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Alan Ali Jul 11, 2016
Immigration raids appear to be on the rise. And certainly in London new evidence of increased numbers of raids targeting largely migrant communities has emerged. But is all this activity staying strictly inside the law, as it should be?
Thanks to the valiant efforts of a journalist and his smart use of the Freedom of Information Act, we now know that there were almost 11 immigration raids a day in London between 2010 and 2015. We also know that areas with sizeable migrant populations in east and south east London were the chief targets for these raids.
Alan Anstead Jul 4, 2016
A small majority of UK voters said that the UK should leave the EU in the referendum on 23 June. UKREN’s Alan Anstead looks at some of the main human rights implications of the UK government invoking article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and starting the countdown to leaving the EU.
Charter of Fundamental Rights The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights covers political, social and economic rights: dignity, freedoms, equality, solidarity, citizens’ rights and justice. Although the Charter is consistent with the European Convention on Human Rights, many see it as a more modern codification because includes such rights as data protection, which was not an issue when the European Convention on Human Rights was passed in 1950. On leaving the EU, this would no longer apply to the UK.     European Convention on Human Rights
Alan Ali Jul 3, 2016
These are troubling times in the UK for EU migrants and anyone else with a migrant heritage. And if Theresa May becomes PM, EU nationals could find themselves being used as bargaining chips in some grand diplomatic game while the UK tries to cut its European Union ties.
Don Flynn Jun 24, 2016
We respond to the outcome of the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.
The vote to leave the European Union has thrown politics into a massive period of uncertainty. It is clear that deep public concern about immigration has been one of the most important factors encouraging 52% of voters to take the drastic action of the probable severing of the connection with the largest economic market in the world. The perceived need to ‘regain control of our borders’ has been a potent message which summed up the feeling that many people have about a country that has changed so much in recent decades. Immigration, as many have said, has functioned as a proxy for the misgivings about living in a world where markets have taken the place of democracy in determining the quality of public life.
Clara Dublanc Jun 6, 2016
With the EU referendum looming, there is a Brexit argument that sneers at London’s multiculturalism. As London has just elected its first Muslim mayor, rejecting a campaign of innuendo which even supporters of rival candidates found distasteful, some Brexiters have nevertheless labelled London a unique and separate entity which is detached from the realities of the rest of the UK.
The Open Generation platform seeks to celebrate this diversity, and to prove that the best future for a cohesive and inclusive society is to become a cosmopolitan one; a society open to and appreciative of the changing face of British identity.
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