£18,600 income requirement: pricing UK workers out of a family life

New research by MRN shows the uneven impacts of the minimum income requirement across the UK, and calls for change towards a fairer system for family migration.
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A few weeks ago, we were contacted by a lady called Margaret, who lives in South Wales. Margaret has worked for the past decade as a legal secretary for a private solicitors firm, earning £13,500 a year. However, her salary is not considered adequate in order to sponsor her Tunisian husband to enter the UK, and so they are living apart for the foreseeable future.

The Family migration income threshold - Report coverIn Margaret’s view, the rules are unfair. She is in stable employment, lives with family so has no housing costs and has low outgoings as the cost of living in her area is low. Margaret says

“I’m doing a respectable job, but am now being told that my salary is not enough. It’s just so difficult to find work at £18,600 in my area. It doesn’t make sense because we could both live with my parents when he comes here, and Mohammed wants to work, and pay taxes, too. But if I leave and go to Tunisia, we will never be able to come back together. In the meantime, we are kept apart and are unable to start the family that we planned to have together.”

Margaret is not the only person whose earnings are too low to meet the rules and be with her husband. 47% of the working population are reportedly unable to sponsor a loved one, on the basis of their earnings. Because £18,600 is considerably higher than the national minimum wage (approximately £13,200 per annum at a full time rate), some people, like Margaret, are in full-time employment and still fail to meet the rules.

But, crucially, where you live and work in the UK is a significant determiner of your ability to live with a foreign partner. New research by MRN ("The family migration income threshold: Pricing UK workers out of a family life"), released today, shows that being able to live with your non-EU spouse is now essentially subject to a postcode lottery.

The research reviews Office of National Statistics earnings data for employees across the 632 parliamentary constituencies in England, Scotland and Wales. It finds that, in 74 British parliamentary constituencies, less than 50% of employees have a gross annual income at or above £18,600 per annum. That means that more than half of workers living in these areas are effectively priced out of having a family life with a non-EU national.

Families separated by the new family migration rules and the income threshold of 18.600

Workers in parts of the North West and South West of England, as well as across Wales, are particularly likely to be affected due to lower than average earnings in those areas. By contrast, the ten parliamentary constituencies with the highest average earnings are all based in London. Someone living and working in Putney, in London, is effectively more than twice as likely to be able to meet the rules than a worker residing in Blackpool South.

Since July 2012, a number of MPs have raised the issue of the regional disadvantage felt by some trying to meet the family migration rules. The Government has resisted calls for a regionally varied income requirement, and largely refused to acknowledge the uneven impacts of the rules across the UK.  But surely the solution is for the Government to reduce the income requirement to a level that can be realistically reached by workers across the UK - with the level of the National Minimum Wage seeming like a sensible place to start. In addition, widening the income sources that can be used to meet the rules would allow families to reflect the full range of resources available to them in their applications.

Currently, many of the families affected by the rules are anxiously awaiting the Court of Appeal judgement on the MM & Ors legal challenge. This is an important case, but we understand that any outcome from the legal challenges, even in the best case scenario, is unlikely to be felt before the next general election.

In the meantime, the mounting evidence that the bar for family migration is prohibitively high needs to reach a wider set of parliamentarians who are more generally disturbed about the widespread disadvantages faced by the UK’s lower-income workers. It is critical that this wider group of MPs and peers, and other potentially supportive stakeholders, are drawn into the public debate about these rules.

Over the coming month, as we build up to the second anniversary of the family migration rules and the Court of Appeal judgement is issued, there will be renewed attention on this issue. If you are interested in campaigning, please put 9th July 2014 in your diary as there will be a parliamentary meeting from 10 - 11.30am in Westminster - you can sign up for that here. In addition, there will be lobbying and campaigning activities organised by MRN, JCWI and Britcits, and others across the Divided Families campaign.

Let’s work together to make the case for political change on this critical campaign.

  • To download the report click here [PDF].

  • MRN has sent copies of the report to the MPs of the 74 constituencies listed in the report. We would encourage all who wish to, to take the opportunity to write again to your local MP, enclosing a copy of the report. Please click here for a template letter. We strongly advise that you adapt the letter according to your personal circumstances - and please do let us know if you get a response.

  • Sign up to receive updates from MRN by registering on the We are Family website here.

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But it isn't just the £18,600 income barrier its all the Pre Entry English test and the Life in the UK test that are designed by May and her Home Office to stop ordinary respectable Brits having a family life in the UK which beaches ECHR Article 8 and UK Law.
In Sept 2010 Liberty UK had a report done by Rabinder Singh QC ( now a Judge) and Aileen McColgan on the Pre Entry English test. That 13 page report can be read on the Liberty website. The report stated that Ms Mays Pre Entry English test breached ECHR Articles 8 and 14 and UK Human Rights Law. Mays rule gave no opportunity for a person to enter the UK and learn English in the UK where they have a greater chance to pass a test.
May implemented her Pre Entry English test on 14 December 2010 and ignored Liberty UK request to discuss!
The New Statesman Editorial team all took the 'Life in the UK test' and failed! reported by Medhi Hasan. He said the NS team decided that the test was a means to reject applicants and not to aid to integration.
This same test was looked at by a University Professor who said in his mind it 'was more like a pub quiz. The old test was in fact perfectly adequate - fit for purpose - unlike the UKBA.
These measures have all been devised and implemented by May in order to 'reduce net immigration' and meet the Tory 2010 election pledge. But the policy has failed - quote George Osbourne.
The fact that May's rules discriminate against only British nationals with a NON EU spouse and hurts / destroys the family lives of British men woman and children has no impact on church going Ms May. She does not love her neighbour as she does herself!
The sooner we all vote to get this Tory led Coalition out the better.
I have been told by a friend that even UKIP members have said they would not resort to the low tactics used by May hurting British families their husbands wives and children.

Another factor about May's rules damaging the was published by the Middlesex University School of Law who did and 'impact analysis' on May's rules on family migration.
They found that over ten years the effect would be a loss of £850million to the UK economy.
This information should be given the widest publicity to inform the public exactly what May and Co are doing to damage Britain and not to enhance ordinary people standard of living.

Dave is absolutely right. reasoning with Theresa May about the rights and wrongs of the rules is pointless. She already knows it's unfair and has been designed to knock on the head the only immigration route over which she has control - British citizens seeking to live in the UK with non-EU partners.

It's just an attempt to bring down net immigration before the 2015 election. She knows it's wrong. She knows it's unethical and illegal. She doesn't care. As long as she gets to 2015 without wavering she thinks she will get enough Brownie points to be considered tough enough to oust DC and have a pop at being the great leader.

Thousands of British citizens have been sacrificed on the altar of PM Theresa May. That's what she thinks of Brits and she deserves to be voted out and into oblivion. A traitor.

Theresa may steals lives. I have worked and paid taxes all my life in this country never claiming benefits. My egyptian husband of 3years is not allowed to be in the country but he refuses to leave me, his wife. He also has a daughter who is british. We will never get the time back that we have been treading water, with no life to speak of,while tryingto sort out his immigration status. Second application just refused. Now we have to spend thousands on a barrister to appeal. No right towork. No bank account. We cant go on holiday, always afraid of him being deported. How i hate that woman she has no heart. And yes if i was from europe my husband could stay but because im british we have been told to go live in cairo and that i can keep in c
ontact with my family on skype! Where are MY human rights ?

Theresa May and the nasty party are putting up barriers,setting impossible wage targets in many areas of the country, spouting we have cut down on immigration.Hoping against hope this will be a certain vote winner.They can only target wives,husbands,partners,and families from outside of Europe.They set a minimum wage and if the company will not pay above the minimum wage,then your family life must sadly come to an end.Meaning that if you do not earn at least 100 pounds above the minimum rate,your wife or husband will not be allowed into the country.As Black Adder would say,I have a cunning plan.Ensure the minimum wage is considerably lower than the required income,and Bingo,they are on a winner,but on no account raise the minimum wage,or reduce the income required.Many students who have left the University do not get 18,600.However it is easy for Dave Cameron to employ his school mates on 100K as Downing St advisers at the expense of tax payers,along with the Mobility boss,on 850K and the HS2 boss on 810K all funded by tax payers,while idiots like Damian Green and May shout the immigrants must not be a burden on the tax payers.

I have read all above comments and would like to add another theme,we British are having our benefits stripped via bedroom tax,Atos assessments and being put in lower benefits,I myself down by £160 a month,this to save costs yet we have 47,000 European immigrants extra and after a few months most probably get better benefits than us,at moment most single parents from the European Economic Area get full child benefit to send back to their children while now I have found out that after getting child benefit for my daughter last year and she lives in Africa I have been told I will not get this year and might have to pay back last years,still have to support wife and daughter,unable to get into UK although May has said in one report that earnings etc should be decided on if you can support without resources from UK.I have read that Norway and Iceland do not belong to EEA and are classed as non-Euro and overseas but get full child benefit while other overseas child benefit is being reduced

Egyptian husband,married for three years.

