 page Matrix report to Liberty of Sept 2010 right up to the Supreme Court ruling against May in July 2012!
Mays rules are all about net immigration numbers - not about people - just numbers - but we are not numbers we are living breathing feeling people and we want to be treated like people!
We want Cameron and May and Green to comply with the Law - thats ECHR and UK Law!
47 nations are signed up to the ECHR and Britain is only one - so it cannot go it alone!
They are using people as a political expedient ploy to try to gain votes for themselves!
That is tantamount to facist nazism remaniscent of 1930 nazi Germany when people were discriminated against because of their race.
The Tory party don't like to be called nazis but they are discrimination against NON EU nationals and that is RACISM at its worst! They are exteme right wing but won't admit it!
I would be prepared to show the Commissioners all my files, now 4 archlevers full of hard copy press reports from all the press / BBC / Sky as wll as Free Movement website to support your case OK.

wendy I'll do my best for you and others in any way I can OK G

wendy then you and your child , are being made ill. you are suffering for the perverse policies of a self rightuous politicians ambitions. It is totally immoral to make a child suffer and it is typical of Cameron May and Green - they make your child suffer and go home to their own each night.
That was what an amercian Psycoanalyst found with the Nazis at Nuremberg - they didn't associate the people they were murdering as people - they were just numbers - in our case net immigration numbers and that for me is a blatant disregard for peoples democratic freedoms!

G you dont know half whats happen here and what happen before my husband and in why i choose my husband he had to be special because all me and my boy have been through . W

wendy your email to Vince Cable - I think he personally would agree with you 100%.
The problem with VC he cannot do anything because the decisions are with May!
VC knows the Lib Dems are losing support - because of their / the Tory policies.
Which is why I have read VC has 'explored' the idea of a breakaway from the Tory party and a link up with Labour. Your email reinforces the general disatisfaction with Glegg!

VC can show back bone and buy the spirit back they so easily exchanged for power simple as .Do you think i should send it to baroness warsi also i dont care if she is conservative she ought be ashamed of what they purvey racism W

That's the aim Geronimo, I'm praying Cable will take over from Clegg because Cable is anti-tory. Cable would also fight for those he believes needs help the most. Ed Miliband has said the price of a Lib-Lab coalition is Cleggs head. That's why I intend to e-mail the Lib Dem backbenchers over my concerns. A Lib-Con coalition could break them by 2015 or even earlier, a Lib-Lab could make the Libs popular. Their loyalty to Clegg is not worth destroying the party for. Latest polls show 8% Libs and 8% UKIP, very bad.

The Halifax courier tonight

By Michael Peel
Published on Monday 13 August 2012 16:13

Nader Fekri, a former Mayor of Calderdale, has quit the Liberal Democrats and has applied to join the Labour Party.

Councillor Fekri said he had taken the decision with a heavy heart and after much soul-searching.

“However, the national situation has caused me much anguish and from the start, I have made no secret of my opposition to the decision to enter into a coalition with the Conservative Party.

You see how weak the Coalition is, we could break it, I will upload a list of Lib Dem MP's with their e-mails.

Send them to me i will just send them email i have ssent VC

Alan Beth - [email protected]
Gordon Birtwistle - [email protected]
Annette Brooke - [email protected]
Jeremy Browne - [email protected]
Malcolm Bruce - [email protected]
Paul Burstow - [email protected]
Lorely Burt - [email protected]
Vince Cable - [email protected]
Menzies Campbell - [email protected]
Alistair Carmichael - [email protected]
Mike Crockart - [email protected]
Edward Davey - [email protected]
Tim Farron - [email protected]
Lynne Featherstone - [email protected]
Don Foster - [email protected]
Andrew George - [email protected]
Stephen Gilbert - [email protected]
Duncan Hames - [email protected]
Mike Hancock - [email protected]
Nick Harvey - [email protected]
David Heath - [email protected]
John Hemming - [email protected]
Martin Horwood - [email protected]
Simon Hughes - [email protected]
Chris Huhne - [email protected]
Mark Hunter - [email protected]
Julian Huppert - [email protected]
Charles Kennedy - [email protected]
Norman Lamb - [email protected]
David Laws - [email protected]
John Leech - [email protected]
Stephen Lloyd - [email protected]
Michael Moore - [email protected]
Greg Mulholland - [email protected]
Tessa Munt - [email protected]
John Pugh - [email protected]
Alan Reid - [email protected]
Dan Rogerson - [email protected]
Bob Russell - [email protected]
Adrian Sanders - [email protected]
Sir Robert Smith - [email protected]
Andrew Stunell - [email protected]
Ian Swales - [email protected]
Jo Swinson - [email protected]
Sarah Teather - [email protected]
John Thurso - [email protected]
David Ward - [email protected]
Steve Webb - [email protected]
Roger Willliams - [email protected]
Stephen Williams - [email protected]
Mark Williams - [email protected]
Jenny Willcott - [email protected]
Simon Wright - [email protected]

