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Don Flynn Aug 9, 2013 16 Comment(s)
UK politicians want to shift a lot of the blame for our current problems in the direction of the EU. When it comes to immigration issues this is unjustified. Most of the problems of our system are stamped ‘Made in the UK’....
The invitation on the part of the Government to participate in its review of the ‘balance of competence’ between EU and British law and policy invokes the spirit of the bit of the Lobster Quadrille,  which considered the gap between our own dear blighty and other foreign parts: What matters it how far we go?” his scaly friend replied. There is another shore, you know, upon the other side. The further off from England the nearer is to France – Then turn not pale, beloved snail, but come and join the dance.
Juan Camilo Aug 2, 2013 20 Comment(s)
Following the ‘Go Home’ van story the general public has become aware and begun scrutinising immigration enforcement operations in public places, which have been around for some time now. This is good, especially given the the fact that information from the Home Office is difficult to obtain. Now we are calling for witness accounts to learn more about how exactly they are taking place.
The polemic around the billboard vans carrying the message ‘Go Home or Face Arrest’ has sparked some long overdue interest in the way the Home Office carries out its enforcement actions. Over the last few days a number of Twitter users have posted real-time reports of immigration raids together with accounts and pictures of how these operations take place.
Don Flynn May 7, 2013 8 Comment(s)
The populist surge of UKIP is encouraging the belief that migration across borders can be brought under control by an act of steely determination on the part of government. This is a big mistake. "Effective management" of migration will remain an impossible dream until we face up to the reality of what is really driving the movement of people.
Why have successive British governments, apparently, made such a hash at administering immigration control policy? The word ‘apparently’ is important because of the difficulty in knowing by what standards we are measuring the success. The high level of discontent which shows up in public opinion surveys, with 70% of respondents regularly expressing dismay at the state of border controls, suggest that all is in disarray and we are truly living in a country with ‘broken borders.’
Don Flynn Apr 7, 2013 8 Comment(s)
Herold Newell’s refusal to be cowed by workplace identity checks ought to be applauded by anyone concerned with the rights of workers. If we give in to the culture of suspicion it is not just immigrants who will suffer, but far wider groups of employees and the users of public services.
There is a sobering story in this week’s on-line edition of The Voice, a paper which reports news from the vantage point of Britain’s black community. It concerns Herold Newell, a lorry driver formerly in the employment of the ASDA supermarket chain. 
Don Flynn Jul 26, 2012 1 Comment(s)
The American poet Robert Frost said it about walls and the way the forces of nature do their best to pull them down. After the dismal report of the Home Affairs Committee on the underperformance of the UKBA earlier this week it seems like we could say pretty much the same thing about borders....
When something breaks down and all your efforts to fix it only seem to make it worse, sooner or later you’ve got to admit it’s junk and it’s time to dump it. The news that the UKBA has accumulated 275,000 refused applications for which they don’t have a clue whether the person concerned is still here or has left the country surely ought to be the point at which we begin to ask some fundamental questions as to whether the business of managing movement across borders is really worth a candle after all.
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