Anonymous,believe me I know how you feel.However I have VG success rate at getting things sorted without looking for a barrister,who revel in the opportunity to make a little money.Little be damned,a whole shed load.If you are following up this blog,leave me your email address,I will do all I can,and tell you how I did it,and it will not cost you a penny.I will do it for free,though I am not a barrister,I have had dealings with the UKBA since Jan 2005,and I have won every time.You have nothing to lose,as I have said I will help you for free and it will be my pleasure.

Hiya harry please email me so we could talk about my situation in depth regarding my spouse visa thanc

Folks just be careful what you blog on these sites. Remember Ms May and her Home Office gestapo monitor and check what we blog / reveal and will use it against us where they can. so beware OK.

If you want to know what May's Home Office staff get up to blocking, refusing visas to British spouses read Immigration Lawyer Colin Yeo's website Free Movement where he reports the way they refuse, delay, cause stress and havoc and push up the cost to applicants and appellants.
It starts right at the visa application stage and goes right thro to the Appeals Tribunal. Its all designed to wear us down with their only objective is to refuse / deny / stop visa issues.
All to keep down net immigration because May cannot touch EU immigrants.
May pays her HO staff £10K annual bonuses which the Home Affairs Select Comm has said should cease. But May hasn't stopped paying out public money.
I did read that May would not provide a Freedom of Information request to provide the cost of her legal fees paid out of public funds.
In Britain's democracy she is allowed to work unfettered even paying for unsuccessful flights to deport so called 'illegals'! The whole system is a big can of worms - because like Dennis Skinner said in Parliament its all about 'her ambition to succeed Cameron!

I am also affected by this, I am a mother of two young children from a previous relationship, I work , be it part time , but I cannot sponsor my fiancé here. I've looked into full time jobs but one of my children are that in between age where there is no funding for childcare , It's basically impossible for me anyway , school runs etc how am I meant to do this, I have no family local. I'm looking at getting another part time job but even then I still wouldn't earn enough. How on earth do they expect people like me, mothers forced into single parents to earn 18600pa The effect this has on me and my children is devastating, you try to stay strong , but how can you when there is no light at the end of the tunnel just yet, its all a waiting game.

If I could give up my British citizenship for a European one I would in a split second But unfortunately I have no family born in another EU state. I am not proud to be British, and I feel let down by my own country of birth. made me laugh in did belief when I read the conservatives are making immigration fairer on the British citizens , what a load of bull. If it as fair , we would have our partners here.

Not everyone wants to sponge MS May. You are punishing good people who work hard.

sorry for the typos *

I wonder if I could use my German name and become a European,my great-grandfather was German.As you say Freedom of Information covers the Border Agency,I tried to find out about my wife when she was refused entry but to no avail,at that time David Wood was the chief of Border Agency,never bothered to answer my letter,yet 3 days later he was on a Parliamentary Select Committee and he was completely rubbished and told he was lucky to be employed still.Immigration staff have been paid holiday,high street vouchers for turning back visitors just for bringing laptops into the UK,Border Agency think they will use them for working as they use in own country and not go back.

Everyone, including Cameron, is now talking about British values - like democracy justice and tolerance. We should all be asking does it include HYPOCRACY?
Because where is the 'democracy justice and tolerance' in Ms May denying visas to the spouses of British citizens and splitting up respectable self sufficient British families just to satisfy her own ambitions as a politician to inherit Cameron's position?
This is what MRN JCWI BritCits Free Movement etc , and all of us, should be asking this 'hypocritical' Home Secretary Theresa May and Prime Minister and Tory party MPs.
Have you watched May answering questions in Parliament? She gets angry and arrogant and will not give a straight answer - like why did she leave the HO letter on the HO letter to Gove on the HO website for 3 days? Asked 7 times she would not give an answer!
Ask your MP and local newspaper write / blog everywhere and give May the oxygen of publicity she deserves / wants.
But give the truth - don't plead it gets us no where - be angry and demand an answer - the question - is it British for the Home Secretary to split up British families for her personal ambitions?

We have at least 17,800 respectable British families affected by Ms May's pernicious rules against us - using British public funds to destroy British families.
What if each family put £100 into a fighting fund - have MRN JCWI and Liberty UK as fund administrators and hire immigration lawyer Colin Yeo of Free Movement to challenge Ms May in a Court of Law for implementing her rules and destroying British families.
Invite Keith Vaz MP Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee to ask his committee to observe.
Plus ask the Guardian, the Daily Mirror, the Independent and the Huffington Post online BBC Sky etc - All to report the story.
Have Ms May peeing in her pants and Cameron crapping himself - especially with just one year to go before the 2015 general election.
What's the betting Labour, the Lib Dems and UKIP plus the Greens, other politicians would join in destroying the Tory party! What a revenge we would have against May and Cameron!
Anyone up for it at MRN JCWI Liberty BritCits - all you folks - lets fight united we stand divided we fall right. Remember the Courts / judiciary have shown their disdain of May.
Anyone got any thoughts about the idea - if we 'worms' all to turn and bite back? allan

I earn a salary high enough to sponsor my South African husband - but we have had to wait 6 months as I didn't earn enough in the year prior to moving back to the UK because of the currency exchange rate in SA where we lived for 3 years. So for these 6 months despite me earning double the minimum he is here on a visitor visa unable to work or pay taxes and unable to apply for a spouse visa, we are waiting fro my 6 months payslip before we can start proceedings. Makes no sense that past earnings should dictate the present

Anonymous suggest you read Colin Yeo's website Free Movement and study his past reports. It might open your eyes because you might find you have to wait a lot longer than you expect.
May doesn't want to issue any spouse visas and if you read Free Movement CY tells how the HO use every trick in the book to delay refuse and deny a spouse visa.
They force people to go to tribunal where they continue to delay, increase their costs and cause more them stress.
If after the 2015 general election the Tory party gets back into power the situation is likely to get worse.
I am a pensioner and have a guaranteed income above the £18,600 my own home and low expenses.
But I am intending to leave the UK because under the Tory Govt things will get worse not better. The Tory's use xenophobia to stir up a public who are kept in the dark so the British public are like sheeples - an island race with island minds.
I worked overseas a lot and can see the UK going down hill fast. There are more problems in the NHS and more people with low incomes and more children / families having to use food banks.
Tory policy is to take the UK back to the Victorian era where they have their boots on the necks of a poor population. I hope I'm wrong - but what if I'm right? Good luck.

May's Home Office will issue a visa to get fees income. If you are a £millionaire business man she issues a fast track visa. She will issue a visitors visa and she will take the fee for a spouse visa. Its all good income for the Home Office which is what she wants.
But then she delays and frustrates a spouse visa to avoid increasing net immigration numbers! That can eventually cost the applicant money for lawyers fees if / when the visa is refused and the case is taken to Tribunal.
May has public money to spend. £millionaires have plenty so she doesn't mind then getting a visa. But ordinary folks with families she gives them a hard time.
I can recall Wendy, Claire a Canadian lady and many others on this site and JCWI having the same problem. May is not a family person and she has no concern for British families only for herself and her political ambition - which is to lead the Tory party!

I have a non-EU wife and been married for 30 years. The bulk of this living outside the UK.
We are just to start the process of a visa application and are stunned about the discovery of this rule.

Willum very sorry but May's rules are hitting any / all NON EU spouses of British citizens - and only these spouses.
If you were an EEA national, French German etc, with a NON EU spouse then May cannot stop you / me bringing our spouse into the UK and living here.
May's rules apply to British Commonwealth, US and other nationals who were / are British allies during WW2 - like the Canadians and US citizens- they are that perverse.
Many people like ourselves want to come to Britain only find out when we start to apply.
Then when we do apply we are caught up in May's system and then find out the problems.
There is a young married mother in Essex with two children. Her mother was German and her father a British soldier who got married when he was posted in Germany.
They had a baby daughter ( the young woman) and came back to the UK when she was 3 months old. She has lived here got married had her children, done jury service and voted.
She applied for a British passport to go on holiday with her family and the Home Office refused her a passport because she did not have a UK birth certificate!
She asked the German embassy could they help and they said they could not.
In effect this has left her stateless - although she lives in England has an English husband and two English children. It was broadcast on UK TV and everyone was aghast.
This is how perverse May's rules are hurting innocent respectable families separating British husbands wives and children. This is British decency under May and the Tory party - it stinks and May is an autocrat - the sooner she's got rid of the better. Do your research you'll be amazed. good luck to all - but we all need to know what we are all up against. best wishes.