Christopher good list of Lib Dem MPs what about some Labour MPs like Fiona McTaggart. Sir Gerald Kaufman. David Winnock Jeremy Corbyn Keith Vaz and Pete Wishart of the SNP he / they all made a big plea / spoke out in the Commons debate against the UKBA and their methods. These MPs are sympathetic to our cause and will support us and maybe get other Labour MPs to speak out which could give back bone Yvette Cooper Shadow Home Sec to challenge the WITCH and her poodle Green! They do have a herd instict where one goes some will follow. G

Fiona McTaggart - [email protected]
David Winnick - [email protected]
Jeremy Corbyn - [email protected]
Keith Vaz - [email protected]
Pete Wishart - [email protected]

I will upload a more thorough list tomorrow as there are many Labour MP's, I would suggest everyone contact the e-mails I have supplied so far, I would send the e-mails one by one, don't copy everyone into one e-mail or they won't take it seriously.

Christopher good list a question please.
Can we as British Commonwealth citizens get behind wendy and email the Commonwealth Commissioners that we British citizens, all members of the British Commonwealth, do not support out current UK Coalition Govt and we support them, the Commonwealth Countries and HM the Queen, that this Tory led Coalition under Cameron is WRONG and they the Commonwealth Commissioners are RIGHT!
That we fully appreciate out Commonwealth coursins who stood behind Britain in two World Wars for our / UK FREEDOM which Cameron and the right wing Tory party now wish to take away.
They, Cameron and Co, are traitors to British Freedoms and we are with the Commonwealth! How would that chime as a united Commonwealth against the Tory Right Wing NASY Party?

Christopher just another little piece of food for thought - the London Olympics - its been a success and Cameron has lauded it as such and said it will bring business to the UK.
Good. But its been a multinational and multicultural event hasn't it - that has made it the success its been!
But would it have been the success it has been had Cameron May and Greens immigration policy rules and regulations been applied to all those athletes and the accompanying staff?
How about if May had her way and subjected all of them to her imposed regulations?
Yet she made an appearance at the Olympics in her Union Jack pumps / shoes.
Mo Farah, Nicola Adams how many more British Gold medal winners have immigrant backgrounds? Boris has!
Cameron wants his credit but he's been outclassed by Boris - Cameron & May are hypocrits!

These rules are only for poor and unprivileged Britains. Richer no matter how how they accumulated their wealth are not effected and more than welcome by these hypocrites and so called leaders. Another class of people who are not effected by these rules are so called leaders of third world countries who have plundered their countries and massacred the people and committed genocides and still doing this while sitting in the safe heavens of ........

The most unfortunate are the loyal people of UK whom only fault is that they have fallen in love with another unfortunate person who happen to be a non EEA national. I am not against the eea or eu nationals but I am only asking who has the greater rights the nationals of the UK or the eea or eu nationals? Is there anybody who could justify this to me? I am sure Theres no one who can!

Dear all this is not the time for gossiping on social media, or blogs this the time of action, otherwise these people will even ask you to pay for breathing, and pay more because today you have breathed more.
I am no against learning the language and customs of the land , but I am asking our leaders please provide opportunity to the immigrants instead of hurdling their way with rules which will bring nothing except difficulties for the British people.

