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“The Border Agency are playing a game to scare us”

If you’ve sought asylum in a distant country, leaving your life behind in search of safety, who are the last people you’d want to meet? Representatives of the government that persecuted you. So why did UK Border Agency want to bring 26 Sudanese asylum seekers from northern England face-to-face with Sudanese Embassy officials on April 16th in Sheffield?
August 10, 2011
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Stuart Crosthwaite

Stuart is campaigner, writer and researcher in Sheffield. He is currently Secretary of the South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG) and has worked extensively with migrant communities in the area. He has published work on anti-deportation campaigns and social movements and researched and campaigned against cashless asylum support. He has used oral history methods to study aspects of South Yorkshire social and labour history, particularly the role of migrant communities in the steel industry and histories of solidarity between “host” and migrant communities in South Yorkshire.

From March 2011 Sudanese asylum seekers in South Yorkshire began receiving letters from UKBA asking them to attend interviews to “verify personal data”. “Failure to do so” the letters warned “may affect any outstanding claim you may have with the Home Office”.

People “requested to attend” were worried that such interviews were a prelude to their deportation after a questioning by Sudanese Embassy officials. When staff from the Northern Refugee Centre in Sheffield explained these concerns, verbally and in writing, to UKBA on April 15th they were led to believe that:

  • the interviews were simply to verify identity and nationality
  • two UKBA officials would attend each of the interviews
  • all information resulting from the interviews was confidential and would be kept on file by UKBA only
  • no questions about people’s families back in Sudan would be asked
  • those people interviewed had asylum applications which were “appeal rights exhausted” ie they had come to the end of their asylum claim

But, according to reports of the interviews received by the South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG), highlighted by Waging Peace, the reality appears to be very different. It seems that no UKBA officials were present at the interviews, while two or three Sudanese Embassy officials asked detailed questions: the whereabouts of people’s families in Sudan, why they left the country and what problems they had with the Sudanese government.

At least three interviewees were awaiting the results of their asylum appeals – that is, they were not “appeal rights exhausted”. One man told us that he was offered £20 by a Sudanese Embassy official as an inducement to help them gather information on government opponents.

“The Border Agency are playing a game to scare us” was one Sudanese asylum seeker’s assessment. The experience left some people too scared to sleep in their own beds and exacerbated feelings of anxiety and depression. “I don’t want to go back to that dark room” one man told me, fearing deportation and renewed torture in Sudan.

Darfur demo
Making a formal complaint at UKBA's Vulcan House in 2008.
3 years on, the problem remains

Not the First Time

But this isn’t the first time UKBA has done this. In 2007 UKBA promoted “re-documentation interviews” between Sudanese Embassy officials and 101 Sudanese people seeking asylum.

Since then, Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur. Recent news of aerial bombardment of the Nuba people, sympathetic to newly-independent South Sudan, seems to confirm the accuracy of these charges.

One result of the UKBA-sponsored interviews of 2007 was a national campaign against this practice, based on dozens of individual testimonies collected by Waging Peace and SYMAAG and reported in The Independent.

A protest demonstration was held outside UKBA’s regional HQ at Vulcan House in Sheffield. At a public meeting UKBA itself faced a grilling from those subject to these interviews. Parliamentary questions were asked about this practice and meetings with UKBA officials seemed to establish that they would review how these “re-documentation” interviews were to be conducted in future.

National Network Formed

A lasting result of the 2007 campaign were the links that were established between Sudanese community groups and local and national campaigning groups. After the April 16th 2011 interviews this loose network was joined by local immigration law experts, advice and support workers and asylum-rights activists from Sheffield’s wide range of campaigning groups.

We were also joined by a number of Sudanese refugees who had been subjected to this treatment first time around in 2007. They wanted to support those people who – like themselves – had been told that they were “appeal rights exhausted”, but had subsequently won their cases, appealing against UKBA’s wrong initial decisions.

Face-to-face and telephone interviews to collect testimonies have been conducted by respected members of the Sudanese community, local asylum-rights activists and Waging Peace.