In todays news you can read / hear about the major problem at the Home Office passport department that is affecting British families wanting to go on their summer holidays.
Summer holidays which have been booked and paid for but when these Brits try to renew their passports there is a log jam which could mean they will not get their passports back in time to travel so may have to lose their holiday. Its in all the news papers and on TV news.
But of course its denied by May and her toadies. Yet there is reported to be some 500,000 Brits waiting. But if they pay another £55 they can get it fast tracked!
So we have passport chaos at May's passport office - but you can pay £55 extra to get your passport fast tracked. So is that some kind of fudge to get more money out of the public for the Home Office or what? May of course denies everything - except that she is always right!

I like Dave am thinking of living abroad,I can see UK getting worse and hope things do not go downhill to much.They say the 5 major ethnic societies in the UK make up 45% of population but the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Jessica Ennis with a parent of brown/black origin are not included in the figure so we could already be over 50%.I read yesterday that over 600,000 European migrants here already do not have employment,up 71% in 6 years and costing NHS £1.5 billion.I like the idea of £100,something which I suggested some time ago but as I have lost so much money from this government's taking benefits of us Brits,most of what they take do not affect Euro migrants,they are covered by EEA rules.The savings being made are going on Euro migrants,especially on child benefit,if the child keeps their own payment in their country then add the amount sent to them from the UK they are better of than our own children in the UK,most of us who have paid into the system for years unlike most European migrants only a few years,mind plenty here never done a days work and works the system which is why many of us have fallen foul of the benefit cutbacks now.

Thanks for the comments all. Please get involved in campaigning on 9 July if you can. 

In addition to the APPG on Migration meeting in Parliament, there will also be a Divided Families demo in Westminster (time and meeting place tbc), and the launch of a new piece of research into the impact of the Adult Dependent Relative route by Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants and Britcits, at 6.30pm in Committee Room 9 in Parliament.

It will be a busy day!

I am sorry to say this but all cannot be blamed on Ms May,she has her own reasons to do what she is doing but if Labour had not opened the gates to all these European migrants we would not be in this position,until we get a different government fit to look after us British citizens first and European second in all areas such as immigration and benefits then things will stay the same for some time.I will be contacting my MP about where he stands on this bias ruling against us British passport holders.

Sorry Wurzel I disagree with you. May deliberately chose to target the NON EU spouses of British citizens. It was a cowardly move to reduce net immigration and it has failed.
The reason its failed is because the bulk of the net immigration comes from the EU who May cannot / will not touch. NON EU spouses are just an 'easy target' for her to look tough and try to increase her status and gain kudos.
May went to see EU Commissioner Viviane Reding about EU migration who sent her back to the UK with her tail between her legs telling May the influx of EU migrants was not the EUs problem but the UKs - so deal with it. But Ms May can't / doesn't know how/ finds it too difficult,
May always looks for an easy cop out and sacrifices her junior staff rather than accept responsibility herself. The passport debacle we have she says is not her fault - but it is!
Remember Brodie Clark and the Heathrow fiasco? BC was a top man but he took the fall for her and took a 'secret' payoff to keep stum.
May has just unloaded her chosen PAD over the Home Office site letter in response to Gove.
In Parliament May was asked seven times to confirm / deny she was responsible for leaving the letter on the HO website for three days. Again seven times she dodged answering the question.
Mays means of defence is attack - with arrogance - Jack Sraw and Blunkett have told her that - both ex Home Sec's.
May is the architect of the UK NON EU family policy and it will not change while she's in office irrespective of all the efforts of the APPG MRM JCWI BritCits Free Movement etc.
Ms May is not PRO the UK she's PRO May - the only daughter of a vicar who is a church going Christian without any Christian empathy for the British families she' destroyed!
Have you read Colin Yeo's Free Movement website he knows whose responsible so does Keith Vaz Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee. See all the evidence for yourself.

Wurzel I am a pensioner who worked overseas came back to the UK with my NON EU wife who I have know since 1984. She has a degree in business studies and worked as a stock control buyer. She had a spouse visa and when I popped off she would go back to her own country. But we went to her country for Xmas 2010 came back she had to apply for her next visa which was refused because she had to take the Pre Entry English introduced in Dec 2010.
She had two weeks to prepare for the test. I took the sample test online and failed. The receptionist at my doctors a mature born and bred English lady took the sample test and failed/
My wife had to go to her home in January 2011. I have since found out the test is loaded. But for £500 you could get a pass because it was shown on BBC Panorama it was being fiddled!
But we are honest respectable Brits aren't we? We don't believe in bribery do we - its not British is it? But that's what Mays rules have bred in the UK so ask - how was it when Nay set up her rules she didn't set up a system where bribery could not prevail?
Why did it prevail from 2010 until it was shown up on BBC Panorama in 2014?
This all happens on May's watch - she is responsible - but she doesn't know her job!
She pays HO staff £10.000 annual bonuses out of public money which the Home Affairs Select Committee has said she should stop. But she hasn't. Why? Isn't it all corrupt?
I am lucky I can go live with my wife for extended periods being retired. But others can't.
Like the husbands wives and children who have had their family life destroyed by May.
Soon I am quitting the UK to go live with my wife. It will be more economic and I / we have a nice place to live among her people who I find gracious accepting friendly and good people.
With the NHS and other services falling apart and the UK politicians all filling their boots I don't want to stay. But I do want Mays family policy to be hung round her neck because its cruel and wicked! jack

This morning we have more press reports of complete and utter confusion in the Passport Office. Yet yesterday in Parliament, in statements, Cameron and May assured the public they had everything under control. We the public can't believe a word they tell us or anything they do. Vote them out in 2015 - they serve themselves and not us the public. Go May Go!

Jack and Dave,I agree May is doing the best for herself but it was labour who got us into this mess,remember that Cameron promised us a referendum on Europe if he won election,we are still waiting.I know for a fact that immigration staff have got bonuses for refusing visitors on scurrilous grounds,my own case was that I did not look ill as stated on my then girlfriends application,yet I could not do a written statement due to my illness,which was noted,7 hours I waited at the airport,the person who deported her should have gone home but stayed as she knew her colleagues would have let her stay.When we got the refusal letter it also stated her biometric fingerprints were used a month before,I was talking to her in her mothers home same day/night,my MP say she should have been aloud to stay,guess what his party is.I have evidence of backhanders being paid for visa's,again shown to my MP,his secretary thinks my documents show many mis-comings,wrong dates but he refused to push,only writing letters.I will decide to live with my wife and child,at the moment happy to see on Skype and going over when I can for 3 months at a time,I have 2 houses to look after but when I get to pension age I will go,then I can have a comfortable life.I am no lover of this Tory government at all,take from the Brits give to the Europeans

Wurzel good on you mate you have had a tough time but you will win thro in the end. But really you shouldn't have to and wouldn't have to if it wasn't for May and her nasty rules.
It should be your right to marry who you want and have your wife with you.
May has gained nothing by her nasty rules against Brit families. Net immigration hasn't decreased and will not while the EU nationals are allowed to enter the UK as they please.
But May tries to take the easy way out until it blows up in her face -like the passport fiasco she's now in and her spat with Gove. Which all show Mays incompetence and her self interest. Hang on in there mate and keep sticking pins in Mays photo like I do!

Thanks Dave,Let me tell you another thing I have found out.Last year when I went to see my baby daughter for the first time,I looked at the possibility of child benefit,read that child born overseas,by descent you can apply,got my daughter passport from her country,paper birth certificate,they have laminated ones,applied when I got back,received child benefit.Went back this year for 3+ months, told all benefit people,bit daft doing that,now told not get this year and might have to pay back last years £800.Have read an article from one of our daily's,Norway and Iceland not members of the EEA,they get full child benefit,although they are classed as non Euro and overseas and quoting many overseas child benefits are now not been given,so another piece against us Brits.I am waiting to see if I get this years as I have filled in a different form,plus the usual which does not mention the by descent bit nor does the website where I found it last year.

Good luck to you Wurzel you should get all your benefits because you made your contributions. I don't agree with what these bureaucrats who want to deprive us.
I worked hard all my life paid all my contributions, even when I was overseas, and I get my state pension. Which will be frozen at the level it is set when I leave the UK.
But as my cost of living will be about one third of what it is here then no problem as I see it.
People knock Saudi but when I worked there I had my wife in to stay with me and when I left they paid me back all my pension contributions. I was better treated by the Saudis than I am In the UK by the Tory nasty party. That's a recommendation for British values isn't it.
The UK is going downhill fast and in a few years the people are going to realise just what Cameron May and Co are doing. But by then it will be too late. Take care mate. dave

Interesting that a thread about people not being able to bring over their spouses gets over thirty replies and one on a potential immigration bill and one on anti racism gets none. That suggests that the vast majority of people that care about migrants rights, simply want to get their partners in to he country, so basically self interest really.

