Home Office unable to answer basic questions

February 14, 2017

MPs and charities in Scotland have raised concerns over the lack of answers from the Home Office about the basic administration of the immigration system, the Scotsman newspaper revealed in a special investigation.



Citing cost or the simple lack of full records, the government department is unable to say

  • how many potential trafficking or slavery victims have been found in a government operation
  • how many lone child migrants have been reunited with UK relatives in the past year
  • how many torture victims have applied for sanctuary
  • what has been spent on compensating people for maladministration of their asylum claims
  • how much it has cost to put people up in jail cells overnight during journeys to detention centres in England

Graham O’Neill of the Scottish Refugee Council (SRC) called the issue a “frustration” and said 14 questions on asylum seeker accommodation had resulted in just one satisfactory answer over six months.

SNP Immigration spokesperson Stuart McDonald called it a “big issue”, saying: “The Home Office does publish a lot of information, but many questions that give a more nuanced or qualitative idea are not answered. It is impossible for us to assess if what the government is saying is true.”