Tangible Results

Relevant ministers and nearly 200 MPs have been contacted and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Sudan briefed on the events of April 16th. There are plans to hold a meeting in Sheffield of representatives of this national network and to establish a phone distribution list for ease of communication in emergencies.

There have been tangible results of this network already: when three of those people interviewed were detained and threatened with deportation, support efforts were speedy, co-ordinated and successful. Since the interviews, people are worried that they will be detained when they report to UKBA’s Vulcan House. Now they are accompanied by support workers and activists.

The campaign against these intimidating – and possibly illegal – interviews has educated us all about the persecution which follows asylum seekers when they leave their countries. At SYMAAG meetings, people from Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Uganda and Libya shared their experiences of intimidation, extortion and disruption of their community organisations by “embassy officials” and their agents.

They felt that this behaviour had been stepped up recently, their respective governments fearing that the Arab Spring revolts threaten their countries’ ruling elites too.

Unanswered Questions

A letter from Waging Peace to UKBA re-stated our serious concerns about the April 16th interviews. Many of those subject to the interviews feel that UKBA’s response does not answer the questions put to them. They continue to feel threatened and are afraid of what they see as collaboration between UKBA and the Sudanese authorities. 

But an unintended consequence of the UKBA-sponsored interviews of April 16th has been the formation of a broad local and national network in support of Sudanese people seeking asylum in this country. For that we thank the UK Border Agency.



I applied for asylum in England in 2008 and was rejected.
What will happen if I will apply for asylum again in another European countries or in US?


I'd suggest that you discuss the details of your situation with someone who knows more about this subject than I do.

You could try calling the Refugee Council's helpline on 0808 808 2255. It's open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays: 9.30am – 1pm and 2pm - 5pm and Wednesdays: 2pm - 5pm. It is free. They offer advice in Kurdish Sorani, Farsi, Mandarin, Pashtu, Arabic, Tigrinya and English.

I had heard that Sri Lankan government officials were involved in meetings with asylum seekers scheduled for deportation on the flight to Sri Lanka last month. Is this a sign of a worrying and more general change from UKBA?

Atleast UKBA is getting Sudanis to meet their embasy personal in UK, before obtaining travel document, None the less it is wrong to face palpatrater but this meeting is taking place in UK.
In my case UKBA obtained travel document from Bangladesh embassy on my name with out any meeting or interview, i presume they bribed the travel document.I'm still in detention despite UKBA obtained travel document since nov 2009. and today is 18.8.2011 and i'm in morton hall irc.

Yes Kate, this incident in Sheffield was certainly not a one-off. Neither is it a new departure in UKBA's conduct.

As I mentioned in the article, the same thing happened to 101 Sudanese asylum seekers in Rotherham in March 2007 on UKBA premises. At least then, there were UKBA staff actually present at the interviews, allowing there to be potential witnesses to any intimidation from Embassy staff.

In June 2008 Iraqi and Kurdish asylum seekers were interviewed (on UKBA premises) by people who initially claimed to be from the Iraqi Embassy, then later that they had "come from Iraq working with UKBA as ambassadors for them".One of these "interviewers" told a detainee “see what I’m going to do with you and where I’ll put you by the time you come back” See http://ncadc.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/100-refugees-facing-deportation-to...

Thanks for your message Ruhul. People in Britain need to be reminded, by people like you, that their taxes are paying for human beings to be locked in detention centres, without charge and without a release date. It's good to hear from you.

As for how UKBA obtained your travel document from the Bangladeshi Embassy, well I couldn't possibly comment...

yes Stuart i pay my taxes as well. and on the subject of detention centres, these so called asylum seekers are trying to flee murder,famine,rape yes thats the truth !,etc.so detention centers under u.k laws,because we look after everybody (oh so well) its like a 5* to them . dry, warm,3 meals a day,fresh clothes (on request). oh and free top up on mobile phone, go on its on us.
On the subject of tax i love paying for all the translators in my local G.Ps and hospitals,oh and the familys in certain boroughs around England with 3,4,5, children put in houses with £1,000 a week rent, bless.while money for schools,local services,health care,pensioners (who have mostly paid their dues) is cut.and yes we all know its the bankers.and the TORYS fault, never Labour oh no..No Iam not rascist, We are a small country,you can't please all of the people all of the time, everything in moderation,allow certain numbers in ,yes. but with a strict rules,your route to the promised land should be assessed first before boarding that plane in the country of departure, be it pleasure or buisness,you will be assessed.and while were at it scrap the ECHR, the Euro and being shat on for even thinking about being a Christian or a Patriot.