None of the responders seem to be British Pakistanis, which is odd because they make up a quarter of all spouse visa applications, three times as many as British Indians, the largest migrant group and originally from a country ten times the population of Pakistan.

The fairest solution seems to refuse all spouse visa applicants unless both parents were born here and are British citizens. The numbers would decrease and the minimum earnings level could be lowered without any rise in immigration numbers.

British values are down drain by these torys.never vote them

MRN2014 I have met you before on this website and you still trot out the same narrow rubbish and don't respond when you are challenged.
Yes we quote from our own experience because we have all been separated from our loved one's. Have you?
But that doesn't mean we have no understanding and respect for other people. Like May's treatment of people in her detention centres!
I worked in Saudi with people from many different countries.
We all had one objective - keep the oil and petro dollars flowing - because its keeps the world going.
There is now a problem in Iraq with ISIS and extremist organization - what is the immediate result? An increase in the price of crude oil - which hurts us ordinary people.
That same isolation extremism that 'I am right - all others are wrong', has now crept into the UK public's thinking who are being manipulated by self seeking ambitious politicians.
Keep the people minds on football - we don't want them thinking - especially about politics. They might realise what we politicians are up to!
Hitler demonized the German people against the Jews - look where that led.
People who blog on MRN JCWI have a problem because politicians like May have introduced rules for their own political advantage - but on a wider scale they affect the rights of all / any Brit because she destroys our freedom of choice! Your freedom of choice could be next that's curtailed so beware!
Think deeper and wider MRN2014 British freedoms are at being diluted.

Its interesting that MRN2014 quotes the British Pakistani community which is relevant.
That raises the thought are Ms May's rules aimed primarily at the Pakistani / Indian community and the rest of us are caught up in the problem?
If that were the case then May's rules definitely become 'racist'! In which case May ( Cameron) are in breach of UK Law - as well as being a total hypocrite claiming their Govt isn't racist. Any comments please?

weak people have to be always beaten up, the govt is following that rules. So many European are coming to britain to claim benefit and working illegelly but no one looking at them. Only few of us are living without our love because of earning low money when paying tax to govt as well.

wurzel- it is beyond me how you can say what you do if you have read even a few of the very sad experiences of folk affected by the evil Thersa May rules which Hitler and Stalin would have approved of ! Whatevever the situation with EU citizens and even if 20 million arrived to live here( IRRELEVANT) , a normal person with a modicum of compassion would not tear apart genuine and self supporting families solely to try and help Tory re-election prospects in 2015 . She is an absolutely despicable human being.

Peter,if you read my notes proper you will see I am no lover of May but to many European immigrants were let in by Labour and while we are in Europe nothing will change,lots of British are having their benefits stripped of them,what savings this government gets goes on Euro then other immigration in benefits,most get better than us and not all have paid into the system for years,45 years I paid into and now I get same benefits as those who hardly paid into,in fact I am worse of than some neighbours.I have tried many ways of getting this bias against the £18,600 which us Brits have to earn,writing to many papers,tv programmes but no one cares, local programme did about the £18,600 which affects a Brit woman who can't get her USA husband over here and they have been married several years,I was away at the time and missed and its not on I-player,I wrote to them for a copy and mentioned in case they did not know how Euro migrants get their spouse and children in from any part of the world with no minimum earnings,will I hear from them,doubt it.So my friends half of the battle is to try and get the media on our side,sites like this are read by a few,I will endeavour to try and get our story further into the media.

Don't know if your guys read the Independent on line and see yesterdays cartoon it was a corker. Ms May cartooned as ''excess baggage''. Recommend to all because these cartoons show it as it is - warts and all as they - or in this case beaky nose baggy eyes etc and the rest. Look it up guys because this is how we all see her. jack

Read todays Daily Mail which reports 208,000 passports handed to migrants in one year.
One reason why there is a massive backlog at the passport office. Passport office workers are suicidal! May has no idea how bad things are!
But May has no idea about anything. That's why she destroyed the family lives of 17,800 respectable British families by refusing them spouse visas.
Yesterdays Independent had a cartoon about May being 'excess baggage'. Read it guys because it shows May as she is - in all her glory.
Her only care her political career to take over from Cameron - for which she will sacrifice all of us - ask Dennis Skinner MP he knows!

Hi Dave, I saw that on the news about the passports. May I add too that I find your posts really helpful , makes me feel not alone in the living nightmare my family and I are in.

Al the best to you.

ted mate your not alone 'we' are all with you 100% ok. That's why I blog the truth about May and what she's up to. Some of these fools think she is a contender for Cameron's job. God help the UK because she can't even do what she is supposed to do as Home Secretary and its been like that since 2010. Look up her history - only daughter of a vicar, married to an investment banker, never had children - so doesn't know about women / mums with children and out for herself and her career. Well she needs stopping dead because what she's done to British families is criminal and traitorous to the British people. Like Peter said she is as bad a Hitler and Stalin with her autocratic ways and how she's ignored our human rights. You add your blog ted it helps to let out your anger and frustration. Her day will come soon we hope. dave

Hi i need help egyptian husbands visa been refused 3 times and that was for family visit one. We was not left enough time to appeal etc but still no luck. I am about to have our baby in uk and dont know where i stand now in regards to having him here. We r having to live separate and i have 3 addition children here in uk. Work self employed. My email is [email protected] if anyone had advise or anything i would be grateful.

Oh Emma my heart goes out to you , I'm too trapped . I cant have my partner here either, the one thing the incompetent Theresa may cant say to me is go to my fiancé's country as my children are from a previous relationship, its disgusting we are being dictated too , controlled by that May woman as Dave mentioned she has no idea about family views ( I know that wasn't your exact words Dave forgive me but just doing the general jist of it ) It worried me the other day though when I read a positive thing about the lib dems wanting to change the immigration rules but the general public was mocking them, what chance do we have ? when this government have brain washed everyone into thinking NON EU are here to sponge , they cant get public funds anyway. It concerns me and scares me . Its not like I can even leave the country , I wish I could ...


Ladies let it out don't bottle it up we all understand your difficulties and we all deplore what May has done to you. So you do have friends even if we can't do much to help you.
I want to get it out where the British public can see what's happening. But we don't have access to the media and those that do don't seem to want to use it.
Some of us have tried but we are just nobodies. I think the general public would be very angry if they knew what was really being done to British families. Especially to British women and children the public would be up in arms about it.
The Govt don't want that publicity and they try to put the arm on - same as they tried over the Trussell Trust and the food banks.
It wants broadcasting on Panorama or a similar TV program. Get the press giving May's policy the oxygen of publicity because so far nothing has been achieved and May is still hitting British families.
Cameron flaunts his wife and kids on TV and doesn't give a toss about others so he's a complete hypocrite. Preaches human rights to other countries and ignores them in the UK.
But they'll get their come uppance one day just the same as Thatcher and Blair - but that's not going to help you now I'm afraid.
Have you got 'womens refuge charity' in your town - ask if they can help in any way- its not quite their type of situation but who knows? Or the women's institute - but they are all snobby cake makers.
Your children / British children are going to suffer because they have lost their family environment - which they are entitled to under the UK human rights act.
Why should your children, and you, suffer because some lousy woman MP with no family of her own, and who doesn't give a toss wants to advance her political career and become leader of the Tory nasty party?
I get angry about that and I am a pensioner. You could be my daughter/s - and your kids my grandchildren!
May is a disgusting self centred ambitious woman harming the UK and its people and children - she wants showing up for what she is and so does Cameron.
bless you all dave.

