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Don Flynn Jan 16, 2014 7 Comment(s)
"...we cannot remain prosperous unless we learn to live with the fact of migration, and we will not be a liberal society unless we concede that those who live and work amongst us are sufficiently protected against risk and and the danger of exploitation and have the assurance that their voices will be heard on all matters that affect their interests." This is the first in a series of blogs on what we mean by migrants' rights. Do join in the discussion!
It was MRN’s birthday on 11 December 2013. The steering group which launched the MRN – with the aim of bringing together groups across the UK to advocate the rights of migrants - registered their infant idea with Companies House on that day in 2006. So, having reached the lusty, bawling age of seven, now is the time to say a little more about what we mean by “migrants' rights”.
Don Flynn Dec 18, 2013 2 Comment(s)
The Our Day project has been building for 18th December as a a day to celebrate and honour migrants from all over the world who have their lives in the UK. It is a time to take stock of what has been happening during the past 12 months, and all the challenges before us in 2014 and beyond.
Jan Brulc Dec 9, 2013 1 Comment(s)
This year Migrants Rights Network is working hand in hand with over 60 organisations across the UK to celebrate International Migrants Day 2013!
MRN followers will know that for the past three months we have been working with our supporting partner National Union of Students (NUS) and groups across the UK to expand the Our Day campaign and build on last year's success. Thanks to NUS and their support, we've had a great opportunity to get the message out to thousands of students up and down the country.
Momtaz Rahman Oct 23, 2013 3 Comment(s)
On Tuesday we saw the London Chinatown Chinese Association and Min Quan organise a day of protest with closures of restaurants and businesses against the recent systematic immigration raids in Chinatown.
Standing together in Chinatown 13 businesses including restaurants, bakeries and pharmacies have reported heavy-handed raids by Capita, some of which did not lead to any arrests. The day brought together community and business groups, activists, human rights lawyers and academics amongst others.  Yip Fai Liu, owner of China City, reported that his restaurant was last raided on 30 August 2013 – 16 officers from Capita are said to have entered the premises without a warrant, closing the restaurant for two-and-a-half hours, with abrupt treatment to all staff. 
Don Flynn Jul 7, 2013 10 Comment(s)
The government is planning to erode the right to NHS services for migrants and make it more difficult for them to obtain tenancies. Will this be the easy win they seem to expect, or will resistance be stiffer than they are expecting?
The government pushed ahead last week with its plans for a new immigration bill which will consist of measures aimed at making it tougher for new migrants to settle into anything resembling a decent life in the UK. The measures aimed at achieving this pretty ignoble end involve closing down access to free NHS healthcare for large numbers of people who have yet to establish themselves in permanent settlement, and a new duty on landlords to check the immigration status of prospective tenants.
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