P.S Our money would be better spent at source helping the more unstable countries out, if you could guarantee it been spent correctly

thats got a bit off my chest, just of for a curry, night.

Overrunvivum you are hypocrite, With us being here, you have curry night to enjoy, with out us being here you won't have NHS to run, with out us being here you won't have any British fruits on supermarket shelves, with out us being here you won't have your home grown spice British people enjoy everyday, SO WE ARE EVERY PART OF YOUR ENJOYMENT PRESCRIBER.

I'm off for a FISH and CHIPS tonight as i got this off my chest.

By the way come and visit us in UKBA detention to see the Luxury we live in for your self.

I see that detention hasn't dampened your fighting spirit Ruhul!

Eid Mubarak, Another day in detention for me, non the less it is a day of celebration, Hope you and i enjoy the day with our friend and family.
I'm one of the detainee listed below as my IS91 is made on 14.3.2008. Still life goes on
Thank you Stuart for your support....
Quarter 2: As at 30 June 2011, management information shows that of the 2,685 people detained solely under Immigration Act powers, the 20 longest recorded lengths of detention are:

Length of detention (in days)

5.6 years (2,066 days) 1 person male
4.5 years (1,668 days) 1 person male
4.1 years (1,511 days) 1 person male
4 years (1,487 days) 1 person male
3.9 years (1,448 days) 1 person male
3.8 years (1,388 days) 1 person male
3.7 years (1,382 days) 1 person male
3.6 years (1,322 days) 1 person male
3.5 years (1,296 days) 2 persons male
3.5 years (1,284 days) 1 person male
3.4 years (1,254 days) 1 person male
3.3 years (1,232 days) 1 person male
3.3 years (1,216 days) 1 person male
3.3 years (1,214 days) 1 person male
3.3 years (1,206 days) 1 person male
3.3 years (1,205 days) 1 person male
3.2 years (1,198 days) 1 person male
3.2 years (1,189 days) 1 person male
3.2 years (1,174 days) 1 person male

Tasting the fear , burn, torture and hoping to see little ones.....

Do you Know what burn taste like,
Do you know what fear taste like,
Do you know what emotion slide away taste like,
Do you know what is tortured in mind and body taste like.

I fear none but the ONE,
If the One is on my side i fear NONE.

Everyday i taste the burn, fear and slide away emotion,
And i wonder is my kids see part of myself in them,
What is my gin will do to them, surly they won't ****** like me.

Torture of mind, me against the world goes on everyday of my current life,
I'm not alone, there are many like me, hidden away from the mainstream,
Some are forcefully smuggled out via CON AIR, accused of being Alien, to start a new life as a Native among Aliens,
Some are left to fight & carry on tasting the fear , burn, torture and hoping to see little ones......

Thank you...

Ruhul Anam.

I've raised the complaint below to UKBA.

Subject: Re: Ruhul Anam, H.O. ref No:A1346136

Dear Detention services Complaints,
I'm in UKBA detention since 14.3.2008(IS 91 was made)
Now i have a upper tribunal hearing on Monday 12 and 13th September 2011, Which UKBA knew for a long time, despite this i'm currently held in Morton Hall and UKBA has failed to provide transport for me to go to court on the 12th and 13 september 2011, as a result tribunal has adjourned this hearing again.
Why am i being detained, while UKBA is trying to hide me away from Upper tribunal Field house.
UKBA is running me from centre to centre, but they would not be able to hide me for ever.
Thank you...

Ruhul Anam.