Ladies you see you are not alone. I remember at least two other ladies same as you last year. One was Wendy and the other Claire. Both had their families broken both finding it tough same as you. Wendy was very outspoken and forthright on JCWI.
Out of the 17,800 families affected I guess at least two thirds of them have to be women with children. Assume each has two children we are looking at an awful lot of ladies and children who have been hit. 9,000 ladies and 18,000 children? That's 27,000 all been badly hurt!
Plus maybe 8,000 dads with two children. That's another 24,000 trit citizens.
So we could be looking at 50,000 mums dads and children affected by Mays rules!
Its a public scandal waiting to brake and it will if we can find the right way to expose it - and we will - May and Cameron will pay the price. So hang on dave

Thank you Dave , your words bring me comfort. I'm trying to be strong but it is so hard . My children don't understand I shouldn't have to explain mummy doesn't earn enough they ask why isn't he here. Its heart breaking, I feel I have let them down.

fed up you haven't let your kids down OK. Malignant May and Cameron has let them down not you. All you mums are entitled to a life and May cannot / will not see that. All she sees is her own selfish ambitions and she treads on anyone who gets in her way.
Brought up as an only child probably cosseted and spoilt rotten this church going Anglican Christian is NO Christian. That's why she needs being exposed in her church as being false!
Add to that everything she touches is screwed up. She's done nothing to benefit Britain that's why the Independent Friday cartoon shows her as 'excess baggage.
So no more self doubt ladies. You are trying to bring your kids up as best you can and a Home Secretary who has never had a child is deliberately stopping you. May has a lot to answer for when she gets in front of her god. Hug your kids tell them mummy and daddy love them and always will OK. Two fingers to from all of us right. dave

Its interesting that Cardinal Vincent Nicholls RC Archbishop of Westminster has condemned Mays policy against British families. He wouldn't have done that without the Vatican knowing.

But Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who has bee invited to do the same has declined! May is one of his flock but he has declined to comment!
So good for Cardinal Nichols and as for the Anglicans well they have become deaf and dumb!
I don't think May is liked among the muslim community either. She's going to meet a lot of people when she gets to the 'pearly gates'. I'll be waiting for her then its our turn right.
So much for British values - this is British hypocracy at its finest and May leads the parade!

Didn't Jesus say - '' suffer little children to come unto me''?
That's something that May appears never to have been taught or has forgotten.
Also '' do unto to others as you would have done unto you''.
So now May has shown us what she wants us to do to her - and I for one can't wait.

:( we should marry who we want. We have a right to marry who we choose who we want to marry. This is so depressing. Why does money have to be so much in this. I do work i am earning enough i am hardworking n living stabily.:( jus upsets me so much these rules are so cruel. Just want to be happy. I cry myself to sleep.. .but am not giving up. I feel for you all out there :(. Dnt give up!

Sofia don't cry be strong and defiant against May. She is an ugly hurtful person who is totally incompetent. Her days are numbered she will go like Thatcher hated and despised by us.

Sofia don't cry be strong and defiant against May. She is an ugly hurtful person who is totally incompetent. Her days are numbered she will go like Thatcher hated and despised by us.

Sofia,its a fact of life now,money speaks, we in UK lose our benefits to save money yet more immigrants come in especially from Europe as other immigrants are finding it harder to enter.Did you see Question Time Thurs,it stated by one panel member,13,000,000 in UK below poverty line,see Duncan Smiths face.Another MP Tessa Munt,stated she does not like the bedroom tax,yet voted for it in the Commons,follow party rules.What we need are MP's who do not follow party rules to look after their constituents instead of the party,it was us public which voted them in,most though are in for their own good.I have suffered by bad Border Agency,DWP on benefits and I have one useless MP with no backbone.This is my second year for Fathers Day,perhaps next year I will be there,so all the best you fathers who are missing your children.

Folks had an email this morning that one of our bloggers is being blocked on this site. How who and why isn't clear but its happened. So maybe the admin can answer why please?

Maybe its someone who doesn't like what's being blogged? A bit of hacking is going on?

Well said Wurzel I miss my step son tremendously. I lost my own son in 2006 and now my step son is very precious to me. jack

jack says: June 13, 2014

"Its interesting that MRN2014 quotes the British Pakistani community which is relevant.
That raises the thought are Ms May's rules aimed primarily at the Pakistani / Indian community and the rest of us are caught up in the problem?
If that were the case then May's rules definitely become 'racist'! In which case May ( Cameron) are in breach of UK Law - as well as being a total hypocrite claiming their Govt isn't racist. Any comments please?"

I would say that these rules are almost certainly aimed at the British Pakistani community, although I would not agree they are racist. British Pakistanis are not being targeted for the colour of their skin, their religion, or their ethnic identity, they are being targeted as they are by far the worst offenders chain migration wise. They have chosen to do this, so they can't complain if people point it out.

Many of the issues we face today in this country are due to lack of integration and the clash of cultures. Chain migration keeps the immigration cycle going though the generations and actively hinders integration. It should be outlawed immediately. These community's would disintegrate without the constant supply of fresh people from the old country.

I find it amazing that people try and argue racism, when the reasons for targeting certain groups is due to their actions. There are 183 countries in the world. Why should the people from just one get a quarter of all the spouse visas? How's that fair? They are abusing the system.

Of course the government can't just legislate against one ethnic group no matter how they are behaving because of discrimination laws, so they use economic weapons to cut the numbers. Of course all you guys have to suffer as well in the name of equality.

I believe in 2010 there were 31,000 spouse visas. British Pakistanis applied for 7,500, Indians 2,200. India has a population of a billion, Pakistan 100 million. There are nearly double the amount of British Indians in the UK as British Pakistanis.

Look at the permanent settlements. 19% Indian, 9% Pakistani, 5% Chinese, 4% Nigerian, 3% American. I would cap the lot at 3% for the big countries and 1% for the small. This isn't celebrating diversity, people are simply coming from the same places.

I don't highlight ethnic groups because of their race or religion, I highlight them based on the numbers. If it was Argentineans or Ukrainians, I would not hesitate to point the finger at them on immigration issues.

dave says: June 13, 2014

"MRN2014 I have met you before on this website and you still trot out the same narrow rubbish and don't respond when you are challenged."

It would help if you acknowledged that people have valid opinions on both sides of the debate, If you are just going to insult me, what is the point in me trying to answer your complaints.

"Yes we quote from our own experience because we have all been separated from our loved one's. Have you?"

I have offered several solutions, under which I would not be affected.

1. Ban chain migration
2. Allow the applicant to chose between their income or wealth and their spouses, but not both combined and not their extended family's.
3. Make the applicant legally responsible for their foreign spouse from an immigration rules point of view. If they disappear the British sponsor pays the costs of locating, detaining and deporting.

Implement that and the government could afford to lower the minimum earnings limits, as the numbers would go down without it.

MRN2014 the sponsor is already responsible for their foreign spouse / family. Their passport visa conditions state -' they are not entitled to any public benefits'.

Second the earnings level is designed to reduce spouse migration to meet an ideological Tory political pledge made by Cameron in 2010 to reduce net immigration to win votes.

The basic minimum earnings in the UK is £14,400 so the £18600 is well above that level.
Plus anyone with a child it goes up to £24,600 a figure way beyond the average.

It was aimed only at British families. It doesn't apply to EEA families. Therefore its a total discriminatory rule against only Brits and is in effect a breach of UK Law.

Your term 'chain immigration' is meaningless. What do you mean? Where did you dig that up from the BNP?

Net immigration hasn't been reduced by this rule. Because the large numbers are coming in from the EEA and these immigrants cannot be stopped under current rules. So its been a complete failure.
Cameron wants to preach human rights to other countries. He wants to talk of British values and Magna Carta. But its total hypocracy because he ignores human rights in the UK.

You need to read what's happening in British detention centres under Mays watch. But then I don't think you want to know the truth do you? You just like having a snipe!

Did anyone watch Panorama about two weeks ago and see them expose the Pre Entry English test as an effective measure.
Panorama televised how for £500 a person can pass the test without even sitting the test.
The tester company would get someone else to sit and take the test and pass for £500.
Yet the test May introduced has been in operation since December 2010!
So how many have taken / passed the test since Dec 2010 paying their £500 per time?
Like the passport office fiasco complete incompetence with this Home Secretary Ms May.
Duncan Smith has screwed up on his Universal credits/ bedroom tax & what about the food banks now feeding British children which he denies.
Grayling has screwed up the legal system and even Cameron's brother is against him.
90 prisoners absconded from the Ford Open prison - just walked away and can't be found.
May lost two Somali terror suspects - one in a taxi and one in a burka - never been found.
How many British Jihadists are now in Syria and Iraq with ISIS waiting to come back to the UK. Will the UK Borders agency be able stop them? Not if they are stamping passports for £70 per hour.
Someone needs to get their ducks in a row and its not us - we do our bit for the UK! Work pay our taxes and try to live a family life. No off shore funds for us or help like the bankers!
Get real MRN2014 SMELL THE COFFEE the UK is going down hill fast even UKIP could do better!

