Theatre: Walk with Me by Calais Crew

15 Feb 2017 - 18:30 - 19 Feb 2017 - 18:30
The Vaults, Leake Street, Waterloo, SE1 7NN

What happens when you travel thousands of miles across Europe, so that your children can be safe in the UK?

Sammy was once brave enough to walk away.

Walk With Me explores a world in which eye contact is more powerful than weaponry. Where real power is the humanity and complexity at the heart of each human.

Maps drawn with chalk. The scent of woodsmoke from the Calais campfires. Riot police on Railton Road, Brixton. Immigration Enforcement pulling all the people of colour off a bus at Elephant and Castle.

Here in London are you safe in your own streets, your own home? What if the Frontline ran right through you?

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