Dear Stuart, i wrote on your other site as well cause am too worried. me my husband and 3 children are from pakistan and asylum seekers and our case is in the upper tribunal to appeal to the court of appeal. just today we received a letter from ukba to attend a documentation update interview in liverpool next tuesday. we live in manchester. we are worried what might be awaiting us there. what do u suggest we do? our lawyer is in london cause its where we used to live until we were provided accomodation by NASS. i dont know how the one week will pass. they have all our passports and birth certificates but still in the letter they ask us to bring them along. why are they doing this? also asked my children to come along and take day off school even though my older child is in the last year of gcse and does never take days off. this is so worrying. please please reply to my mail. thankyou sooo much.

Hello Ambreen. I'm not qualified to give legal advice but I'd say the following to you:
1. Get your lawyer to contact UKBA in Liverpool and ask them the exact reason for the interview. Ask them why they want you to bring your passports and birth certificates when (as you say) they already have them.
2. You will need to ask the school for permission to take your children out of school for this interview. As you say, this is damaging to your children's education, particularly if they are in the final year of GCSE.
3. If you go to the interview, make sure other people - your lawyer and friends - know that you have gone and what time you expect to return to Manchester.
4. Try to get advice in Manchester about what you can expect at the interview - you won't be the first to go. You could try Refugee Action http://www.refugee-action.org.uk/manchester/advice.aspx or Women Asylum Seekers Together or the Manchester Refugee Support Network.
5. I know that in my article I describe the presence of Sudanese Embassy officials at the "documentation" interviews in Sheffield. That doesn't mean to say that there will be Pakistani Embassy officials at your interview though. If there are, you do not have to answer their questions.

Finally, you are obviously strong and determined people to fight for right to asylum to this stage. It takes guts to keep going like you have. I wish you all the best.

THANKYOU SOOO MUCH STUART. it was nice to hear from somebody who cares. i did call the refugee action team as u mentioned and the lady said dont worry it will be ok cause your case is still pending. but still u never know about ukba so i have called my solicitor but as always he is too busy so he will call me soon then i will talk to him in detail about this. i appreciate your comment. thanks again

I do not trust the UKBA,for the following reasons.
My wife and step daughters visa was refused...1/ Did not believe I was in China,or ever having been to China.Answer.how did you think we were able to get married,and you had a copy of our wedding certificate.2/ The step daughter was not given access to her sponsors bank account,A.You are being silly now,what sponsor would do this.3/You do not have a job to return to in China.A.Of course not,my wife has retired,there are not many who have retired that have jobs.4/You do not have any financial ties or social ties to China.A.copies of the wifes two properties were sent to you,and a list of her three brothers and sisters,with addresses were also sent,did you not see these.5/I the (Clearance officer) did not believe we would return after the visit.A,we returned after our three week visit to France,why do you believe we would not return from England.6/ You do not have proof of a subsisting relationship.A.The Yard fees including water and electric along with gas is all paid in the yard office,I could only send you copies of translations and originals in Chinese,as the home is in the wifes name this would not be any sort of proof.The phone bill is also paid in a machine.7/You do not have an original letter of invitation.A. What would that prove,I could get no end of people to send one,or even write one myself.
Now I know that in the past,the consolates and Embassys,had interview rooms,with their translator,now it seems that England can make a little money,by no longer having these,and selling paperwork for the English test,You either pay or you cannot enter.The interview would have provided the answers.It is not cheap for the Chinese either,150 pounds,which in many cases is over a months pay before you eat.I believe the engkish test is little more than a get rich scheme.As was the Consolate in Chongqing,who advised the wife and daughter to pay again,Another 150 pounds. The Chinese in Chengdu said the english aways want the money twice.

Yes Norman, you provide a good example of what many campaigners have called the "deportation industry" or "outsourcing abuse" as the Medical Justice Network described it. There are private companies (and Governments) making money out of other people's misery.

When I interviewed Djoly (see http://www.migrantsrights.org.uk/migration-pulse/2011/i-m-feeling-part-c...) about how the Home Office reacted to his initial asylum claim, he told me: "That’s the funny thing: they wouldn’t believe my evidence but they couldn’t provide their evidence for not believing my story". Maybe the burden of proof should be on them,

Further to my comment on 9.9.2011,
UKBA yet have not responded to my complaint, while UKBA's own policy is to response with in 10 working days.