MRN2014 you know why May can hit 17,800 British families and not the illegals?
Because they are respectable tax paying honest and do things by the book. So when they apply for a visa and pay their fee and May wants to deny them she has their visa application and keeps their fee, the passport and sponsors details.
So they are an easy target and her Home Office gestapo just say NO!
Become an illegal and Mays gestapo has to find you then they release you so you can disappear again. Keeps the UKBA busy in a job and the public have to pay their taxes to pay for Mays incompetence.
She hires private flights to Nigeria which get refused landing so has to divert to Malta then refuel and fly back to Luton with the illegal still on board the plane - cost about £120,000 if I remember right!
I read a newspaper asked under an Freedom of Information request what Mays Home Office had spent on legal fees and the Home Office declined to provide that information - why?

just sat down and read through , and for all the fathers/grandfathers out there, happy fathers day to you and best wishes to you and your families.

I have found something interesting about my family today that my grandmother was born in limerick, Ireland which means I can get Irish citizenship if what I read is correct. Does that mean I can get rid of this burden of my British citizenship and become irish and bring my partner in that way?

fed up - good idea I think you can. I have read Brits going to Eire setting up a home getting their spouse in under Eire rules, getting the right documents and then moving back to the UK.
You become an EEA national and May cannot block you coming to the UK as I understand.
Check it out a bit more and go for it because you have nothing to lose. Shows how false Mays rules are doesn't it. Heard of a lot of people going to France or Spain even Germany doing the same. Scratching my brain but I think its called the Surinder Singh route. Any one else know - have more info - please blog for fed up. good luck keep us posted jack.

Hi jack, hope your well. Its difficult to find information as there is mccarthy ruling but she was dual nationality however from what I have read on the gov website if I renounce my British citizenship I can apply for the eea permit without moving to another eu state as I wont be officially British anymore. Be interesting if anyone has done it especially if others can do this too.

jack says: June 15, 2014

"Your term 'chain immigration' is meaningless. What do you mean? Where did you dig that up from the BNP?"

I have no idea about the BNP as I have never followed any of their manifestos, speeches, or policies. Please do not accuse anyone who is sceptical about immigration as being associated with the BNP. It is a classic left wing political weapon and extremely counter productive in getting a pro-immigration argument across.

Chain Migration is not meaningless, it is a term that refers to every generation, starting from the original migrants, marrying someone from the country they or their ancestor migrated from and bringing them to the UK. It's often through arranged marriage. It is usually for cultural or financial reasons, but mostly to avoid offspring marrying people from the local community that have become to integrated and westernised.

It is different from people marrying foreigners met by chance, purely for love and bringing them to the UK.

"You need to read what's happening in British detention centres under Mays watch. But then I don't think you want to know the truth do you? You just like having a snipe!"

No I like to debate immigration as it is a subject I interested in.

jack says: - June 15, 2014

"MRN2014 you know why May can hit 17,800 British families and not the illegals?"

All immigration routes need to be reduced. Work, study and family migration. Every route has to take it's fair share of cuts.

Illegals destroy their documentation, make endless appeals and use human rights to prevent their deportation. Would you support May in abolishing the Human rights act to make it easier to get rid of them? Most arrived here legally although were dishonest about their true intentions on leaving, or why they are here.

May has closed 600 colleges and blacklisted 1000 Indian banks. Foreign students from India is now down 30%. So basically they were really here to work, but knew they could not get in that way.

MRN2014 assume why you are right.
Then why hasn't May tackled where the majority of immigrants have come from the EU / EEA?
Why is it the independent University of Middlesex School of Law published a report on the impact of May's rules would cost the UK £850million over ten years by penalising British families?
Can Britain afford to lose £850million in these times of austerity?
Why was it that when May went to see EU Commissioner Vivian Reading May was told the problem lies in the UK and not with the EU?
Why has Cameron now, spouting about 'British values', allowed certain popular press to misrepresent facts about immigration thus demonising immigrants and creating a Xenophobic anti immigrant atmosphere copying what Hitler did to the Jews in the 1930s?
Why is it that the University of East Anglia stated that for every ten foreign students in the UK six British jobs were created - and those students have now been lost to the UK?
Foreign students are allowed to work so many hours per week aren't they?
So the UK loses their fees plus the goodwill that is generated by having overseas students?
Why has Britain now denied access to US and Commonwealth nationals?
So British Uni's are now reported to be opening colleges overseas giving them the work?
Don't you think its all political - divert public attention away from Government incompetence by demonising immigrants and have the public hate immigrants / take their attention away from the facts!
Make the public into 'sheeples', divert their attention, so we can manipulate them and they do not see our incompetence. What is Cameron an ex public relations man. What do PR people do manipulate peoples minds - and that's what they do to 'sheeples' OK.

MRN2014 you mention banks - what about the British banks scandal - why did we the British people have to bail out British banks - What about Barclays, RBS, Northern Rock and isn't there now a big stink about the fixing of the LIBOR rate? What does the public get promises and misinformation. Got you convinced haven't they.

MRN2014 good morning. For a man interested in immigration you seem not to do much of your own research but regurgitate the reports of biased popular press.
Perhaps if broadened your reading online and cross reference what is reported, double check and be more neutral you would know that much of what is reported about immigration is inaccurate.
Your views are certainly right wing anti immigration biased. But that's what some politicians want. Takes the public minds away from the truth makes their thinking 'manageable'.
I take all my quotes from all the press / tv reports I can read over the whole range of media.
I have a pretty good idea which paper is right wing and why. Which one is left wing and which is neutral. I read a report in one paper and check it with another that has different views. I try to achieve balance and the facts by checking with well established neutral bodies.
National Audit Office, National Statistics Office, Home Affairs Select Committee, Public Accounts Committee. I ask myself why this MP would make this claim. I watch Lords and Commons debates on BBC Parliament TV. I note what foreign politicians have to say.
I am a bit of a nerd I would rather watch TV politics than football which is even more corrupt.
Why? Well I was born before WW2 and saw the Germans bomb London, learnt the horrors of Hitlers Germany then Stalin and the Gulags. That shaped my mind about politicians who like to manipulate voters because their vested interests are power and too benefit themselves! My ambitions are for democracy liberalism human rights respect for the people and tolerance of the views of other including you. But I have yet to see you reciprocate?

MRN2014 todays Huffington Post online read the report by Shami Chakrabarti Director of Liberty UK titled '' why does our collective empathy so often fail to manifest in our treatment of refugees''. A thought provoking article by a very learned and experience lady please read and give us your take on her article.
Recommend you watch the House of Lords debates on immigration - you like a debate they are very interesting. jack

Now we have the Forced Marriage Act,Double Standards from Ms May when she stops genuine married couples who have married through falling in love apart,while letting European migrants who have non European and overseas spouses and children.

That's exactly what I am thinking Wurzel. Its a pity someone doesn't put that to her on tv or in the Commons so we can see her wriggle.
Bit on Sky news reports May was told about the passport debacle over one year ago when she change it so all overseas applications were sent to the UK. But she ignored what she was told. Sounds just like May 'queen of the cock ups'!

Guys one day May will get her 'come uppance' just the same as Blair is now. Give it time.

I have tried,only last week I e-mailed Daily Politics to ask them to do a piece on our quest for a chance to get our loved ones from overseas and have e-mailed local programme,Inside Out to see if they would like to do another version where they interviewed an English wife who can't get her USA husband here because she does not earn enough,I cited that European migrants can have any overseas spouse and children with no minimum earnings.Result,only confirmation e-mails back.Whilst we blame May,she and other cabinet ministers must get the nod from Cameron to bring these policies which affect lots of us Brits.

Wurzel yes May does what she does with Cameron's approval - and the Tory MPs.
So you got the same response from the BBC. The same as others who have tried. They just don't want to address the problem do they. Probably worried they will get their funding cut.
I do wonder about many of these organisations - why they don't seek more publicity.
There was an organisation named the Migration Advisory Service which was very good.
MAS supported a Leicester lady who wanted to bring her husband here.
The MAS got its funding cut - on 'administration grounds' - so the Govt will put the arm on.
Apparently they've threatened the Trussell Trust because they publicised their food bank work. Which IDS disagrees with. So every trick in the book is used so they can have their way.Thats why they employ all these SPADs - to keep their case in the news and ours.

On Sky news this afternoon it was reported there are 400 UK citizens fighting with ISIS in Iraq. What's going to happen when they start to trickle back? May lost two Somali suspects.
If her Border Agency is as a s good as her Passport Office the UK will have big problems!

jack says: June 16, 2014

"MRN2014 todays Huffington Post online read the report by Shami Chakrabarti Director of Liberty UK titled '' why does our collective empathy so often fail to manifest in our treatment of refugees''. A thought provoking article by a very learned and experience lady please read and give us your take on her article.
Recommend you watch the House of Lords debates on immigration - you like a debate they are very interesting. jack"

Shami Chakrabarti believes in the 'living treaty', i.e. the interpretation of the European convention on human rights by the European court. I believe in the literal interpretation of the European convention on human rights, so it is unlikely that anything Shami Chakrabarti has to say will sway my point of view much.

jack says: - June 16, 2014

"Then why hasn't May tackled where the majority of immigrants have come from the EU / EEA?"

