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Don Flynn Oct 6, 2015
Mrs May set out her stall on immigration during her speech to the Conservative conference. Its dismissal themes have already been challenged, often from surprising quarters. But we need a campaigning perspective to defeat her plans to roll back the rights of refugees and migrants.
Home Secretary Theresa May’s speech to the Conservative Party conference yesterday has been condemned even in the pages of the truest and bluest of Tory journals. Her claim that there is no economic benefit to the UK from immigration was picked apart by James Kirkup, the executive editor of the Daily Telegraph, who described it as an “awful, ugly, misleading, cynical and irresponsible speech”.
Chai Patel Sep 18, 2015
The Immigration Bill 2015 will hand over draconian and highly intrusive powers to immigration officials with very little in the way of accountability or oversight.
The Immigration Bill 2015-16 was laid before Parliament. It contains an unprecedented expansion of the powers of immigration officials to detain individuals, to seize property, and to otherwise interfere with everyday activities, often on the mere suspicion that someone involved is in the UK without authorisation.
Awale Olad Aug 17, 2015
Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) launched a scathing attack on the government’s detention policy and focused specifically on the plight of pregnant women detained in Yarl’s Wood.
The Inspector said that Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre was ‘a place of national concern’ with the facility’s ability to give adequate healthcare to all its detainees deteriorating ‘severely’ in the last 2 years. The HMIP report also attacked the length of time people were detained, the delays and backlogs of applications, and the fact that the UK was the only country that did not have a time-limit for detainees.
Awale Olad Jul 27, 2015 2 Comment(s)
Jeremy Corbyn attacked the Government’s family migration rules during a debate in the House of Commons earlier this year. Tim Farron could be the most pro-immigration leader out of the main political parties. Theresa May says she will hit the net migration target this time.
Labour's leadership contenders have form on immigration issues The candidates in the battle to succeed Ed Miliband as the leader of the Labour party has allowed an opportunity for the party to debate immigration policy more openly and without the constraints of a set and rigid policy agenda. Jeremy Corbyn, who during the selection period just about scraped enough nominations to get on to the ballot, has found himself leading the race with a tsunami of support from constituency Labour branches across the country. Corbyn is also, along with Liz Kendall, a candidate who is on the ‘pro’ side of the immigration debate.
Awale Olad Feb 24, 2015
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration has today published its findings into the impacts of closure of the Post Study Work route in 2012. The report Committee agreed that closure of the former Tier 1 post-study work route (PSW) has had a significant impact on UK universities, business, and local economies across the UK.
In summary, the key findings of the report were:
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