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Don Flynn Jul 21, 2014 10 Comment(s)
You wait for weeks for a programme that allows migrants to tell the stories of their lives, and then three come along at once.
The media critic Ben Bagdikian once complained that trying to be a first class reporter on the average American newspaper is like trying to play Bach’s ‘St Matthew’s Passion’ on a ukulele. He must have had in mind the conscientious hack who was attempting to do justice to the rich and varied story of migration when he came out with that line.
Don Flynn May 27, 2014 4 Comment(s)
There's no point hiding the fact that the right wing party made effective use of public anxieties about immigration to build its position. But all the evidence on how the argument is running shows that it can still be turned round. But we'll need a new upsurge of activism in support of social justice to do that.
It has been no surprise to find that immigration has played a big part in deciding the outcome of the European Parliamentary elections last week, and also influenced the vote for local elections in England.
Don Flynn Mar 31, 2014 1 Comment(s)
Anti-racism and the battle for the rights of migrant seem to have moved some distance apart in recent years. It is time to reverse that, and re-forge a unity between the two that will be able to take on the challenges that come from growing xenophobic moods.
The coalition of groups supporting the call to mark UN Anti-Racism Day on March 22nd achieved a notable success in bringing out 10,000 people to the parade and gather in Trafalgar Square on that day.
Don Flynn Dec 18, 2013 2 Comment(s)
The Our Day project has been building for 18th December as a a day to celebrate and honour migrants from all over the world who have their lives in the UK. It is a time to take stock of what has been happening during the past 12 months, and all the challenges before us in 2014 and beyond.
Don Flynn Sep 16, 2013
Migration policies are increasingly inclined to make life harder for migrants by withholding public services, cutting back on welfare benefits, and even challenging the right to family life. But shouldn't policymakers show more regard for migrant wellbeing, rather than less?
The IOM's World Migration Review for 2013 has just been published, entitled Migrant Well-being and Development. It's a hefty volume, 220 pages long in A4 format, taking the patient reader through a wealth of statistics dealing with “four migrant pathways”, the world's top migration corridors, gender, age and skill issues, and finally alighting on potential development impacts.
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