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Don Flynn Nov 14, 2016
A recently-launched London Chamber of Commerce report called for a ‘London Visa’ for migrants seeking jobs in the capital. But what about the rest of the country? Could visas adjusted to meet the needs of the economy across all regions of the economy help change direction for immigration policy?
  The idea of a regional visa is currently the subject of much discussion after a number of years in which it was discounted as impractical. 
Don Flynn Nov 7, 2016
Make sure 20 February is in your diary for a UK-wide day of action in solidarity with migrants. Here are some ideas on how we can increase the impact of this action and ensure its success.
The #1DayWithUs initiative that emerged from journalist Matt Carr’s Facebook post in response to the rhetoric at the Conservative Party conference in October is the most hopeful sign yet that resistance to the planned actions to strip millions of migrants of their rights is building up. From the vague idea that some sort of protest should be mounted, it is now taking the form of a definite plan to call for actions to support migrants right across the UK.
Don Flynn Oct 31, 2016
The rush to write the UK’s immigration policy for the post-Brexit epoch might well be unwise given the fact that so many of the major stakeholders have yet to show their hand
The referendum vote in favour of Brexit has encouraged the sense that the UK is at ‘year zero’ when it comes to many areas of social and economic policy.  Everything that has gone before can be regarded as de facto scrapped and the future is there to be seized by those with the boldest imaginations and brightest visions of just what may be possible.
Don Flynn Oct 24, 2016
The Jungle camp in Calais has challenged the indifference of official Europe to the plight of refugees for close on two decades. It has survived previous attempts at demolition. As long as the grievances that gave rise to remain it will come back to haunt the conscience of the continent.
As you read this CRS police squads, acting on French government orders, will once again be destroying the make-shift homes and personal property of the 9000 people who are trying to survive in the Calais refugee camp. They have returned to this task sporadically over the years.  In April 2009 a determined effort to close the camp led to the arrest of 109, with bulldozers destroying the tents of around 800 refugees. 
Don Flynn Oct 10, 2016
The policy pronouncements at the Conservative conference show how far the government is prepared to go to turn migration into a rights-free zone. Both EU and the third country migrants will lose out under these plans. We need a campaign that unites them all if rights are to be preserved.
The immigration policies which Theresa May and her home secretary, Amber Rudd, revealed at the Conservative party conference last week seem to have got short shrift from just about everyone. 
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