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Fizza Qureshi Feb 20, 2017
20 February marks the first national boycott and day of action by migrants, their friends and supporters in answer to the toxic anti-migrant rhetoric that has infected British political debate of late. Can this welcome development transform itself into something bigger?
Five months ago, a call for a strike by migrants was called to demonstrate what one day without them would look like. Since then it has also turned into a celebration of the contributions that migrants make to the UK. Now, it coincides with a significant parliamentary debate to exclude the President of the USA from visiting the UK because of his politics of division and hatred. Is this the beginning of a resistance to the populist narrative, and can we sustain it?
Don Flynn Feb 6, 2017
MRN’s celebration of the tenth anniversary of its work took place last Thursday at the Richmix Centre in Bethnal Green – the heart of one of the oldest immigrant neighbourhoods in Britain.
                      Bringing together friends and colleagues, the event marked what had been achieved through a decade of activity that has aimed to strengthen and improve the networks of support and solidarity with all migrants across the UK. The evening was compered by Colin Prescod, chair of the Institute of Race Relations and a leading writer, film producer and commentator on the politics of race and migration over many years. 
Alina Müller Jan 30, 2017
Last June's Brexit vote was followed by a spike in the number of reports of racist attacks and abuse. But migrant communities and their friends and supporters are determined to record attacks and abuse so that the official excuses for feeble action so far are turned into something that properly protects the rights of migrants and settled BME communities from these outrages.
                      Since the widely documented surge in racist and xenophobic hate crimes in the immediate aftermath of the EU referendum, every Brexit-related political statement and development has filled me, and many of my fellow migrants, with dread.
Sofia Roupakia Jan 23, 2017
London’s new City Hall administration seems keen to deliver 'fair' and 'inclusive' policies to address rising inequalities. But its public consultation so far has failed to enable migrant communities - often on the receiving-end of poverty and social exclusion - to take part in these discussions.
      Last October marked London’s City Hall launch of its public consultation about the Mayor's vision of making London a Ciity for all its citizens. In his document, Sadiq Khan outlines what he considers to be the main challenges, opportunities and priorities in key policy areas over the next four years:   housing health inequalities policing and crime economy environment, social inclusion All Londoners are invited to take part in the discussions.
Gracie Bradley Jan 16, 2017
The campaign to oppose government efforts to collect nationality and place of birth information about school kids is gathering pace. Last weekend it held its first national conference. Gracie Bradley looks at the recent progress of the Against Borders for Children campaign, which she works on when she isn’t at MRN managing the Route To Your Rights project
              As I said at the opening of our conference at the weekend, it’s hard to believe that four months ago Against Borders for Children was little more than a Twitter message thread between a handful of willing volunteers, a draft of an open letter, and a 2-page campaign strategy.           
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