Anonymous you are right. The last on I heard was Mousa Kousa Gadaffis Security Chief who ran the prisons where torture and massacres of prisoners took place.
Thee BBC reported he escaped Libya came to the UK was kept in a safe house allowed to collect his frozen assets and they allowed to fly to Qatar. When the BBC tried to interview him in Qatar his minder shooed the BBC reporter away.
But the Govt made a mistake with one Libyan who they sent back to Libyan prisons where on the uprsing he became a successful Libyan Commander and is now sueing the British Govt!

But like you say its a bit off our course although it does again show Govt hypocracy!
PS which Anonymous are you there are so many it gets confusing?

I have been married for 4 years and currently live in australia with my wife. I was planning on moving home in the next couple of years but these new rules seem to have put a hold on this. I have also been advised if i get a european citizenship these rules don't apply. I am utterly disgusted with my home country and plan on doing all i can to help the fight these rules. I feel for all of you who are so badly affected by these inhumane rules.

What I recommend we do is to targer members of parliament, including our local MP, if we target them all, we could build support or at least put it in their minds that we aren't happy. Chris Bryant is the best person to e-mail but we need more people behind our cause.

Gary please send this to commonwealth commissioners in UK my email as now been sent i have sent them the link to this blog and mentioned your comment also which is shameful W

G just a thought the english test i dont see ever being let go of at all . In its present form it is crazy prehaps it would be worth while for you to look at what is reasonable test to be able to put it in front of them . Just a thought W

Our Kingdom Open Democracy website has this morning two reports about the decline and incompetences of the Tory Party! They have lost half their members in the last seven years.
The reports say the split between the Tory and the Lib Dems is inevtable - so watch this space!
Gary there are a few Brit /OZ expats in the same position as you. One I blogged with lived in Chester they had their own home and two children but he was hit by the visa regulations.
Do a good check on the EU citizenship rules just to make sure. Things are changing daily!
From what I have read on the Free Movement website the UKBA have been delaying ducking and diving, as with NON EU, and its as as big a 'minefield' as the NON EU situation - unless of course you are already an EU national then you can do as you please it seems and get your spouse in as well!


Could you please send me the e-mail address you have sent all your information to. I'm going to be backing you up.

Yvonne Chin

Tel: +44(0)20 7747 6514
Mobile: +44(0) 791 246 3750
Email: [email protected]

this lady is over carribbean the one over asia is below

Geraldine Goh
Tel: +44 (0)20 7747 6535
Mobile: +44(0) 7894 593518
Fax: +44 (0)20 7839 9081
Email: [email protected]

I have also sent to the below

Official Spokesperson and Director, Communications & Public Affairs
Richard Uku
Tel: + 44(0)20 7747 6380
Email: [email protected]

I have spoken of the commonwealth history and the racist immigration rules put it place by a desperate government . I also said do not invest in UK let them go to EU with the history of which we have is nothing but war and disagreement W

I will send it to everyone, worlwide, backing up what you have said and will provide news reports and mp's that oppose these rules, let's let the world know.


Have you e-mail all the liberal democrat mp's that I sent you, most of the are are rebels and will enjoy the destruction of the coalition.

Do you think if I am not a citizen but have a permanent residence here, I still can write to MPs explaining my situation and asking to help with this situation by changing these new unlawful immigration rules? My daughter is EU citizen like her father; I am Russian with permanent residence. I work 30 hours a week and have not the lowest hour pay, £8, but it’s still so below £18600. If it would be just me, I wouldn’t be able to suffer here anymore completely alone, I would pack myself and leave UK, but there is her, my daughter...she was born here, now she is almost 7, she went to school here.... her father is here who will never let me take her away from the country without a fight.
What should I do? It is so hard to live without a hope for normal life....

If you think about it, we are untouchable, no matter how hard we hit the Government. Imagine the embarassment that would befall them. Imagine how much money you would get from the media "Government had me arrested, it's a long story...but I basically fell in love with a Non-EU". That would help our campaign and we'd make money from it and reach out. Like I said, untouchable, enjoy!

hi Christopher,
Both I and a friend of mine had no success when writing to our MPs as the MPs will just toe the party line ( ie. REDUCE net immigration as it will help re-election prospects and irrespective of whether the new rules break up families or cause stress and heartache for UK citizens and their partners ). They make comments such as saying the rules introduced since November 2010 are fair ,balanced and reasonable when patently they are not for the reasons stated so often in posts on this board . They would not say that if their own family members were affected by the rules !! They would then quickly change their tune which in itself tells the story ! Members of the other parties will rarely offer their support in our "fight" for justice as they also have one eye on re-election and that is much more important to them than standing up for what is right !
Contacting Baroness Warsi is also a waste of time and I just got a polite reply from her secratary which was totally unsympathetic and I emailed again and no response to date - see below . Note the point about them accepting the lower level of £18600 BUT that was only done because of pressure from Clegg and somebody else - he assumed I was not aware of that !! ( wry smile ) . All your posts are greatly appreciated Christopher .

