Home Office plans 25% price hike for naturalisation and settlement fees

January 12, 2016

Fees for naturalisation and settlement are due to rise by 25% once new legislation is laid before parliament by April this year. Other UK immigration fees are also set to rise.

Legislation has already been laid in Parliament, which enables the Home Office to make future changes to visa, immigration and nationality application fees over the next four years. The new legislation will set maximum levels on the amounts for broad categories of fees that can be charged by the Home Office over the next 4 years. But the department says there are 'no current plans to raise fees to the maximum levels'.

Home Office Acting Director of Finance, Hannah Witty, says in a letter to MRN's Director Don Flynn that - in line with the government spending review -  the aim is to:"reduce taxpayer contributions towards the Border, Immigration and Citizenship system and ensure that by 2019-2020 the system is self funded by those who access services".

Download the full list of proposed fees below