Munir Raki's case below, Munir was my fellow detainee in Morton Hall irc till 5.10.2011, when he was taken out form the centre, as Munir told us he had court hearing on 6.10.2011.
I have experince of Jamie Beagent as he also was my unlawful detention solicitor, Jamie is only there for the big money for himself, Jaime's firm Leighday claimed £33,000(thirty three thousand pounds legal aid) only to dump me at the end,
So, I'm not supprise what is happend to Munir given the track record of Jaime beagent.

Alan Travis, home, guardian.co.uk, Thursday 6th October 2011
"Raki's solicitor, Jamie Beagent of Leigh Day & Co, said the length of his detention was the equivalent of a nine-year prison sentence, and that the Home Office was now transferring its responsibility to the courts by re-arresting him.
"Unfortunately our client, who is learning disabled and suffers from mental health problems, is not able to take much comfort from his successful challenge.
"In a move that owes much to Kafka, shortly before this judgment was made public and he was due to be released, he was arrested on the instigation of UKBA and charged in relation to an allegedly forged birth certificate.""
Thank you...

Ruhul Anam.

As-salam-u-alikum ,
Eid Mubarak... Hope you are having a fun Eid day......
We have done our Eid prayer and look forward to a bearable future.. emotion is high... but such is life, when Rizk is finish i will not be here.
Thank you...

Ruhul Anam.

A comprehensive report of the interviews in April 2011 by UKBA/Sudanese Embassy of Sudanese aslyum seekers has been produced at http://www.wagingpeace.info/images/images/pdf/A_report_and_recommendatio... by waging Peace, South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group and Northern Refugee Centre.

This has been sent to UKBA. You may not be surprised to hear that there has been no substantive response so far...
So the question remains - will UKBA try this abusive tactic again?

i have beeb asked by the home office to go to the sudanese embassy,they invited me for an interview which was to be with giving my details about my family ,which i attended,after that they asked me to go to the embassy to give similar details ,it is something that i dont understand and will never,i feel like they are SENDING AN ABUSED PERSON TO THEIR ABUSER TO TELL THEM WHERE THEY LIVE AND ANY DETAILS ABOUT THEM,I FIND THIS STRANGE what do i do

Long time coming I got the Upper tribunal hearing tomorrow and day after tomorrow 04-05.01.2012.
My family will be there to give evidance also will be my friends Nottingham no border and No Deportation.
Just to let you know we got a News letter "Speak Out", and now we are working on the next issue also there will be "Speak out North" coming out shortly.


Thank you...
Ruhul Anam

hello sir,

im asylum seeker, who having family life with EU citizen in britain. the application i made under aritcle 8 with my fiance has been refused for 2 times. and mean time when i nearli planning to apply for the higher court with my notice of marriage to my fiance , im been arrested at the police station when i went to my signing. now they goin to deport me back to my country before my fixed marriage day. Now im at the removal centre, how can i stop this deprtation. pls i really need your advise.

thank you

Upper tribunal were adjourned http://nottingham.indymedia.org/articles/2295
Below is something short, with my true felling I'm going through and I've Spoken out about 12 years of missing my kids. as Lewis didn't let me speak in court on 12.3.2012.
As bail was refused in admin court on 12.03.2012, held me responsible for not having contact with my kids for 12 years, so, they want rest of our life with out seeing each other.
I'm currently in harmondsworth irc, going back to morton hall on saturday the 17.03.2012.
I've done another poem with photo shop which i will send to you on Monday, hopefully..
I need all our possible support in my solidarity for my final hearing on 16-17 may 2012, in admin court.

(One +) = 12 years

Don't make decision before put it front of the Judge,
My children proceeding and existing parental responsibility is the evidence of my Children right to have relationship with me.
12 years gone by does not mean rest of our my will be forced to go by with out establishing contact between me and my kids.
Thus what deportation will do.
Don't attack me for this 12 years gone by with out contact with my KIDS, so rest of my life have to go with out seeing my kids.
And it wasn't for my fault that I have not seen my kids it is rather SSHD's fault.
As I been cascarated unlawfully for most of this 12 years period.
Also, I have my issue of mental illness, and no-body ever will know what I had to go through in last 12 years.
I had to be mentally and physically ready then find the right legal team and now I got the proceeding started.