Because her predecessors gave away their power to do so.

"Why is it the independent University of Middlesex School of Law published a report on the impact of May's rules would cost the UK £850million over ten years by penalising British families?"

These reports usually leave out things that would change the result, such as the cost of educating children, £5000, per pupil, per year. If two Britons marry foreigners and bring them here and have two children each, that is four children to educate. If they married each other and had two children, that is two children to educate.

We do need immigration, but if the people that marry foreigners and bring them here are poor, they will be a drain on the economy and the migrants who can afford the £18,600 limit anyway will have to compensate for them.

"Why is it that the University of East Anglia stated that for every ten foreign students in the UK six British jobs were created - and those students have now been lost to the UK?"

The 30% drop in Foreign students from India probably indicates the bogus ones who were just here to work have not succeeded in coming here or have given up. If they take low skilled jobs, school leavers without qualifications will end up unemployed at tax payers expense.

MRN2014 good try but not quite accurate or thoughtful enough.
First of all you haven't quite grasped the subject.
I / we on this site are talking about the NON EU spouses of British citizens. Fathers / mothers of British wives and children!
British spouses who are also Europeans aren't they. Or in your eyes maybe Britain is no longer a European country!
The UK didn't give it away. The UK signed a treaty to join as a bulwark against Soviet Russia.
When the UK found it had to share with 26 other countries and didn't get all their own way some decided they had made a mistake.
The EU and ECHR was formed to protect us from another European war like WW2.
In a treaty with 27 members Britain will no longer dominate and Britain still thinks its a power and wants to dominate. When it can't it gets very huffy and wants to leave!
There is a no comparison with EU citizens and NON EU - EU/ EEA are not subject to the same rules. Therefore Mays rules against NON EU spouses are totally discriminatory.
NON EU spouses of British citizens have it stated in their passports they are not entitled to any public benefits!
The children of any Brit are in fact entitled to a British passport - they are British.
Yes and British Universities are opening colleges overseas in order to try to maintain their status - and earn some revenue.
The fact is that Sheffield MP has stated the loss of foreign student after qualifying is detrimental to the UK businesses because the UK loses their talent and ability. Especially in science and technology. British students want to rake arts and similar subjects because they are easier.
Anglia UNI professor stated the 10 foreign students in the UK generated 10 British jobs from lecturers to cleaning staff. Foreign students lost jobs lost to those Brits employed.
Our NHS runs on foreign doctors and nurses. I was in hospital last year had a job to find a Brit nurse and no British doctors.
I am afraid your response shows how totally biased and brainwashed you are because you read the wrong reports - the ones that support what you want to believe.
Your being manipulated by the xenophobic brigade who hate foreigners - foreigners who we want to sell out exports to! So we cut our own throats and open the doors for Chinese goods.
More British jobs lost. Plus of course we roll over to bankers who you haven't mentioned. jack

I see in the I paper today a letter about the Forced Marriage Act and the fact that British people marring for love can't get their families into the UK,double standards.

Iwas born in the UK in 1980. I worked hard all my adult life until becoming HIV+ and extremely ill. Its unlikely ill be returning to my 24k job in healthcare.... I finally found the love of my life whom is also HIV+ in America. Ive come to realise im going to die from HIV alone without my love ever by my side. myself and my partner decided to no longer take our medication. We have a better chance of being together in Heavan.

Thankyou Theresa May

Mr.J Stone

Mr J Stone very sorry indeed to read of your situation. Aren't HIV sufferers able to survive a lot longer now with new medications? At least you have found your love. Circumstances could be better for both of you good luck jack

Sorry about that but good luck god bless you both.

My heart is in the Uk,63 years is long time just to up and leave but I miss my wife and daughter,had 1 hour on Skype earlier so it helps so much.The nearer I get to pension age I will go and have good life over there before to late.

Wurzel chin up mate you'll make it. I can give you a few years cos I am a pensioner. Don't forget they freeze your pension to the amount its at when you leave. But you pay no UK income tax so no matter. Plus you will find the cost of living is easier - more bang for your buck. In a few years the UK will have big problems if it stays on the course its on today so get out as soon as you can. It'll be split up and isolated from Europe and owned by China. jack

Be careful folks all our emails are being monitored by GCHQ and the Government. Always thought so and now its confirmed. They already know what we blog so what the hell as long as Ms May knows what we think of her family rules. They stink Theresa! jack

Suggest you all read immigration lawyer Colin Yeo's website Free Movement where he reports about children trafficked into the UK for the drug trade how / what happens when they are caught and what the Home Office does. It shows what's going on and just what British values are!

At a debate organised by Bindmans Solicitors at University College London reported by the Guardian -
Lady Neville-Jones who was counter-terrorism minister from 2010 - 2011 said ''the UK governments justification for mass surveillance of the internet risks undermining public confidence in the intelligence services''.
Shami Chakrabarti director of Liberty said that extracting even metadata about online communications was an invasion of privacy showing which websites people had visited.
She adds ''the intelligence service didn't come to parliament to get a mandate. 'they made monkeys of us all'. So its being done without parliaments approval. Lets all have a banana!

With the murder of the young student Saudi woman in Colchester and the tweet it will be revenged when are we going to learn tolerance and to live with each other. Or are we going to sink into the abyss that Syria and Iraq are now in?

The day my son got British Citizenship I feel proud on him.I spent my whole life for his carrier & spend all my savings.Now he can't call his wife & parents to UK due to income threshold. He has his own house in UK.
I request Home office/Secretary of State /UK Govt . Pl. remove income threshold for spouse & their children settlement visa.

Time they came clean......As an exserviceman who had his part pension refused,and every increase in my OAP is wiped out because I have a pension pot of 3996 which is now less than it was in 2010.I found that my total pensions being over 226 per week,I was not entitled to pension credit or any other incriments,as they consider 226 sufficient for two people to live on, that being 11,752 pa,yet at the same time anyone wishing to bring his/her spouse or partner into the country need 18,600 pa,that being a little over 357 pounds per week.Seems that 226 per week is ok for some,but not others as they have to be on 357 pounds per week.

Theresa May I have read somewhere say the £18,600 is not binding,can be done on case by case result,just like she said she wanted all naturalised British passport holders to be made stateless,now saying she meant those detrimental to the UK,s safety.

As someone who is living overseas with a young family, this law makes it almost impossible to return to my own country of birth.

People are signing this petition to remove this law here

Let's get behind this and see how far we can take it towards change.

Difficult to say how angry that makes me. Not to mention the ridiculous fee increase for the application.

Hi ruth grove thank for your problem same lake margaret..i can't meet my husband alredy 2 year . he work in uk but can't get salary 16.800 so can't take husband from south welas. l m from indonesia..hope the rules change make fair n reasonable..i just can pray for this hope can change make better for all xxxxx

my wife is in Indonesia I met her over 4 years ago married for 2.I have seen my wife for 5 months in that time because every 2 years I can go up there to see her I save for 2 years then I have to leave my job so I can be with her for 2 or 3 months at a time that when my savings run out I come back look for another job and do the same.....................IV even ask if my wife can come on a holiday visa people says no because thy don't beleave me that she will go 46 years old and I so wont to be a father and my wife wants to be a mum but that will never happen because I can never earn 18.600 and I am told that thy are going to but it up to 20.000 ok for eu country's to come over have all the jobs very hard to find work these days and in 2 years I have to give this 1 up and I love this job 38 hours aweek cant find many like that thank u British government for looking after us..............and thanks for destroy my dreams of being a father.

I have several Europeans living in my road,last night some asked me if my wife would be joining me in the UK,no I said because our government care about Europeans and looking after their Human Rights than those of UK citizens.Two said they have never been better off since coming to the Uk,I pointed out that us Brits are losing welfare payments which are going to Europeans instead,some of those have hardly paid into the system,though some here have never paid in and are better of than some of us who have paid into for many years.I am lucky I have a house to sell and can go to live in my wife's country and be with my family there and have a nice house built,its just 63 years I have been here and its a wrench to leave and why should we be forced to make these decisions at the expense of the European community.I see in the papers today this government has broken another Human Rights Law,making people take unpaid work for them to get benefits,bringing in a new scheme as the other one was unlawful,so with all the Human Rights Laws they have broken with our loved ones being denied entry to the UK,do they care.

the Law Equality; where does this stand on this issue of Disability to be exampt to rich financial target of 18600 to bring a spouse and we others we have to pay really!!!!!!

all the MPs sleeping so peaceful with the are families and my daughter and I we have depression about my partner not around us. how could they
where is the right to Family life stand for us when we got to be choosen how to live ourlives so SAD. and shame on them

All comments are appreciated. Hope no-one shall vote Tory party for upcoming election 2015 because of crucial unjustified laws and system, they made for british people but EU people, i am sure it will decrease the points of May party, there is no problem to get settle with thier spouse in the uk. May forcing only to put stress, pressure and create trouble for british people (tax payers) not to save thier money but wasting it. There no point Ms May will implement her spouse visa law forever because it is fully opposite to the human rights and so...