The Government believes that immigration has been a positive benefit to this country. What is not good for this country is uncontrolled immigration and that is the reason that we are bringing some control into our immigration system. We made it clear two years ago that we would look at every aspect of immigration, and we have done so. If somebody is bringing somebody in here to be their spouse or partner, they should be able to support that individual and the family life they are going to have.

The threshold the Government have settled on has not been reached arbitrarily. The Migration Advisory Committee looked at various levels of income and this was the level it said was the point at which people could generally support themselves without having to be reliant on income-related benefits. It also suggested a higher level, but we chose this level. It is right that people should be able to bring spouses to live in the UK but they should be able to support the individual they are bringing in to be their partner or spouse without having recourse to income-related benefits.

I wish to comment on what you say . Of course all agree that uncontrolled immigration is wr ong ! that was not my point as I think you know.
I object to your comment below not based on the content but that it is disingenuous AS I and others with a none EU fiancee or wife would NOT and never would claim benefits and NOT ALLOWED TO ANYWAY under terms of entry ( per rules in place prior to November 2010) . So please answer that point as i and most others can support ourselves AND OUR PARTNERS !! Also, an income limit presupposes that all people live same lifestyle but I live economically and do not smoke or drink and that applies to most couples .

"If somebody is bringing somebody in here to be their spouse or partner, they should be able to support that individual and the family life they are going to have. "

AK - I'm in the same boat with my parents overseas and am absolutely livid at the fact that the govt has actually made it impossible for Brit Cits to bring their parents over. Would be good to discuss. What's the best way?


I agree with you completely. But what I am against is the fact that I can't have a family life, even though I live economically and save £600 per month, so can someone please tell me how much benefit my fiance would take from the welfare system. Theresa May specifically said this is not about numbers, LIE, because it is to her.

I am horrified by this immigration rules, there is nothing in common with immigration control. Putting a price tag for a family life!!! It is discrimination!!! I would love to hear how any other ordinary British would react to these rules, the one who was lucky to fell in love with another British? Do you want to marry? So earn £18600; do you want to have a child? £22400 or you are not allowed! DISCIMINATION AND RASISM!!!!!

I agree Olga, we have to fight for our rights.

So true.. We have to fight for our rights, but what can we do???? I emailed my mp, he did not reply so I went to see him, he said there is nothing he can do, he just is not interested.. I also emailed Chris Bryant, I got the same reply, nothing he can do because it is primary legislation, but I can contact me mp.... I just don't see what else we can do... How about another rally outside the home office??????? We have to create some more awareness some kind of fuss if we want the rules changed... I appreciate what you guys are doing, I understand you have mailed some mps. Well done guys... We just have to keep fighting..

I have spoke with my lawyer and its good firm well connected in London and of course barrister friends knows them . The first few will start to be rejected that have been put through under financial requirement lets see what they do very soon . But like i just been told the quickest and most effective way is the courts for the immediate future . Carrying on doing what we are if coalition falls in autum great which i see it will but that is few months way . Then will he try rule with minority or will he go to country can add a few more months on . I cant be dealing with that and cant wait that long either W

Parliment is in recess, when they get back and check their e-mails, they will get a shock I want to put further pressure on the coalion, we lack in numbers, so we need to cause a big fuss. By e-mailing ALL Lib Dems they will take note, they already hate the Tory Nazi Party, so let's throw fireworks into the fire. God Bless Guy Fawkes.
I may send an e-mail to the high supreme court.

I have just looked at the lib-dem conference agenda late september it is can someone else look because i cant see even where immmigration is being discussed and anyone in the know tell which of the people on the brochure is worth contacting please .