Thank you...

Ruhul Anam.

What are the home office playing at..............Abu Qatada was given three months to appeal against being ejected from Britain.The country he lied to get into,Yet a potential immigrant who folowed the rules laid down and has had his visa application rejected,gets just four weeks,depending on what material is required,and where it has to come from,the applicant could soon run out of his appeal time.

Ruhul Anam.
This is the sort of rubbish we are up against.A child of six months or less,could be a British citizen by birth,yet his/her father is not allowed into the country on a settlement visa,and the mother is due to be thrown out of the country,because she could not pass the Britishness test.
The young baby is allowed to remain,but is then made an orphan.By courtesy of the Home office and UKBA.With both its parents alive and in another country.

can u help me?

i had asylum but refused. I was came here as a student in 2005. then things chang in back home then i claim asylum in 2009. i belong to trible area of pakistan wich is known by the name of darra adam khel. the things is more worst then before they control all the area. no one can talk against he talaban. the home office telling me to relocate another parts of pakistan. one every cities is full from dengrous another im already in safe place why sould i put my self in danger.

im patient of epilipcy and i cant leave in back because they can kill me and i dont want to be die.

if they give me status i can pay pay up to 400 pound tax permonth.

once againg please help me as u can do .

Its regarding about a letter,which i received today from UKBA ,its says that i've to go to London 's pakistani high commissioner for an interview next month,and take all my dependents with me to confirm mine and my children's identity .Could anyone help me at this forum that why they asking about it as i already submitted my and my children's passport and birth certificates .couple of months ago they send me a letter that said that they are reviewing my case and they asked photos of mine and my dependents and any other documents.I send only photos and nothing else and i wrote to them that other documents i already submitted 3 years ago when my main asylum interview took place .regarding these facts which i written could anyone help me that why they calling me to the Pakistani embassy and what will be the outcome for this ?and should i worry about that interview .in addition i never been to pakistan ,i was born and raised in arab country ,and my all three children were born in UK and i'm a single women .

Just last week it seems they are doing the same with Sri Lankan people in Liverpool. This is terrifying people who were not warned they would be facing Sri Lankan officials on attendance and has severely impacted on their mental health (including children required to attend). This includes people who have claims and appeals still pending, and whose families in Sri Lanka are detained and being questioned as to their whereabouts. Since when did the UK become agents of the Sri Lankan authorities, especially with well-documented human rights abuses continuing in Sri Lanka including those targeted at deported asylum seeking people?

This will confirm that the UKBA in Beijing was set up with the sole purpose of making as much money as possible.
However I will let you be the judge.
My stepson submitted a visa application,which was rejected for four reasons.1,He had no proof of how he came by his money,2 He was not a student,3 He did not have a job to return to in China,4 My savings were not sufficient.
Unfortunately he was too late to submit an appeal,but all these concerns by the UKBA were answered.I proof of how he got his money legally.2 He did not apply for a students visa,but a visitors,3.He explained he left work to study English to reach the required to be accepted by a University 4I had to entirely furnish a house,pay return air fare to China for my wife,while my Govt:pension was frozen for six months on my rturn to England,and of course pay rent.
He was too late submitting an appeal,so decided to submit a fresh visa application,along with Hotel bookings,proof of where he would be staying,and return air tickets,with proof he had £5,000 for his visit.
His visa was again refused for completely different reasons,which were not mentioned on his first rejection.1 He had not traveled very much,(what is the idea of a visa)2 As the result of a phone call he seemed uncertain about his education,(we are talking about a visitors visa here)3 Once again he did not have a job in China.(a clear and suitable explanation for this was given).If I am wrong I will unreservedly appolagise,but I do not think so.
All this talk about we understand the reasons for family ties and their importance is just talk,they are just pursuing money and in some cases victimising relatives

It's depressing that 18 months after I wrote this article UKBA and the British state are still subjecting people to this treatment. In the cases of Sudan and Sri Lanka,

I'm sure that the UK Government has close links with those murderous governments leading to them acting as "agents of the Sri Lankan authorities" as the poster above said. The Stop Deportations website has outlined the ministerial and military/commercial contact between the UK and Sri Lankan authorities http://stopdeportations.wordpress.com/hmg/

In the case of Sudan, the UK authorities seem perfectly happy to put Sudanese asylum seekers in the hands of representatives of the Sudanese Government which they (the UK) were quite happy to brand as "genocidal" at the International Criminal Court. What they get in return form the oil-rich, military-hardware-buying Sudanese authorities we can only speculate about.

