Standing our Ground and Looking Ahead: Annual Report 2012

We’ve launched our 2012 annual report last week with a private view and drinks reception at 19 Princelet Street - Britain’s Museum of Immigration and Diversity. Here's what kept us busy in 2012.
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2012 has been another exciting year for the MRN team. We’ve been busier than ever. Putting together an annual report always offers an organisation a great time to reflect on the path walked and the road ahead. This is why we decided to call our report “Standing our Ground and Looking Ahead.” (download the PDF)

So what happened in 2012? Here’s a brief summary.

We’ve got 50 organisations together to launch a brand new campaign called #OurDay to celebrate International Migrants Day. Our work providing the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Migration resulted in launching an inquiry into the new family migration rules. Our third National Network Summit gave the groups from across the UK a platform to debate the issues ahead and focus our campaigns.

And let’s not forget another great TEDxEastEnd which MRN has had the privilege of presenting at an event at the Stratford Circus.

Putting together an annual report is always a challenging process - separating out what to focus on, identifying our proudest achievements and deciding what tone to set for the coming year!

We remain convinced that by working together, civil society has the power to demand a better approach towards migration in the UK.

We see our work - not just as an organisation, but as a sector - becoming more important than ever in the run up to the next general election. As we organise campaigns, build new networks and provide an alternative view in the press, our aim is to get our voices heard by those who make the decisions that affect the lives of migrants and safeguard the progress we have already made.

We decided to launch our report at the Museum of Immigration and Diversity, organising a special tour of this incredible building.

To inspire the movement into a new year of activities we had the pleasure of hearing from MRN’s Director Don Flynn and the Chair of 19 Princelet Street Susie Symes. You can find out more about the museum on their website:

Following the launch and hearing from our supporters we believe that our joint work will keep this country fair, inclusive and tolerant.

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