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The Immigration Bill: hostility won’t tackle austerity

Last week Teresa May announced Government policies to create a ‘hostile environment’ for undocumented migrants with the launch of the Immigration Bill. If this Bill becomes law, it would introduce charges for non-EU migrants to use the NHS and would sweeping document checks across society – for landlords, at banks, for those wishing to take their driving test.
October 18, 2013
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Rosa Crawford

Rosa studied Political Science at and University College London and International Relations in the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Before working in the trade union movement, Rosa worked with migrant communities running language and vocational courses in adult education centres in North East London.
Rosa joined the Trades Union Congress in the UK in 2012 as a Community Organiser. In 2013, Rosa moved to the International Department of the TUC to work as a Policy Officer covering migration, trade and priority countries in South East Asia. She sits on the European Advisory Committee for Freedom of Movement.

The thinking behind the bill is as deluded as it is ugly.

First – the delusions

The government claims clampdowns on migrants’ use of services is needed because non-EU migrants come to the UK to use the health service as ‘health tourists’ – however there is the complete lack of evidenceof this with unpaid NHS charges for overseas visitors only making up 0.01% of NHS costs. Health tourism is a myth for EU migrants too as Richard Excell bloggedyesterday on Touchstone.

The government also implies that denying undocumented migrants services will somehow make them disappear. It won’t – it will simply drive an already vulnerable group of workers into destitution and certain exploitation at the hands of black market landlords, backstreet doctors and money lenders.

Second – the ugly truth

The Immigration Bill doesn’t just make one group in society more vulnerable but will threaten us all.

The intention of the Bill is to introduce document checks across the NHS, the housing market, the banking system and the DVLA. The bureaucratic authoritarianism hinted at in the Bill’s proposals even spooked the right wing press – the Daily Mail featured a bank customer with their head in their handsat the thought of the checks they would be forced to undergo under the new measures.

Employers are worried about the implication of the Bill too – the Director-General of the Institute of Directors spoke on the World at Oneabout the dangerous signals the Bill sent out and worried people would be less likely to do business with Britain as they felt unwelcome (though Osborne is doing his best to appease rich Chinese people planning to visit the UK).

Preventing migrants from using the health service will endanger public healthand cost the NHS even more at a time when it is already reeling from having to make £20 billion efficiency savings.

Importantly, the Immigration Bill will also ramp up the level of discrimination against anyone who doesn’t ‘look’ or ‘sound’ British. These are most likely to be subject to document checks, as we wrote our submissionto the Department of Health plans to charge migrants to use the NHS . The Runnymede Trust has already shown there is racial discrimination in the housing market, this Bill will only make the situation worse. No wonder Shami Chakrabarti , director of Liberty, called it a‘race relations nightmare.’

The Tories have been worrying openlythat these measures are driving any non-white voters away from the Tories. They should also worry about the fact they have failed to tackle the concern of all voters who have seen their pay packets shrinking and the cost of living going up.

TUC research shows that the poorest half of the population receives just 12p in every pound of UK GDP. We need a government to invest in the economy and public sector, commit to fair pay and equal treatment for all workers, migrant and non-migrant. Yet this week Teresa May offered only empty cupboards and hostile streets, smiling on the Daybreak sofaall the while.


Why don't we admit the truth that the Government, May and Cameron, see demonising all immigrants as a vote winning policy. Briton is racist and xenophobic and the Tory's are playing that card as their vote winner for 2015.
This was the method of Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. Blame and demonise the Jews to take the populations attention away from the true objective which was to gain power - absolute power!
This ties in with the Tory policy of blaming Human Rights and wanting to break away. The Tory's blame the Judiciary and the ERCHR for their inability to make the Border Agency efficient to properly control the UKs borders. Epassports a massive expensive mess!
Ms May blamed Brodie Clark, sacked him and then she does the same taking immigration officers off checking for weapons and drugs and has then processing passenger queues.
Piles of files lay untouched in UKBA offices that one source said would take 37 yrs to process.
The Government doesn't check the number of passengers in and out yet quotes unconfirmed immigration figures. Disney Land has more control on its visitors its said.
So with a glorious mess the Tory Regime spins to divert attention away from its incompetence, helped by a right wing press to sell its newspaper, and cons the British public to hate all foreigners.
Which the public don't want to understand because they need to blame someone.
When John Reid was Home Sec he said in Parliament the UKBA was not fit for purpose.
The Home Affairs Select Committee reached the same conclusion.
Since 2010 Ms May has failed to make the UKBA fit for purpose.
I know a perfectly respectable family who came through LHR with a young daughter. The young daughter had her fathers surname on her passport not her mothers. In front of the grandparents, elder son and other passengers the UKBA desk officer accused the mother of child trafficking! This is down to poor training and the official UKBA attitude.
In a Lords debate it was stated 20 UKBA officers have been jailed for corruption. I know a retired Judge he told me that the UKBA was an open door to corruption!
Ms May has had since 2010 to get a grip and has failed, She is more concerned with swanning onto the platform at the Tory conference in her £1,000 suit and £200 shoes and dazzling the audience with her new ideas. Like 'go home' vans that even Nigel Farage criticises. Ms May sees photo shoots and headline grabbing as her way to fame but it really needs understanding organisation and good leadership all of which Ms May does not have!