And guess what: only last week a Sudanese asylum seeker in northern England received a leter from UKBA "requesting" him to attend an interview at...the Sudanese Embassy in London.

hi i came to England when i was 11 year old i went to school here i went to college here i came to the uk with some one else on a fake passport in 2010 i went to the ukba office in london and they detain me in brook house i was 19 year old at that time for 6 and half i was been detain then ukba release after 6 and half month. i have been interved by pakistani high commission and they reject me as a pakistani because i don't have no father no mother in pakistan and i never made my pakistani passport and i don't know if my mother and father they are pakistani and not. for 4 years i have reported in police station every month then on the 10/12/2013 they detain me again. i have been told that you have another interview with pakistani high commission. ukba brought me to Scotland detainee center i have been interview by pakistani high commission and agian they refuse me. but after next week ukba give me a ticket to go to Pakistan after 2 week ukba cancel my ticket they said we don't have a your travel documents this week they give me another ticket to pakistan i am proper stress don't know what shall i do i don't have no one there no family there i have got only 4 days left they might cancel mt ticket agian. i my self don't now i am pakistan and no please can any one help

Hiya just wanted to speak out what is happening to UKBA n home office ? Me and my husband been together for 1year 6month, we did islamic Nika and was going to do English civil marriage when they arrested my husband january the 6th, I do understand he is an overstayer but has no ties with his home land his mother passed away he can't return there and my ex boyfriend is in Bangladesh he threatened me n my husband if we land Bangladesh he would kill my husband and snatch my daughter away from us. We gave all true details of our marriage and photo and bills and my daughters photo with her step dad yet his bail got refused 3 times first was cause they couldn't recognise what nationality was he as he misplaced his passport and then home office refused to accept that we re genuine couple... Just cause of them sham marriages our life are getting ruined what can I do why are home offices being like that they can see the evidence in front of them? If my marriage was fake then why would I do all this to get my husband out? Why would me and my daughter go to see him in morton hall? I and my daughter are British by birth where is our right to have family life? And them UKBA officer where very rude how can they say my daughter can get another dad? We couldn't get the English civil marriage through and cause of this we couldn't get our marriage certificate we got our islamic certificate. There must be a reason why home office are being like this my daughter is missing her dad so much her boilogical father does not care about her he can do anything to is back home and I cannot stay Bangladesh as UK is my birth country and want my baby to get good future here with me and my husband (her step dad) my husband did not commit any crime in these two years he only fault is that he is overstayer and I love him so much want him out As soon as possible just can get my mind round why the hell he home office are being like this ? Home office is ruining my daughter my husband and my life what the hell am I meant to do I'm not gonna marry anyone else I love my husband and I want him back

Hi I would if someone give me an advice about my current immigration status.
I came to Great Britian in 2004 as a student and uptil 2007 I had a visa & in the same year I was refused as a student.Since then I was trying through solicitors to regularised myself but invain.I was touched with the Home Office until 2011.In July 2012 Police raised our home and I told to come the police station cause I was not going for sign to the Home Office.At the same time I applied for an asylum and after 15 days in the detention centre U was released. I tried to take visa on the basis of my qualification MBA from the UK and back home situation was not in my favour.
It was the last opportunity with me at the time of arrest in July 2012 to apply for an asylum.
I was given home and weekly money I withdrew it due to granting permission to work.
However I am still waiting for an intial decision till March 2014.
What should I do now because I am away from my family since 2005?I am on deep stress and now have goute can't work
Shall I approach my MP or do something else ?
I need your help in this connection please.
Kind regards