I tried a radio station to get the message over about us Brits having to earn minimum £18,600 while Euro migrants who bring non Eoro spouses and children do not have to,and a benefits officer asked me when my wife was joining me in the UK,when I told her no she cannot due to policy of this government and I told her the Euro version she was shocked how we are treated.One day I will get a hearing.

i have no much to say me and my wife we eficted aswell by this law im algerian and she is scottish how can she make 18600 if she lives in small vilage how and how and how everyone knows that we leaving Uk soon cuz i cant live by this way i want to be free uk for me a big presone i cant stay here anymore its shame when ur wife siport u to live when u can work cuz u not desibel i cant live like that but all i say it is verynice cuntry cuz there is very feair law shen E U come here and have the right more then reall british pearsone who been here all his life and his parents too thanx for everything i leead much from that

i dont have much to say me and my wife we eficted aswell by this law im algerian and she is scottish how can she make 18600 if she lives in small vilage how and how and how everyone knows that we leaving Uk soon cuz i cant live by this way i want to be free uk for me a big presone i cant stay here anymore its shame when ur wife siport u to live when u can work cuz u not desibel i cant live like that but all i say it is verynice cuntry cuz there is very feair law shen E U come here and have the right more then reall british pearsone who been here all his life and his parents too thanx for everything i leead much from that

I think its strange that sometimes we are EEU citizens then we aren't....

Leave the UK for longer than 4 months and return, then you have to take the Habitual Residence Test in order to be elligable for any state you are classed as an EEU migrant. Irregardless of the fact that you are a UK citizen.

But for the Foriegn Spouse issue, we aren't EEU citizens....


"No amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin."

Aneurin Bevan

Hi my salary is 18638 so just meeting the requirement with savings of £6500. Would I have any issues applying for my husband??

Probably not but as to my case the Border Agency refused my then girlfriend,now wife entry to the UK because I did not look ill as in her application and when we got the refusal letter it stated that her biometric fingerprints were used 1 month before,I was talking with her on Skype same time in her home country,this was not told to myself when they interviewed me so could not tell them,so I think they will find some way to keep entrants out and if believed a few weeks ago I read that immigration staff have been getting vouchers on how they perform in their duties.

Hiya harry please email me so we could talk about my situation in depth regarding my spouse visa thanks

I moved to the UK in April 2012 to be with my husband, a British citizen, who makes roughly £16k per year. If we had applied for my spouse visa four months later, our application would have been put on hold and, now, refused. Meanwhile, I have been in employment from two weeks after arriving in the UK, first at around £15k per year to a recent promotion at £19k per year...we have claimed no benefits and live comfortably and happily in Scotland. What a difference four months heart breaks for anyone who's gotten the other end of the stick. We have made it work, definitely no burden to society, and making contributions which we never would have been able to do if we had applied after this horrible thing took effect...!!

Radio Norfolk are doing piece on immigration this Friday,9.00 to 12.00am,Nick Conrad Show,I have been asked to partake.

Hi, can someone pls help. Now that the home office are going to issue refusals for all the cases on hold not meeting the £18600 salary rule. What are our options? Can we appeal? If so how is that done? The biggest question of all How long does it take for a appeal?????

Depends where you look for information,some cases as stated by the media and government sites the appeals are quite lengthy,how the government has handled immigration and passport you read nearly every week,allready this week 175,000 immigrants they do not know about,passports still behind and the latest figures of European migrants unemployed in the UK,if you believe the figures then look at other sites there is a huge difference,there has been a rash on programmes about European migrants and the effect they have on the UK,if you have access to pc just put some question to Google on the topic you want and you will get government UK sites and independent sites also.

Discussion on £18,600 British have to earn on Nick Conrad Show yesterday,Radio Norfolk,9.00 to 12.00,if you have online services listen to it and start at 1 hour 29 minutes into show for 30 minutes with traffic report in the middle.

Hi Harry

Please do lend me a helping hand I am a local man from Birmingham I have worked all my life even done the odd paper round as a kid to support my family back in the day.

I recently married a women from a none EU Country last year and I can not bring her to the U.K reason being I do not earn £18600 in fact I work 48 hours per week and earn £17500 I have not claimed any benefits and worked all my adult life how can this be far.

I haven't got many years left in me and I would like my wife to come and live with me in my home and be a good family that much to ask for from a man who was born in the U.K in Birmingham West Midlands.

I do need help and if Mr Harry if your on this site PlEASE do help out if you know how i can bring my wife to the U.K I would be a very happy man and a PINT on me at the local M and B

Hi Harry
my email [email protected]

Please do lend me a helping hand I am a local man from Birmingham I have worked all my life even done the odd paper round as a kid to support my family back in the day.

I recently married a women from a none EU Country last year and I can not bring her to the U.K reason being I do not earn £18600 in fact I work 48 hours per week and earn £17500 I have not claimed any benefits and worked all my adult life how can this be far.

I haven't got many years left in me and I would like my wife to come and live with me in my home and be a good family that much to ask for from a man who was born in the U.K in Birmingham West Midlands.

I do need help and if Mr Harry if your on this site PlEASE do help out if you know how i can bring my wife to the U.K I would be a very happy man and a PINT on me at the local M and B

From Mr Tony G

isnt it strange how every thing is suddenly comeing up smelling of roses just be for the general ellection employment said to be down out of resession ha who dose cameron think he is kidding we all no he is alier and and will now try to fool every one yet again like he and his cronie cleg did by signing a pledge not to put up tuision fee and then it was the first thing they did and have done nothing else since but look after the rich and kill the poor forceing people back to work that are not fit . camaron must think out of his backside if he thinks all those people he has hurt and vertualy crippled there lives will vote for him in 2015 . also i would like to say i agree with people what they say about old lady may i have a phillipino girlfriend and she is stuck in the phillipines as she is strugleing to get back here to me we are both very heart broken and sadened that the old lady may can be so heartless and horrific to people and take away there rights as a human being and taking away the live they are entitled to i hate that woman and the conservative government i hope they go down in 2015 and rot in hell

Hi All

just want to ask if some could give me advice I have got a lot of gambling transactions in past few months on my bank statement but I have been working and earning around 24000/pa for past 8 months and I got £6000 balance in my account will these gambling transactions affect my Mrs visa?


As a native of Ireland it angers me to see the whinging from foreigners who come to MY country.These people have contributed absolutely nothing to our economy as they get more out of the system than they put in, usually by working a scam.There seems to be a policy coming from the eu whereby they flood rich western countries with poor undereducated, eastern europeans and migrants from poor countries around the world who think that the natives owe them a lifestyle.If the native people raise concerns they are branded racists, a word by the way coined by one of the biggest mass murderers in history namely leon trostky in order to silence objections to communists world wide internationale agenda. You would think to hear the politically correct brigade and the numerous race relations agencies, who by the way cost a fortune, that pre 2005 Ireland had no workers or culture or tradition or history until these great benefactors arrived on our shores.In the last few years belfast has went from a city with almost nil immigrants to a city where the numbers have increased so dramatically that i feel like a foreigner in my own land.Every day there are reports of foreigners in court for murder, rape, stealing, fraud, etc, with very little media coverage.England has been destroyed by mass immigration, Irish people are a lot more savvy about the big fat lies they churn out,try flooding their countries with british and irish people, and see what happens.IRELAND will never be a multicultural country it belongs to the native irish, we built this great nation, not foreigners, and we owe them nothing.

I'm not super familiar with that area , but it looks to me like the cloesst location listed on the chart is Farmington, with a date of May 1. If you tend to have similar weather to Farmington, I would use that date. You're right on the edge of the two groups. If it is a mild winter/spring and you are excited, I would follow the yellow schedule. If it is a cold winter-spring and you are more relaxed, I would use the green schedule.

Hey.. i just wanted to ask my partner is from spain. Would i still need to show £18600?

For those of you that are able to should leave Britain for another EU state and live and work there for 6 months or longer. Then come back to the UK with your spouse and exercise your treaty rights as an EEA national under Surinder Singh route. Theres no financial requirements or language requirements and settlement is possible after 5 years residency.

This is the only route open to non-eu spouse and Mrs May isn't able to put a stop to this.