yes, this Theresa May does not have a compassionate bone in her body as shown clearly by her attempts tear apart genuine , self supporting families and put obstacles in the way of Uk citizens and their none EU partners living together in the UK . As Jacklumber correctly points out above , the sole purpose of her regulations is to enhance Tory re-election prospects in 2015 irrespective of the harsh and cruel affects of her rules . Talk about integration by Tory Ministers is a pack of lies and just a red herring to deceive the British public .

The Commons Public Accounts Committee stated that 'terrorists and dangerous criminals are free to secretly enter Britain thanks to an incredible loophole in border security.
The security loophole was highlighted in a National Audit Office report discussed by MPs!
Yet amazingly 640,000 border alerts about possible drug and tobacco smuggling were deleted from a computer system monitoring people entering and leaving Britain.
Theresa May has been accused of presiding over a catalogue of chaos at ports and airports following the disclosure by Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration John Vine.
The Eborders programme has so far cost £500M and has not shown any benefits.
The EU has found that 600,000 European Union unemployed migrants now live in Britain who have cost the NHS £1.5Billion! So the EU tells the UK about our own situation!
Then the number of foreign nurses coming to Britain to work has doubled in three years!
Nursing leaders say the health service is wasting a fortune raiding staff from overseas with a loss of 5,000 NHS nurses since 2010! This is on the Tory led Govts watch!
So just what is PM Cameron and Ms May doing to make Britain self sufficient and stop this chaos?

We now have a taste of what Ms Theresa May has failed to achieve as Home Sec since 2010. But what has she achieved?
Well she has been successful in destroying the family live of some 17,500 British families men women and children! Yes British families!
Why - because they each have a NON EU spouse! Yes that's Ms May's triumph.
Of course it doesn't happen to EU families because Ms May cannot touch them. She can only hit British families and British citizens!
Now this is the policy of 'family man' PM Cameron - who tells us how important British families are!
Then christian Ms May, daughter of a vicar brought up as a good christian - shows no love for her fellow British citizens whose family lives she has systematically destroyed!
Since 2010 Ms May, her Home Office and UKBA has been denying visas to all non EU spouses of British citizens separating husbands wives mothers fathers children and relatives!
So respectable, hard working, tax paying, self sufficient British families have had their lives destroyed by Ms May and D Cameron's home owning perverse destruction of their family lives.
No regard to British Human Rights under ECHR Article 8 - the Right to a Family Life enshrined in UK Law for the British people since the UK signed the ECHR in 1998.
UK Human Rights the Judiciary have tried to uphold which Ms May has breached and which she has tried to blame the judiciary and 'brain wash' the British people into believing its in their interests while she knows its all about introducing more Tory power for their interests.
Ms May and PM Cameron have a lot to answer for and they will go down in history for sure!

On Monday 14 October 2013 the Guardian had a report by Nicholas Watt on a new poll.
The result of this poll was that 71% of those who support a crack down on immigrants do not know any immigrants! So where do they get their xenophobic attitude from?
Yvette Cooper said at the Labour conference - ''the Tory language is like the National Front of the 1970's!
She accused the Tory party of using divisive and digracefil gimmicks in immigration rhetoric!
The public certainly get their anti immigratnt attitude from a right wing, almost Nazi like press. Which the Tory politicians use to get support.
Ms May warned the Tory party they were being seen as the 'nasty party'.Now she shows us that she can be as 'nasty' as any of them!

I gave fourteen years service for this country,for nothing,as it was this government that decided as I left before 1970 I would not recieve any part pension.I therefore have to claim housing benefit,as I am 76.No doubt my Chinese wife will be asked to leave the country, as I believe that your spouse has now got to be earning £18,600 my wife is unable to find a job anywhere near that figure in Gloucestershire,only temporary employment.Meaning after 3 years of married life it will be farewell.I do hope my MP who believes in toeing the party line comes canvassing for my vote.I will tell him and his party exactly where to stick it.

"Vote tory, vote tory, vote tory"

sad story indeed anonymous but we are not dealing with normal people with a sense of compassion in May and Cameron . cameron had a disabled son who sadly passed away but , although he presumably felt compassion for his son, he does not feel a modicum of compassion for anybody else and is happy to rubber stamp Theresa May;s evil rules designed to tear families apart .
Incidentally , it is you as sponsor who has to have at least £18600 minimum income . I do hope you found an answer to your problem .